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  1. I am in FAR western Wisconsin (at least when I go to work each day) and I'll be headed to Colorado soon. Depending on where you are I'd be happy to help.
  2. Same here, only I placed mine just shy of my 1 year anniversary. I had to move mine once and also swap out containers once but it is still out there being found every once in a while.
  3. +1 I did a cemetery cache last Sunday near an airport in St Paul, MN. Knowschad (yes, he's still alive) told me that I needed to go to the back of the cemetery for perhaps the coolest marker ever. We hiked back and sure enough that guy wasn't lying. It was an engine and prop from an old plane. I really wish I had my camera along for the trip. I'll probably be going back someday just for pictures. What's that cache? Please? Pretty please? Here's the cache: Pearly Gates at the Old Union Here's the engine:
  4. +1 I did a cemetery cache last Sunday near an airport in St Paul, MN. Knowschad (yes, he's still alive) told me that I needed to go to the back of the cemetery for perhaps the coolest marker ever. We hiked back and sure enough that guy wasn't lying. It was an engine and prop from an old plane. I really wish I had my camera along for the trip. I'll probably be going back someday just for pictures.
  5. 28 days from today we are leaving the flatlands of Minnesota and Wisconsin to spend a week skiing in Colorado, although it looks like we might have some free time on our hands with the poor snow conditions. I look forward to posting LOTS of pictures to this thread. We have plans for at least 3 expeditions to sight see and cache. I. Can't. Wait.
  6. We've had a very unusual winter up here to say the least. I don't think we've had an official reading below zero yet and it was 49 degrees on Monday and 52 on Tuesday. We had a little over an inch of snow on New Year's Eve but that has since melted away. We are expected to get a little snow today and maybe some on Saturday but nothing significant is expected anytime soon. Last weekend I did a bunch of hiking and only encountered snow in shady areas. The lakes are frozen over but I'm wary of walking on a lake I don't know. If you are looking for a nice park to wander around for a few hours you can check out Loch Ness Park which is a few miles to the north of you. Nice series of caches around a walking trail that will probably be pretty empty this time of year.
  7. Mountain Dew, Monster Energy "Rehab" or Hydrive for caffiene. Some form of jerky (usually beef or turkey) for protein. Granola bars for carbs. Water or Gatorade for hydration. If it is going to be a REALLY long day I'll pack a couple of PB&J sandwiches in a cooler. If it is really cold out we'll stop somewhere for hot chocolate. That's about it for me.
  8. Looking at the cache page for that, you were the last to find it almost a year ago. I haven't been skiing for a couple of years now but we were enjoying Steamboat Ski area for several trips. Have you been there? I bagged a virtual there a few years ago. Buddy's Run We would ski for a few days and snowmobile for a day than back to skiing. About every other night we would head to Strawberry Park hot springs. Wayyy better than the pool in town. I'm guessing the reason for no one getting it this year as that part of Copper really hasn't been open very long this year and the tree skiing has got to be terrible with the severe lack of snow. Never skied Steamboat yet. Someday...someday.
  9. Funny you picked that one. I bagged it 2 years ago! If you ever get back to Copper you should really give Mise en Place a shot. It was a really fun cache even though it took quite a bit of searching to find.
  10. I'd like to score 2000 finds this year. That's just 20 per week. So far so good as I'm at 25 right now and it's only January 3rd. Finding a cache on 2/29/12 is a MUST. I'd like to get into the top 75 finders for my home state of Minnesota. I'm really close at 119 right now. I also want to take at least 2 weeks off of work (one in spring and one in fall) dedicated totally to caching. I also want to place a 5/5 cache in or near my home town. I'd like to make more progress on my MN and WI DeLorme and County Challenges. Oh, and giving Knowschad a rough time should never be forgotten.
  11. Hey everyone, My wife and I (along with her brother and his wife) will be making our annual pilgrimage to Summit County in mid February for a week of skiing and relaxing and maybe some caching. Well…for sure some caching. I was just wondering if anyone could suggest some "shouldn't miss" caches. We will be staying in the Dillon/Silverthorne area. If the snow quality continues to be poor we'll be doing a few day trips around the area. We'll be driving an AWD wagon (Ford Freestyle) so no off road caches. We will, however, have our snowshoes and we love to hike and we're not afraid of a workout. I have tentatively talked everyone into heading down to do Terryall (the oldest cache in the state) so any cool caches between there and Silverthorne would be great. We're probably also looking at road tripping to Glenwood Springs for a day of swimming and vapor caves, although the "Hanging Lake" Earthcache might be on our hit list. We plan to ski at Loveland twice, Copper Mountain once or twice and (if snow conditions improve) Breckenridge once. I've found caches at all 3 places and I have to say the ones at Copper have been the most fun. Thanks in advance!
  12. No one from the national forums does much caching in WI, eh? I'll take a crack at this! I've done a small amount of caching in and around the Waunakee/Portage/Pardeeville area. I was lucky enough to meet quite a few cachers from that area at an event a few months ago. I've solved a few of their puzzles and found a bunch of their caches and Sloughfoot, Lions Fan, kungfuhippie and 08rocklady are among the nicest cachers you are ever gonna meet Up around my neck of the woods (far east metro of the Twin Cities area) we have another group of cachers that are just as nice: Spike007, Mama Kat, Da Bloodhound, and Zuma! are just a few of the cachers who I've met along the way up here and are all very fun and put out great hides. I've found almost all (257) of Spike007's active hides, but he just hid about 5 more so I have to get out and find them soon. Lots of them are either in state parks or on public hunting land or other good spots to take my dog out for a run. It is safe to say he's my favorite hider. Mama Kat also had an amazing series near Knapp, WI, on some nature center land. I did the entire series on one long, grueling but rewarding day. Then she asked if I could help her pick up the caches as she was going to redo the series so I went out and did most of the series again. I love caches out in the woods. I'm not a huge fan of urban hides unless they are in a cemetery or a large park or along walking trails. I'm also going to try to start doing more counties and DeLorme pages when time permits. I really love seeing new places and Geocaching is a great way to do that.
  13. I brought this issue up in a thread about a year or so ago. My question is if you actually do the leg work and complete the task as required can you log it as a find assuming of course that the cache is not locked to prevent armchair logging. The general consensus was that a person COULD do it although doing so might really up the floodgates for bigger problems down the road and thus I did not move forward on actually doing it.
  14. I quallify for neither of these, although I have done every active webcam cache in Minnesota so I'm 1/20th of the way there. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If I had the time and funds I would not do much other than ski, hike, camp, travel and cache. And I'd do lots of challenges along the way. Delorme Challenges, County Challenges, The Jasmer Challenge, The Fizzy Challenge, etc...
  15. Good for Prime for calling the CO on it. Bad for the CO for trying to change the rules after the fact.
  16. I've been very happy with the Duracell rechargable batteries that I bought 2 years ago. I got a 4 pack along with a charger as a "Black Friday" special for roughly $10.00 and I'm pretty sure they have paid for themsleves at least 10 times over.
  17. I seem to recall someone once had a travel bug that was a rusty railroad spike that vanished. So yeah, it happens.
  18. you called the police for a jar with a rubber finder and tongue in it... are you serious????? Sounds like it looked real enough to the cop that checked up on it. To me, it seems kind of freakly that even a fake finger and tongue were put in a jar and hidden in the woods like that. Who would do that, and why? I agree with Knowschad. (Why do I keep saying that? ) If it looked real enough to call the police I would say you did the right thing. Better safe than sorry and whatnot.
  19. Of course you are in the right in the scenario that you described. Archived or not you found a cache, signed the log and then logged it online. I would be shocked and disappointed if GS sided with the CO on this one.
  20. You betcha! I live up in the Twin Cities and I cache all winter. Last year I did a lot on snowshoes and quite a few while skiing out in Colorado. One of those was an ammo can under 6' of snow. It took a bunch of digging but we got it!
  21. Any time now. Hang in there, Seneca! If our individual find counts are removed then how will I compare myself to other cachers?
  22. Great topic! I think my best is right around 30 caches in a nature park. I parked my car at the entrance and proceded to walk 8 miles in the next 8 hours. That might sound like a really slow pace but in my defense it was at an area that had hills that rival any of the local ski areas. At the end of the day my dog was so tired she didn't even try to get out of the car when I did a half dozen PNGs on the way home.
  23. I picked up some #16's today to replace the gaskets on some matchstick containers. Got them at Menard's (a midwest competitor to Lowe's and Home Depot)... for $0.59 apiece. I am not out of touch with the fact that everything costs more, but these things used to be mere pennies. I mean, like five or dime, and I don't think it was all that long ago. Considering that the matchstick safes themselves sell for less than a buck, I think that is pretty darned high! I grabbed a 10 pack of #17's at Lowes last night for $2.27. For whatever reason they seemed to fit better than the #16's they had there.
  24. I once found an ammo can stuffed with all kinds of goodies. I think there were a couple of new Disney DVDs and a new PS3 video game still in the wrapper. But I had nothing to trade so I left it all there.
  25. I'm hoping to take the day off of work and do some caching. Someone is having a flash mob event at 11:11AM in a park...on 11th Street!
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