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  1. Too bad they didn't hang a tag on it and make it a travel bug
  2. All the cachers had not logged the crime scene as an event cache so they kept it "open" -OR- Brian and Mark et:al were still drinking at the bar so the event was still in progress.
  3. I have a GPS attachement for my old Palm 3X... i never used it for caching but the capability does exist.
  4. A wag of the tail to you! We trust that you are takig the "Brains" of the operation (Bella) in the RV with you
  5. A celebratory wag of the tail to you!
  6. Congratulations.... great job that benefits ALL OF US
  7. She can be VERY compliant for a mere McDonalds Double Cheesburger.
  8. You'll have to get it away from Tiffany FIRST
  9. Tiffany heard about the contest and once the flag headed back to NJ, decided to search for it. Once she captured it, she decided that she should keep it in HER favorite cache.
  10. Nahhhhh Its not like the NJ cachers go and get those things!
  11. I occasionally do consulting for major government clients. Some of it is classified, but in the name of safety I have smuggled this out. <scramble classified information> Bears are attracted to garbage and food sources. </scramble classified information> Classified... so ther Bears don't find out what they are attracted to or are we trying to keep the OTHER STATES from finding out the secret?
  12. Mishaps... you want to talk MISHAPS? The HEad Slave was on his way to find MANEATER and his experience was logged like this: ... by the way, 5 days later he is EXTREMELY SORE from the listed injuries and several LARGE bruises on his back, shoulder and leg April 8 by Tiffany's Slaves (161 found) The Head Slave went out in search of this one as part of a planned three cache day. After DNFing at "A Day at the Races" he came over to the Maneater series. Made the approach from the Jefferson side and soon discovered the last 200 feet of Maneater was not feasible from the approach chosen so he was off to Maneater 2 and did so. Then it was off to find Maneater. he did basicly the same thing as Helmut and Treequest - went to the dirt road/white trail and followed that down the cliff. Then he attempted to move along the base of the hill to the cache site. He probably (DEFINITELY) made his move onto the rocks a bit too soon which added to the time and effort but the real drama happened in the last 200 feet. Right at 200 feet, while rock hopping/creeping, one of his steps punched through a thin later of nothing and his leg dropped between two boulders up to mid thigh. It was a very tight spot and he took a tense 3-5 minutes to extricate himself and assure that there were no injuries but the gods of geocaching had smiled upon him so he pressed on. At about 70 feet, he was moving rock to rock when one of them tipped and he fell backwards, hit his head twice and landed on his back. Once again he took inventory and discovered a bleeding cut on his head, small scrape on his hand and a angry swelling bump on his wrist. Additionally, there were also assorted aches and pains but the wrist and head seemed to be the most pressing. He sat for a few minutes and thought about turning back but after all, he WAS only 70 feet and had come so far. Furthermore, he was dadgum SURE not planning to come back!. So he pressed on - creeping and climbing onward toward an object that he had sighted long before and was heading for. Once he got to that spot which the GPS agreed wsa Ground Zero, he began his search. He started in one direction and made it almost thoughout his projected search area when he found the elusive cache. Took Zim the Green Fish TB, left a Tiffany Card and a tape measure, signed log. Now came the very difficult task of getting down off the cache site especially slowed with the recent injuries. He crept and slid from rock to rock and finally got down to the forest floor. Then he bushwacked back to the White Trail and headed back to the car. A word of advice to other cachers. Try to do this with someone else - don't do it alone unless you are used to boulder hopping. Brian is dead on in saying it would be extremely difficult for dogs and children. Thanks for the cache (the doctor bill is in the mail) Here is one of the pictures from the log, please note that the perspective is from WELL ABOVE the trees indicating how steep the climb wsa and also - the trees appear to be very small yet they are large mature trees - the boulder field is very wide.
  13. Maybe it is not common knowledge but there is an active NYC area geocacher whp works on Letterman's show. he caches under the name "Harrald" and he has actully been on the show in the past. I would not be surprised if he gave the TB to Dave.
  14. Okay no more forum bashing. Back to the flags... Which brings me to another point, my GPS is currently in the shop. Anyone got any suggestion on what typr to get? Wait a minute... don't you have like EIGHT OF THEM?
  15. It is a proven fact that ONLY Garmin users are certified Heterosexuals
  16. OK... this leads one to believe that the flag is hidden in a "Terracache" for which you have to get "Sponsored". That is why the cache is not listed on Geocaching.com. Fine: Once The Head Slave gets his hooks into the LI flag, it will go into a new cache listed on the TLS site (Tiffany Listing Service) and planted in say Canada. To get access, you'll have to be nominated by at least 4 cachers that are known to Tiffany. (this will probably add at least a MONTH into the process). Or we can agree to follow the rules - keep them on LI or NJ And furthermore - add a rule to only use caches that everyone has reasonable access to (ie: listed on Geocaching.com).
  17. From what I can tell, this is NOT an approved cache... the Log said it was a "New" cache from jmbella. If this is NOT an active cache then there should be POINTS DEDUCTED from LawnGuyland for every day until THEY return it to NJ.
  18. Anyone up for Friday? The Head Slave might have some time available.
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