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  1. A big number for the Dolphin. A big furry tail wag to you!
  2. A mighty wag of the tail to you! The slaves have enjoyed meeting you on the trail and hope to get a chance to "hunt" with you again.
  3. A couple of Tiffany's Slaves are also Yankee fams
  4. roverron Sorry to tell you this but the ability to track a cell phone user has NOTHING to do with having a GPS chip in the phone. When you cell phone is "On" it periodically transmits an "I am Here" signal to the nearest cell site. That way, you receive your calls and messages (They have to be routed SOMEWHERE). Once you are located within a given cell, it is technologically easy to triangulate your position with a fairly high degree of accuracy. If you wish to not be tracked, TURN THE dadgum THING OFF!
  5. A celebratory wag of the tail to you!
  6. Jonboy... sorry but this was from one of the local searchers. He is a guy from the local area and he knows many of the local fire departments, etc who were called out and were assigned areas to search. I rcognize the skill and dedication of people like you or the guy who gave me those comments but evidently he does not think that the skill level was quite there for the whole operation. I (and he) in no way impugned the dedication of the search teams.
  7. A guy from my gym was in the helo when it made the find and had been in on the search from the beginning. From his comments it sounds like few of the searchers had GPSrs and most of those had NO idea how to use them. Makes it hard to do a ground search unless they can enter in a waypoint and use the unit to guide them along their grids.
  8. Great to meet you on the trail today
  9. The Slaves will try to attend
  10. It is always the Human's fault. If bears are approaching humans in the woods then the humans need to stop intruding. If a bear attacks a dog tied up in a yard, it is the fault of the careless human who should keep the dog indoors. Signed The rabid Anti Bear-Hunting groups
  11. Uhh.... How about "The FIRST Northern New Jersey MOB Meeting"
  12. Why are the bears complaining? Team Bear Bait (formerly Team Rampant Lion) has been trying very hard to entertain them.
  13. Did you go back for the pack? Remind us not to foolow you on a caching expedition.
  14. We found three sizes of Lock and Locks at the new Wal-Mart in Rockaway... near the mall.
  15. An Event Cache?!? The Slaves are looking to do something like that in 2006
  16. Ditto. Lets get cracking on an exclusive website where no lawnguyland folks allowed! I don't know how exclusive it will be (read we'll take anyone we can get) but it's already starting to take shape ;-) We need a logo... at least a temp one to replace the PHP Nuke Banner. What about (temporarily - we can decide a real one later) the same icon I have here but with NNJC in the 4 quadrants? Nah How about 4 faces of NJ caching.... BrianSnat, Avroair, Floopy and the REAL Quoddy in the 4 quadrants of your icon?
  17. I think that "Caching with the Devil" is GREAT!
  18. New Jersey - Our Caches Are Better Than Your Caches New Jersey - If the Mob Doesn't Get You the Bears Will New Jersey - Parking Lots, Crevaces and Cliffs New Jersey - the Center of the Universe New Jersey - Most Geocaches Per Square Mile New Jersey - Bears, Snakes and Traffic
  19. GREAT! A celebretory wag of the tail is in order. PS... Team Rampant lion DID do it!
  20. Well Done.. Keep sniffing 'em out
  21. A MAJOR wag of the tail to you. Tiffany would share a hmaburger with you ANYTIME
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