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  1. All is lost! First he was talking about it around the campfire at GONE, he mentioned it to me the other day on the phone, and now this. I hear that costume will be featured on his new personal coin. I heard he was going to host a "Plushie Deer Event" where everyone has to wear a deer suit to be able to log the event. The event will be at the Lotsa Hunters Wildlife Management Area and is sheduled for the first day of hunting season.
  2. Hey BMSquared... you should apply to join the JGS (Jefferson Geocaching Society)... Skully and Mulder, Treequest, Yeolwoodman, Tiffany's Slaves to name a few that you might know. Are you going to give your brother your new address or just the 'tudes?
  3. Doesn't seem to print correctly from there. Just downladed and printed it here - looks good to me.. Brian... you know what they say... the mind is the SECOND thing to go
  4. >If he doesn't have those coins at the GONE event, we should... Make HIM pay for the Beer?
  5. A congratulatory wag of the tail to you and hope to meet you again on the trail and at events in the future.
  6. >Don't even start the Mets/Yanks debate Tiffany's biatches, it just makes me devise new ways to cook that dog. I'm thinking tailgating at Shea, stuffed pig idea... Hey Neil... don't be a hater! Maybe the Mets will win a couple of pennants some day.
  7. I know, the Statue of Libery is in NJ waters but you're still looking at her a$s. That might explain the smell over there though. Some people think a nice a$s is worth looking at. Maybe you ought to walk from my office to the Path station every day... it's the most enjoyable part of my day! Other then when I get home to my lovely family. Considering where you work, I can understand that sentiment!
  8. Oh Boo Hoo. I have too many quality caches close to my home Oh, we're not COMPLAINING! So may caches.. so little time
  9. Trying to clear out a 10 miles circle? Do a search based on zip 07438 and you will find 10 pages and most of an 11th are within 10 miles. A total of 214 caches within 10 miles (these are highlands caches, not urban micros ).
  10. A big (REALLY BIG) wag of the tail to you.
  11. VOMIT Don't be a HATER there Mets fan! 26 Championships are like 24 more then the hapless team from Flushing (how appropos)
  12. If you REALLY want it to represent New York in a way that people recognize, you should have the Yankees NY logo and pintripes on the coin!
  13. You mean we shouldn't just post in here to keep the thread going? Or we could just keep quoting until the quote boxes get down to one inch across But then again, that HAS been done already
  14. You mean we shouldn't just post in here to keep the thread going? Or we could just keep quoting until the quote boxes get down to one inch across
  15. A hearty wag of the tail to BOTH of you
  16. >taunt Happy Fun Ball Happy Fun Ball (???) Happy Fun Ball is the most clueless geocacher in the history of the game, He couldn't even find the tudes on a GPSR without phoning for a hint.
  17. (Don't tell this to SEPAG, but I don't consider those areas to be So. Jersey either! ) /lurk You're all wrong. South jersey starts south of Route 80. Geologically Speaking, that is pretty close to the Glacial Moraine and thus is a GOOD dividing point for South Jersey/North Jersey.
  18. >Instead I get Mr. Know-it-all who when I prove him wrong First off all, I can't seem to find where I was "proven wrong". If you thaough that your response to "And the Long Island military base that you were flying near was??? was proving me wrong, then you misread me. I never said that there was not a bsae on LI, I MERELY tried to get an ID of what was there. As for being a "Mr Know-it-all", thanks for the promotion but I am far from it. For example, the many threads on identifying snakes, critters and one type of tick from another. Heck, I am even fairly clueless about those things. However, after being a long time user of Satellite Naviagation and then working in the industry for a long time, I do have a passing familiarity with this arena. Considering that there are real world threats that must be addressed, it happens that these topics come up pretty often. Sorry that you got your undies in a twist, if you want to ascribe your outage to the military, go ahead... they are an easy target and gee... it COULD be!!!
  19. Considering that I have spent over 30 years in the military and currently work in the industry that makes devices such as what you refer to, I can tell you that it is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that a small ANG base would have such a thing and EVEN IF THEY DID, the rules against using this sort of thing within the US are EXTREMELY STRICT. People lose their careers and pensions for FAR LESS then this. You really need a lot more then "a tech from Garmin says the military does this sometimes" and then picking a military installation off the map. By the way, if I was going to investigate this, I'd look at a few salient points so as not too appear too clueless... 1. Was that unit even DRILLING on that day... many reserve bases operate on only one weekend a month. 2. Your timeline is between 1700 and 1800 PM. When reservists are drilling, they are usually done for the day before 1700. 3. If the Lincoln Park that you mention is the one in Northern NJ and your reception only improved when you got near there then it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that a device at the ANG base caused your problem. GPS can EASILY be jammed or spoofed over a small area but doing this over a wide area is MUCH more involved. Remember, this could also blank out Commercial airplanes going into Kennedy and Laguardia to say nothing of Islip. Bottom Line.. VERY UNLIKELY... In fact, I'd go further then that and say its right up there with the claim that a Navy Destroyer shot down the TWA 747 in that same area.
  20. >Someone has to place a cache nearby At least post the 'tudes for those of us who want a "taste"
  21. And the Long Island military base that you were flying near was???
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