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  1. http://red.ozmega.com.au/


    the 2,000,000 cache is in the center of australia. Next year, over the easter weekend we'll be hosting the annual australia mega.. check out the website for more details.. as a yank living in Alice springs, this is quite a spot to visit.. check it out.. AA/QF/virgin/Delta/UA all fly from the us to Australia.. the exchange rate is favorable and the weather is perfect this time of year..

  2. Sorry, can not speak German all that well.. well, I lie, Other then ordering a beer. Not at all.. This might get deleted, but wanted to advertise for Oz Mega Australia/Alice I do have to say we have a lot of German geo cachers come through town, so thought I would put this out there. If people could spread the word... There are 3 small geocachers who are locals to Alice Springs, and the Oz Mega committee decided to have a mega event in our little town of 26000 people in the middle of Oz.. Here is a link.. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oz-Mega-Queanbeyan/437632676299500?hc_location=timeline

  3. A PT is going to be archived today, and we will be in the area tonight for a couple of days. I doubt the CO will be out over a lot of KM's picking up the containers (could be wrong there tho), but can I log an archived cache if it is still in place and a log to sign? I did some searching and couldn't find any topics already discussing this. they are loaded into my gpsr pre archiving so theoretically wouldn't know about the archiving by going on my last PQ. Tks in advance


    Will the system allow it? Yes. If you find the cache and sign the log, yes, you can log it.


    Why are the caches being archived? Is it because cachers are causing problems and shouldn't be there? If someone simply archives their cache without picking up the container, it's normal for someone with the cache in their GPS to find it before they get the word that the cache is no longer in play. In your case, you know so it goes back to why they are being archived.


    It was a PT, and the word I got was issues with maintaining the caches, which is always a worry I guess when someone goes out and throws down 300 odd containers. will hope to find some and ask the co if they would like some collected. cheers

  4. A PT is going to be archived today, and we will be in the area tonight for a couple of days. I doubt the CO will be out over a lot of KM's picking up the containers (could be wrong there tho), but can I log an archived cache if it is still in place and a log to sign? I did some searching and couldn't find any topics already discussing this. they are loaded into my gpsr pre archiving so theoretically wouldn't know about the archiving by going on my last PQ. Tks in advance

  5. I apologize if this is redundant, but I sincerely appreciate any help.


    I learned about Geocaching online, through an article about up and coming apps/ideas/etc. It sounded like such a great idea, and I'm looking forward to giving it a try.


    I am going on vacation to the Seattle area, and was thinking that some caches in the city would be a great way to explore. Are there any recommendations? Do people create a series of caches to help people like me explore, or are they all individual caches, decided upon and found one at a time?


    I'm pretty sure I've grasped the concept and rules, and I only plan on signing the logs since I'm just visiting the area, but I would like to visit places that other people feel are important in the Seattle area, not just the super tourist-y spots.


    Thanks for your help!


    having 470 caches, I consider myself a newbie as well...what I have found on my caching adventures. first, starting out, don't search for nano's. These are mostly in the cities and can be very difficult to find as they are so small and can be stuck under, over, in places that you wouldn't think about. Do a search for small to large containers with a difficulty of 1-2 to start off. I hate city caches because I hate looking for things where there are a million other people around you. go bush and look for caches that way. Next, don't get discouraged by DNF's (did not find), log them and explain you are new to the game. it helps you get to where you want to be. Additioinally, be prepared for failure. I walk up to a cache thinking I will bag it and can't find it (nano in the city) , get out side the city and find some big ones. lastly, yes, there are series of caches that help you explore. I've found caches in places I would have never been if it wasn't for caching . don't worry about the series though, just do a search on some easy, larger caches and start looking. I'm sure others will have different advice, but tht is just me in my novice state.

  6. Hello, I'm new to geocaching. I saw it on a TV show not too long ago, Googled it and BAM! Here I am! I've read through much of the site and didn't find anything on the topic at hand.


    What kind of supplies do I need to bring with me to geocache?

    Where do you get your trade items?

    Can you go through sites like orientaltrading.com?


    Any answers are much appreciated!



  7. Hey Everyone,


    I've been making videos full-time on YouTube for over 4 years now, and have tinkered around with various Travel show concepts. I have basically started over and created a new channel called LifewithNiels that is a mash-up of crazy news Vlogs and most recently a Road Trip to Algonquin Provincial Park (still being edited) with 2 of my boys. For more than 2 years now, I've been searching for a concept for my travel video series, and believe that Geocaching is the perfect element that would make the show fun and entertaining for my viewers, not to mention providing me with incredible adventures as well.


    I plan on diving in on the Geocaching scene locally first (next few days), and will do my best to immerse myself in this world. It is important to me that I fully appreciate the concept behind Geocaching and always respect the rules and community.


    I understand that Video Caching usually contains spoilers, which of course, I will disclose on all related videos.


    I was wondering if any of you would be able to assist me in determining what types of caches you think would be the most entertaining for my viewers to watch. I would like to start locally, then move outward to other provinces, the US, and eventually international locations. Once I have enough experience finding caches, I would love to give back to the community by creating my own, locally and abroad.


    It is important that I don't misrepresent the community, so any tips that you may have would be greatly appreciated.


    Super excited,





    5x5's I've not even come close to one, let alone found one near me in Central OZ

  8. Basically, you answered my question. For instance, I send a pocket query titled Downtown with all the caches I loaded into the Downtown PQ to my GPS. I was "expecting" to find a PQ in my GPS titled Downtown with all the selected caches there so I could just find and click them off that specific list when I decided to go downtown geocaching. And say, I filtered out everything except micros. How do I know by looking at my GPS which ones were loaded from my PQ and are micro only, and which ones were already on the list and include every size, not just micros? I realize I can look at the description and see what size cache it is, but I just thought my search filters would follow the PQ to the GPS so I could see the same filtered results. I hope that makes sense.


    Apparently, the purpose of a PQ is to load numerous caches at once to the GPS but not necessarily be a "filing system". I just did not know what to expect from a PQ and was a little underwhelmed when I did not get what I thought I would. It is certainly easier than selecting and downloading them individually, so that part is really nice. And I suppose they are organized in my email and/or GPS software on the PC. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.


    I know on the garmin 62 (and I'm no tech expert believe me). I just hit find, select geocache, and it will display the caches from closest to furthest. I don't get a list from the PQ I load. Also the caches will show on the map if I am in map view so I can see if I am near one.

  9. Hi fellow cachers :) I have had a little fun exploring the fun world of geocaching :) but now I am thinking it might be time to sign up to the premium member :)


    I do not own a credit/debit card and kinda have no options to pay..but was wondering if I was to purchase a pre-paid visa card..can I then use that to sign up??


    thanks for any information :)


    did you find your answer, its yes, however I think there is an auto renewal aspect (or maybe you can select not to auto renew and just get a prepaid visa for each time you need to renew)

  10. And down under, winter is fantastic. As mentioned before the snakes are not out. Down here, they don't rattle to let you know they are near. Very scary

    sometimes sticking one's hand in a deep dark hole. Of course, most places here, there isnt snow, so bring on winter!

  11. several times (and most often at the most inopportune time), my 62s fails to get to the map screen when turning it on. It stalls at the "loading waypoints" or something like that. Only fix is to take batteries out, replace and restart...however then the caches might be gone.


    I have connected to computer, and there is an extra file in the folder where the geocaches are.. I have deleted it, and things are ok. However, on this last trip, it booted ok, yet 95% of the caches were missing. Anybody else having an issue like this?

  12. My kids really like swapping swag, but alas, so many don't have swag any more, or it is pretty crappy. It is now all about the adventure, getting out doors, seeing things. The thrill of the find. Also, with 9-10 year old daughters, they are absolutely perfect looking somewhere when muggles are about. Nobody questions curious kids climbing over, under or thru things. Two of my best geocaching tools are my daughters!

  13. I saw this mentioned in another forum entry, however I will remention here.

    I have about 2500 caches loaded to my gps62s . I used GSAK and "send to GPS".


    after a couple of days usage, The systems seemed to freeze up while booting. I don't know if leaving it longer would have allowed it to boot up properly, but I took the batteries out. Then, after replacing, I booted up and there were no caches to be found.


    I opened the files using explorer, and there was a large .gpx file in the "current folder".


    Is this a common problem? Any way of getting multiple pocket query to the gps wihtout gsak? I am on a friends lap top and hate

    to download something they may not want. Is there a specific folder on the device where I should place the .gpx file if I use

    explorer to put it there vice gsak?


    Thanks, any help would be appreciated, I am on a 30 day work/holiday trip and getting desperate.



  14. ok, so in my local area, Alice Springs, Australia, many need maint attributes/log entries are coming up on caches that are not mine. There are a lot of

    cache owners who are either no longer active, or a long way away. I have replaced containers or replaced logs for these guys, yet all I can do is "log note"

    for a cache. I've have two cache owners in town, one who is either not here and not active on geocaching.com, or an owner who is a long way away, and I do

    make contact with eventually. In one circumstance, I have cache owners who thank me over andover again for fixing their cache, yet fail to log "owner maint" on their cache to get rid of the need maint attribute. Int he other circumstance, the I have replace a log or a cache for an owner who is no longer inthe GC.com realm. Ihear nothing from them. In both circumstances, the needs maint attribute remains. Is it possible for GC.com to allow a log entry of "cache maint" by non cache owners to rid the cache of the needs maint attribute. Is there anything else I should do other then continually trying to contact the cache owner? I like helping out fellow cache hiders, but want the cache hunters to get a clear picture of what they are looking for.

  15. while I've only awarded one or two of my fav points, I do have to admit that after two years, and 157 caches...(don't live in the most cache saturated area and travel little), I can remember each and every one of my 157 caches so far when I look back over them. They are all my favorite. Maybe we should adopt some sort of rating as they use on geocaching.com.au where you award 1 to 4 for caches, vice just favorite points.

  16. Here in Central Australia, yes, it is pretty seasonal. Finds on local caches occur mainly during april-october, the cooler months. Looking at my stats (a lowly 150 finds only), they occur over that period as well. Here it is regularly 110 in summer with lots of poisonous snakes and spiders flurishing during summer. Sticking a hand in a dark hole isn't too appealing; same goes for walking through tall grass. It is very remote here, and hikes or travel on long deserted dirt roads mainly happens during our winter. Makes for a long summer here when I only need a few long difficult hikes to get the remaining caches within 100km.

  17. Hello Jamie;


    All fixed within 24hrs by Geocache.com. Just do exactly as MrsB says in her earlier message. Include the tracking number in your eMail.


    I thought there was mention of a link to activate trackables in the latest GC update. Anybody have the link to that? I can't seem to find it..... I guess it was just a form to fill out to activate trackables vice sending an email. I tried it early on, with two trackabears and got instant activation code, instant I say. I just can't find that page any more.

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