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  1. Just wanted to toss this question out, I know there are new cachers that would use the info.


    I carry a First Aid Kit

    extendable magnet

    extendable mirror

    cache repair kit

    mag light

    leatherman multi tool




    Anyone have any other good suggestions for the new cachers please post here.



    Bear Whistle

    Magnetic Compass

    Folding Tree Saw

    Small Pruners (for sticker vines)

    Small cord/light rope

  2. As a resident who frequently drives through the reservation (actually a group of county parks), I have seen this done in past years. What is a bit alarming is that there are two large schools that are on the edge of the park and the track teams frequently run on the trails (like the Ski Bowl cache trail).

    I will be driving Sparta mountain road later today and will look to see how well controlled they are about the back access points are.

  3. His profile says "under-employed". If I spent that much time on the forums I'd be "UN-employed". :laughing:


    His posts almost always have salient points. He's an asset.


    edit - spelling


    You misspelled "asset" didn't you?




    For those of us that have endured in person meetings with the Snatster, it is easy to tell that the mispelling was by mistakenly adding the "et" to the more appropriate "A S S"

  4. :D Congrats are in order! A new cacher, Trevor, joined the CacheHunters42 clan (Dad, Mom & Hunter) on the 18th of October!


    Best Wishes to all and Welcome!


    Considering that we've already seen (and done) the "Cranky Baby Cache", should we expect the

    "Diaper Rash Cache"

    "Lullabye Cache"



  5. Tiffany's Slaves had not encountered any tickes for a couple of months until last week - the day after a visit to Weldon Brook WMA, the Head Slave found one embedded in his neck and also dfound one embedded on Tiffany herself. Then, visited the same area today and on the way back tot he car, the Chief Assiatant and Head Slave took off a total of 8 ticks from the clothes. Considreing that we didn't llok very hard and the ticks were blending in well with the boots amd trousers, we estimate that we had twice as many as we found so the total was 16, 3 more then Klizich and Old Navy.

  6. I have to fly to Michigan again in a few weeks and checked into the most recent TSA regulations. I found out that I can bring shampoo and conditioner again, but that I can't bring avroair.


    Lo siento, Marco, but cancel that ticket I sent you.


    Aw! I was going to Vegas baby! Guess I will settle for Morris County instead... :anibad:


    Ummm, NO.... Morris county doesn't want illegals either! Maybe you should just head to Lawn Guyland. Maybe they'll take you!

  7. Ever want to know more about the "Stuff" that we see when out hiking in the woods?

    Here is one place to learn more about our area's heritage.





    will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2006 at the

    Lautenburg Visitor Center, Sterling Forest State Park

    115 Old Forge Road, Tuxedo, New York


    The North Jersey Highlands Historical Society & The Inc. Orange County Chapter, New York State Archaeological Association are hosting this annual conference. Nestled in the heart of the forest, the beautiful Lautenburg Visitors Center overlooks Sterling Lake. The Center contains several wonderful exhibits relating to the iron history and natural history of Sterling Forest.


    Researchers and enthusiasts, professional and avocational, are invited to speak at Saturday’s conference. Presentations on historic or Native American topics should be twenty-five minutes long and may be illustrated with slide or other graphic materials. Both carousel slide and PowerPoint projectors are available.


    Kindly submit a title and abstract to Edward J. Lenik, Program Chair, via email at edlenik@hotmail.com or snail mail at Edward J. Lenik at 100 Deerfield Road, Wayne, NJ 97470-6414.


    Questions? Call Ed Lenik at 973-835-0770 between 9AM and 4PM Monday through Friday.


    REGISTRATION: The conference is free and open to the public. No registration is necessary.


    BOOKROOM: Books on historical and Native American topics will be available for sale.

  8. Since we (Tiffany and her slaves) take tracking very seriously, we bought a book called "Mammal Tracks & Sign" by Mark Elbroch, that we compare all footprints to. One of the things this book says is that cat tracks have an upside down U shape to the pad (and we know that from having harbored that sort of animal). Coyotes, on the other hand, have a sort of hole in the middle of their paw that leaves a bump in the middle of the print. It looks like the first picture has a bump in the middle of the print (where, if it was a cat, would be an indented upsidedown U). The second might be a cat. We don't like cats.

  9. Sorry man I think you are screwed. The tick only has to be embedded for 10 minutes to inflict Lyme Disease. Once you have you have it for life. I'm sorry, hope the treatment works for you.


    This about the most incredible thing I have seen on here! Every other report I have seen from entemologists, etc says 24 hours or more. I might even believe 12 hours but 10 minutes - I don't think so!

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