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  1. The other posts were good. Don't worry about the bad comment.
  2. My first hide was IS a film cannister. It made it through a Canadian winter on the ground. I was thinking of swapping it out for a matchstick container but that may get noticed. The hide is in plain view. I will think about a new container is the log gets wet.
  3. If you can't contact the family, that should be the end of the line. She was their child, not yours. Putting her name and/or picture on a memorial without their permission is invasion of privacy.
  4. I would think it would be a great idea to honour this girl in this way, but I would definately get the blessing from the family. If that's not possible you should make it a memorial to missing children everywhere. If asked 'why', then you can explain the story of the girl by email. Putting a picture of this girl on or in this cache without the family knowing might be wrong.
  5. When submitting a puzzle cache, do you put the actual coords on the top of the page or do you put them below in the reviewer notes?
  6. The video I was out caching about 10 minutes away from him when it happened. Got home just in time to see it on the news. Was it tough terrain or the fact that he was injured when he slipped? What cache was he after?
  7. A 70 Y.O. man slipped and popped his hip and had to be rescued. Geocaching makes the news! THE STORY
  8. In Ontario Canada. No deposit on pop (soda) cans. Buy them here and return them to the States for 5c a can. Beer bottles in New York 5c per bottle, return them in Ontario for 10c per bottle.
  9. Up in snow country, if the cache hasn't been found since November, it probably mean it is not winter friendly. If it has been found in the last month, it usually means you can find it in the ice and snow.
  10. I am in Canada. I use the PN-30. The maps for Canada are good. They even work for turn-by-turn directions to get you to the cache. As stated above GSAK works great with downloading geocaches. 'Send to GPS' on GC.com works great for 1 OR 2 new caches. I am hoping the aerial imagery maps will be out soon for Canada. I really like my PN.
  11. Is there an expected date of arrival for the aerial maps for the Delorme Pn-series?
  12. If you have access to the States, I use the Delorme PN-30. You can get it from AMAZON.
  13. I agree. I have a few of these out. Easy to camo, and you don't need tweezers to get the log out.
  14. My favourite is the ammo can under the lampskirt. I don't even know who Earl Pitts is, so I will just smile and pretend I get the joke.
  15. Dear Leader would not approve of his people wasting their time looking for the North Korean version of Tupperware when they could be building the proletarian society and making a few more nukes. Things are looking up in North Korea, they have resumed work on his 100 story hotel again, after construction stopped for 15 years. Yes, I'm quite sure ecanderson meant North Korea, and not North Vietnam. I've never seen this question regarding North Korea, but it comes up for Cuba all the time, and GPS is not allowed there. But us Americans are not allowed in either Country. But the whole world is not us Americans. There are geocaches in Cuba though. I guess the goal is not to get caught.
  16. It is either a pile of sticks or an animal carcass. My vote is for the sticks.
  17. Are you trying for the record of longest time for an FTF? I think the cache on the ISS would be found before someone would even look at this one.
  18. My first hide was too soon. After about 10 finds. I could have done it better. It is still there and still being found. It is a great location, but not well hidden, even though it is a bit of a challenge to some. Now with a few more finds, I have more ideas of ways to hide. After about 30 finds you will have seen a variety of good and not so good hides. It will give you a good idea of what to do.
  19. I'm with 40th Mountainview in St. Catharines. I was wondering who would be interested in placing Scouts/Cubs only caches in Wetaskewin. We can put up a private page on Facebook to record caches and finds. Between the groups we can organize who hides where. I hope Scouts Canada would be OK with this since it won't be open to the public. This would teach the Scouts geocaching without the fear of them becoming muggles on the general geocaches. I have spoken to the Camp Manager and he gave the go ahead. Just a thought.
  20. I think if removing the container from a block of ice with a rock is going to damage the container, I would leave it where it is and log the find. I would write a note in the 'found' log explainng the reason. I would send a message to the CO to explain. If I was the CO I'd appreciate that I didn't have to go and replace a smashed container. If the CO doesn't feel the same way and deletes the find, so be it. I wouldn't go back with a hammer just to access the log book. This is just common sense (the least used of al senses). On the weekend, I had to DNF's because the rocks covering the cache were frozen solid. I couldn't even get to the container to see it.
  21. Why doesn't Mr. Spock have a sense of humour? Is it because he is always jealous of Cap't Kirk. Maybe he wishes he had an accent like Scottie. Couldn't find a proper forum for this question so I thought I'd post it here.
  22. Did you have fun? Did you do other caches within the 40 miles of driving? If you didn't maybe you should plan to do this next time.
  23. There are plenty in Short Hills Park in Niagara. I've heard them, they are spooky. I've seen evidence of them, unfortunate deer and droppings. I hike the trails quite a bit and have never seen one.
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