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  1. I just installed 2.93 to see if it's better. Hopefully it'll be more stable (according to what I've read about the firmwares). BTW, thanks for your wiki. It's been very helpful.
  2. I think I'm calling Garmin tomorrow. The compass is completely useless (yes, it's calibrated... I had a Colorado for a year and found 700+ caches with it.). And yesterday, we were about 2 hours from home (trying) to cache with the Oregon along with another couple who had bought my Colorado. I'm glad they came along because I never found anything with the Oregon. And after the third cache, in clear-blue sky, the Oregon lost GPS signal completely and never got it back like it should. New batteries and no interference. The Colorado was humming right along, but the Oregon was completely useless. If it ever did get a signal, it was way, way off. One time it even reported that it has 600+ feet of accuracy! I've left it on all night and today, it seems to be picking up more signal. But I'm about to take a major vacation and if it zones out like this when we're 2,500 miles from home, I'm not going to be a happy camper to say the least. Has anyone had any similar experience?
  3. Just wanted to join in a say that I am experiencing the exact same issues as Mydnyghte. I just bought the Oregon last week and immediately flashed to 2.95. I'm in NW Florida. I never saw 1 or 5 and had WAAS off. (With it on, it's way off!) Given enough persistence, I can usually still find the cache, but it's not easy at times. On Saturday I looked for a cache with no tree cover and clear blue skies and the needle was jumping around everywhere and the distance was not reliable. I finally had to search a 50 ft. area to find it (it was beside a small pond). FWIW, my Colorado has never acted link this.
  4. In my example this happens when marking it as a DNF and then I went back later to try again and could not see the hint.
  5. Reproducible Bug Report: View a cache, view the description then view the hints. Now, mark the cache Not Found and view another cache. Go back to view the Not Found cache, view logs and now View Hints is no longer an option. I tried changing the cache to Not Attempted, etc., but the hint never came back. Edit: Using 2.51 Beta
  6. No noticeable added features (i.e. wish list), but it did seem to fix the lockups on some descriptions I was having. Also, marking a cache as a DNF does NOT change the icon on the map. FWIW, the update files for the 300 and 400t are exactly the same.
  7. 1) Your map is in marine mode. You can change in on the setup page or you may be in the marine profile. 2) Plug it into a computer with the USB cable and check the properties of the new disk drive it creates. 3) When you run the updater to check for new firmware it should tell you.
  8. Is it possible to use an icon in Google Earth with the KLM export that matches the cache type?
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