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  1. Looks to be a common gartersnake... Yes, I'm a bit of a herpetologist. Amateur though... HA Why do they call it a garter snake. I hope women don't use these to hold up their stockings.
  2. I got home yesterday and the light was flashing on the phone...A MESSAGE... I press the play button, and I find out that I did win a trip. All I had to do was press ' 1 ' but since it was a message it didn't work. I guess I am stuck here in Niagara.
  3. They did post a DNF. It was the first DNF for that cache in a while. Since it was on my way, I wanted to make sure before I told them it was where it was supposed to be. I know if I email for help. I make sure I send a response immediately, even if I don't intend to do that cache for a while.
  4. A cacher was looking for one of my caches. It is a little bit of a tricky hide, it is in plain sight though. He/she couldn't find it and requested that I verify it was there and email him/her. This cache was on my way home from work so I checked and email him/her to let them know it was there. Usually I look quite a while, come back and look again. I will put it on my watchlist to see if there are other DNF's or finds. Read the logs for clues. I don't know if this person did that. The thing that get me is they wanted me to make sure it was there for them, but they never emailed back to say thanks. Is that too much to ask.
  5. Good call. You should be a detective. I totally missed that clue.
  6. That's why in the winter, and I'm out caching, I walk backwards. You won't know if I'm coming or going! I drop and roll... no footprints that way.
  7. no misquitoes no black flies, no ticks You might have a tough 0 for 3 day (like I did this winter) or you may have a huge number day. It is great in the snow.
  8. I built one like this. I don't know how it over-wintered. I haven't had any new comments on the camo job so it may new a re-do. I used fake leaves so I didn't have to worry about the leaves getting broken. I didn't use any dirt. Nice job.
  9. This is the oldest cache in Ontario, I think DEER BAIT
  10. I live close to the border so I ordered mine to the closest US Walmart. I bought a PN-30. So far I like a lot of things about it. Some things I don't, like the lack of a file system. I am still waiting for Canadian aerial maps to become available. All in all I like it. You should be able to order any Delorme map from worldofmaps.com. They are located in Ottawa. I checked, no aerial imagery.
  11. If that cache is on a clearly signed private road, it should be archived.
  12. The only problem with that is that all the dead parts of the plant still contain the oil. From the looks of that log, it is everywhere.
  13. That tells you how to get rid of the leave kind of poison ivy. The poison ivy near my cache is this kind. Will the same method mentioned in your link remove it? I wouldn't even touch that one. Each little hair has the noxious oil in it. You'd be playing roulette.
  14. That seem to be the ticket. A little advice from all, and topping it off with Jeff's pic by pic.
  15. I was thinking you were talking about membership credit. For every member you recruit who purchases a premium membership, you receive 1 month free. So for every 10 recruits, it gets you a free year. It makes financial sense, GC.com gets $300 in memberships and gives away $30. Credits for their find, doesn't make GC any money and doesn't help you out.
  16. Along this line of reasoning, then clicking the "I agree" button would not give immunity to GC.com .
  17. I don't know why the permission requirement does not apply to parking lots. I know this won't stop the bomb scare but it will help with the after effects. This should protect the hider and the searcher as well as GC.com from possible legal actions. If it is a shopping mall parking lot, it is privately owned property. Some parking lots are signed showing it is for use only for customers of the business only or risk being towed. That would be like someone assuming they could place a cache in my work parking lot. I work at a trucking company. We do have visitors, so there is parking for non-employees. Does this mean you wouldn't need permission from the owner to place a cache on the lot. The same should go for parking lots. In a Walmart parking lot, you have so many people coming and going. Many don't even notice people looking for a cache. Others notice but don't want to get involved. Then you have the people with 9-1-1 on speed dial. The bomb squad is called before you get back in your vehicle. At least with permission when the cop comes knocking at the hider's door, he can produce the permission letter. It might help, but doing nothing won't.
  18. I read his other FOUR logs. He sounds like he thinks he a seasoned veteran. He went as far as to say on his 2nd find He basically complained that the others weren't hidden well either. Definitely not worth losing any sleep over.
  19. I was testing some Tyvek. I wrote on it with pen and pencil and Sharpee. soaked it for a while in water. Took it out, the writing had not smeared. I wrote on it right away and the pen worked perfectly, the pencil was OK and Sharpee was OK. But it definitely passed the test. I never tried a gel pen. Fedex envelopes work great, but only after they are used. Fedex wouldn't want you to use new envelopes for anything but shipping.
  20. Avast block some malware on my system.
  21. That was my cousin Tommy. He was wearing his safety shell. The doctor couldn't save him though. That OK, I paid my mortgage with my inheritance.
  22. Did you know that ships go up and down through the locks of the Welland Canal? Oh I forgot the original topic. Never mind. What hazardous work, mother got arrested, most world muggle. help, I need my meds.
  23. If I wasn't into geocaching, I would probably call the cops thinking that it is part of a drug deal.
  24. I found out why I couldn't download all caches properly. There was an override on the symbol for the micro's. It caused a micro to be treated like a child waypoint. Now I cannot get my logged caches to show up.. I will try to figure that out now. When viewing your list of geocaches, click on the Menu button and select Switch to Show Logged... It shows me "logged Caches - 0" It is actually showing all logs including my found caches and my caches in the "not logged" section
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