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  1. 13 hours ago, noncentric said:

    As barefootjeff has already mentioned, Total solar eclipses are not rare.  They happen more frequently than Leap Days.  The next 5 Total eclipses are July-2019, Dec-2020, Dec-2021, April-2023, and April-2024.  The one in 2024 will be passing through Mexico, Texas, and arching up to the New England area. Within that time period there will also be 4 Annular solar eclipses.  It's not that rare.  Australia will be busy with 4 Total solar eclipses between 2028 and 2038:  July-2028, Nov-2030, July-2037, Dec-2038.

    There was so much news about last week's eclipse within the US because the path of totality crossed a large swath of the country, but the eclipse wouldn't be very newsworthy in other countries.

    I don't think we need geocaching souvenirs for solar eclipses.  I wouldn't be opposed to them, but I certainly wouldn't be bothered if there weren't any either.


    And then, of course, there are total Lunar eclipses.  Maybe not as spectacular as total solar eclipses as the "lights don't go out" as much and they occur at inconvenient times but great viewing all the same.

    All about lunar eclipses


  2. This happened to me recently, after trying different things I saw that my Geocaching Map Enhancement (GME) extension for Chrome was not at the latest revision level. I tried to update but for some reason it wouldn't work so then I first disabled and then deleted GME and downloaded the latest version. Now my hand behave itself properly. :D

  3. I have a similar issue with my iPad, if I tap a cache icon on the map page its hit or miss if the info block opens. My iPad is not in a case and this happens if it is next to the router or at the other end of Joe Mansions :) I've not found a solution yet.

  4. If i'm going out for a days caching my bag usually contains spare batteries, pencil case with cache logging essentials, a folder with spare logs, 1-2 small film canisters, small box of trackballs, gloves, torch, another pencil case with magnetic extending pole, some tape, pliers ect, my camera, food, then in another bag which is usually left in the care is change of socks, clothes, shoes. deodorant and hair wax, whips and hand wash, bags for putting over car mats/seats, a towel and then i just stuff anything else in I may think i would need, like rope or a kayak haha!


    Interesting, what do you use the whips for? :D

  5. As KazumiSun says, trackables are fun but got get too upset if/when it goes missing. I dropped 3 into a cache in the US, 2 that I had kept for a while while I travelled and a new one I was just putting into its first cache. The two older TBs got picked up and logged but don't appear to have been moved on, the new one has not been heard of since.

  6. From what I've seen on the FB page it appears that quite a few people are asking about puzzle caches outside of their area, presumably to learn how to solve them. I'm sometimes tempted myself, I sometimes (often!) look at a puzzle cache page and think it was written in encrypted Serbo-Croat by a blind drunk Russian using a Greek dictionary.

  7. Here in the US, where I've been exiled for a few months, it seems to be a little different to the UK. Out here some cachers routinely carry a replacement pot or 3, complete with log. They will use this to replace a missing cache generally after consulting the CO or someone who has found it in the past. It is also common to replace a sodden log, particularly on the long power trails that exist out here. I've done it myself, but I always keep the log and alert the CO either in my found it log or by email in case they want to retain it.

  8. There's a similar competition on another forum I use {yes, there are others!}. On that forum the theme of the competition is set by the previous months winner. At the end of the month the previous winner also selects his/her choice of entries for the rest of the group to vote on. It does help that the forum software allows users to set up polls, something that seems to be lacking on here.

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