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  1. This sound like a great idea to get someone who is diabled to get involved in the game. Just another way of using billion dollar satelites to play hide and seek.
  2. so then by your reasoning a cache in the cemetery would also be wrong. Not at all. Caching would be considered passive use. Hunting would not.
  3. He is hunting in a CEMETARY. That is wrong in many different ways. Firstly, who to say the visitor isn't there to pay respects to a friend or relative. Secondly, unless this guy is a perfect shot, he could easily damage the headstones. The only way he has the right to do what he did is if it is his family's private cemetary. Sounds to me if he hadn't seen deer in 7 1/2 hours, he should change locations anyway.
  4. I use deet from my knees down if I am only worried about ticks. Worked this year for me.
  5. What is you Twitter ID? It might be interesting to follow other cachers. Mine is 42at42
  6. After November 11th, I'll switch too.
  7. After November 11th, I'll switch too.
  8. 42at42

    Scout Cache

    There is one in our local Scout camp. It is the end of a puzzle. It is on the outside of the parking area, so not near the campers. I hope it stays, it is very Scout swag oriented.
  9. My favourite... Would you consider this an FTF?
  10. ??????????????? WHO IS KEEPING SCORE?? ???????????
  11. I've got a hide that is close to tracks. It is about 30 feet south of the tracks, but it is on the remnants of an old tressel 30 feet above the level of the tracks. it is a large stone wall. I mentioned that this should be a significant barrier from the tracks. (I think the fall would probably keep you from reaching the tracks). It has been published. GC1RE84 Ships, Trains and Automobiles.
  12. 1. pick the area 2. If you have a laptop, use Gsak and download pocket queries for the are you are heading to. 3. download those queries on you GPS 4. go hunting #2 saves the time of writing everything out. It also gives you the last 4 logs, sometimes this may help you
  13. I disagree. Sometimes the best way to handle cranky old "fuddy duddies" for lack of a better term, is to be so nice to them it makes you feel sick. It shows others how wrong they are. If you shoot back, it will make people think badly of geocaching. Take the high road.
  14. Most GPS's, I think are capable of showing a bearings, even if it isn't an actual compass. In the write up I would say "you need a compass" or "use the compass or bearing feature on your GPS".
  15. I was wondering if others would find this interesting. I was out with my Scouts the other night and for the 1st time in 20 years I used a compass for orienteering purpose. I thought it might be fun for use in a multi. eg. give the first cords, then use a bearing and distance as a 2nd and maybe 3rd clue, then cords to the final.
  16. Not in my area. We have many pink and off-white stop signs. The only way they get replaced is when a car hits the pole and damages the sign. I thnk they will replace the pole and put the faded sign back up.
  17. 99.9% of all caches are on property that the hider does not own. Only the few in parks that require the land owners permission or on someone's personal land are exempt from you argument. Do YOU want to have ALL cachers arrested for littering on property they do not own?
  18. I am glad. In our area unless you are in 4 digit finds, you are a know nothing rookie. BTW, if you colour the cache container with the invisible ink, would you need a UV light to see it?
  19. Funny, that's my wife's exact opinion of the activity, but she likes geocaching events...Go figure. My wife said the same thing. I know I am a techo-geek, but I don't think I am geeky. Live long and prosp.... oops
  20. I did chase FTF's until it seemed like too many people has inside information. It is not worth my root beer, if someone was told about the cache the day before. Now I stay clear of the feuding and racing. It can get rather ugly. I enjoy going for a hike and finding a log that has names in it.
  21. Watch Law and Order SVU tonight, You may never chase an FTF again.
  22. I don't think the FTF hounds need a TV show for that. LOVE IT
  23. Check out this link. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/boysco...tescouting.aspx
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