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  1. Thanks i have had a bit of trouble with the listing.
  2. I have! I submitted one earlier!
  3. I know that a lot of earthcaches have been archived due to the extra hassle of having people email you 24/7. Well, you can say goodbye to those emails by letting me adopt your soon to be archived earthcaches! Please tell other cachers about this. Thanks.
  4. When I look at caches in America I get the option to put "great story" or "helpful" on their logs. How come this does not occur when viewing UK geocaches? Happy caching!! ST
  5. the cheapest TB I have ever seen is a "slushy the snowman" TB on Amazon it is £2.50
  6. I set waypoints for the caches in my trail when I place them and then I can see what it will look like.
  7. How do I set the new map as my default map?
  8. what was the first ever 'you might be a geocacher if' souvenir?
  9. how do you create a picture/ souvernir that will come up on your profile by adding the HTML, which sites can i use?
  10. It happened to me and it was my first ever favourite point log so i just KINDLY told the person that they forgot and said im not begging or anything like that then i made a little joke about it and they added the FP. Now i have around 30 fps on my caches.
  11. Yes I think I might use the end of a toothpick taped to a bit of the log thanks.
  12. When i submit a cache it usually takes 1 or 2 days
  13. I have purchased a lot of very tiny containers at a mega recently and need a bit of help on how to fit logs in. It took me all evening to do one. I have all sorts of stuff that might come in handy so please feel free to make suggestions. Thanks.
  14. My cache was recently stolen so I moved it a bit. It was stolen again so I disabled for two weeks and replaced it and all is fine. I suggest you do something along those lines.
  15. I have been searching the internet everywhere recently but all the tbs im finding are way too far out of my price region, if anyone knows where some cheap preferably tb dog tags are. i am looking for around 1 or 2 pounds. Thanks
  16. You can try putting the N & W letters in different places try before and after the seperate lines of coords.
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