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  1. unfor, I haven't hit that area yet, but maybe check out geocaching.com.au there are state forums and users are quite active and very helpful
  2. it is fantastically fun.... ENJOY
  3. 14 years US Army, August 1989 - December 2003. Ft. Leonardwood Basic training Goodfellow AFB AIT Ft Devens, MA Darmstardt Germany Ft. Meade MD Australia 1996-2002 Hawaii 2003-2003. Still serving as defence contractor back in Australia 2004-present.
  4. My kids, 9 and 10 sometimes love going out, and sometimes don't want to which is a bit of a drag while on holidays......anyway, while they do love finding large containers with swag in them (most of the time there are little trinkets that kids like), I think they enjoy micro's and nano's as well...ok, well,maybe it is me who likes them to find the nano/micro caches.....they are great at urban caches where nobody looks sideways at a kid climbing under a bench, or over some statue or an artillery piece or whatever kids like to climb. Makes for some easy finds in high muggle terriroty. I consider them one of my best geocaching tools next to GPSR!
  5. Just got a new 62s, but am in no way an expert. Just hit "mark" and it will enter your current coords as a way point. You can then edit the name using the rocker bar and hit enter. That will create a waypoint with the current location you are at. You can also hit "mark" and then edit the coordinates using the rocker to whatever coordinates you want and hit enter. that will give you another way point somewhere else that you are looking for, cache or other. As for "no more manually entering coords and paper print outs" I assume that just means you can connect to computer with usb cable, go to GC.com and either download caches individually "send to gps" from the web site, or load a PQ using software like GSAK. That will give you cache details which can be accessed from the main menu of the GPSR under geocache tab. You can view cache details, last 5 logs, hints for the cache. Hope this helps some.
  6. No mega events, but a hell of a lot of good caches and other reasons to visit down under!
  7. That's what I do. Download my Pocket Queries and put them into GSAK and then upload them to my 62s. How do you export them to the unit, I have a 60csx and a palm that I use in gsak but i can't seem to figure this one out. in GSAK, click on GPS tab, then send way points, then send. As long as your gpsr is connected they should get there. Of course, I'm tech unsavy, so maybe I'm missing something else ya are looking for.
  8. 10 mile = 33 caches 100 mile = 73 caches 300 mile = 117 caches. we have to drive a long way for caches here in the middle of Australia!
  9. To celebrate 50 finds - go out and hide a cache for others to enjoy!
  10. You know, as a 'yank' who has lived in OZ for about 11 years, i love to see posts like this. First, the appreciation from one of my own, and second, the nicety of people from my adopted home.
  11. IMO, looking at information on a sign related to a business is the same as all the caches that are in Wallmart parking lots. Surely directing somebody a little bit closer to the front door of a business is the same as directing them to the parking lot only a few feet fromt the front door. I'd say have one set of standards and enforce them. Approving caches in a business parking lot to me (and it is only my opinion) could be considered commercial as well. Why put a cache in "that" business' parking lot vice that business.?
  12. I have an ipaq112 classic handheld waiting for me at the post office. What software would be best to download and use this pda for paperless caching??
  13. Wow, to live in an area with that many caches. Here in Central Australia, I have 92 within 300 mile radius of home, and 1/3 of those would be a long way from any of the rest. Off to Denver soon for work, and there are quite a few out by the airport, so I'm shooting for 50 in a day after work.....over 200 in a day, stories like that make me want to go back home and live in the US for a summer!
  14. I have two daughters 7 and just turned 9. I didn't think they would be too up for the chase, but once I get them taking turns holding the gps they are loving it. One will hold it to a cache then take turns. The couple times I've had the kids out theyusually end up spotting the cache before me. they are pretty good at seeing the obvious for some reason. It is a great times with the little ones.
  15. thanks for the info. hopefully, when I get the results I can compare to where I will be and caches I want to get. Just wanted to confirmwhat I thought might happen. cheers
  16. I upgraded to premium after about 20 finds and find the PQ feature very useful, especially when used with another program like GSAK. Other then PQ, I use the 'create route' feature which in turn can create a PQ from that route and search for caches where I want to travel. I fully suppot the site and will continue my membership when it is up for renewal. One hint for new cachers with a garmin, is you can sign up for their website and search on an area. About 20 caches will pop up and you can select them all to down load them. Definately not the same as a pq, but I use it when I need some caches quickly. (PQ's can take some time).
  17. Ok, so I did a search around a cach GCXXXXX for a radius of 13 miles on traditional caches only. The immediate search result said it found 500 caches. Question is, how does the system limit the results to 500. Are the FURTHEST caches from the GZ I selected excluded prior to caches that are closer to the point at which I started my search? The only other option would be randomly selected 500 results end up coming up. Just curious how the system works. I think I am just trying to hope that all the caches I was interested in ended up in the results of my PQ. thanks.
  18. Yes, it's actually pretty easy. You just change the output code to say this THANK YOU!
  19. I may have seen a thread on this previously, but can't find it using search. Can one change how GSAK sends information to GARMIN 60? I get the waypoint name, but would much rather the GC cache code. Any ideas?
  20. THANKS a lot for the quick info and link to user manual.
  21. Starting out here in the middle of Australia, a lot of finds are easy, small plastic containers under a pile of rocks. I had a hard time as well on micro's. I would go to the shop website and have a look at some of the containers so at least you know what you might be looking for. I've seen some pretty devious looking containers that would either blend right into the surroundings, or that are so small and magnetic that could be hidden up undersomething. I just picked up a micro cache from a local shop that looks exactly like a nut and bolt. It would seem to me that could be hid in plain sight and if you didn't know what to look for it could be over looked. Also, there is a thread on here about cache containers, some I think would never be found except by experienced cacher's, good luck.
  22. New to using a GPS and am having trouble finding my user guide. I have a GARMIN 60csx which I bought in Australia. I am travelling soon to the US for business. Will the datum automatically change, or do I need to set something to change it so all will be right? Thanks much.
  23. Here in the desert, I usually have a few plastic containers in the car ready to replace a container that has fallen apart due to harsh sun and temps.
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