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  1. I have had the police call me at home after someone found my cache and reported it as suspicious. Had enough info in the box to take them to the web site so they researched it and put some of their police business cards in it and told me I could put it back. I had thought I went through the proper channels like letting the proper authorities know what I was doing and getting the permission of all but I guess the proper authorities did not pass this info down the line. All is well now though.

  2. I had an e-trex basic (yellow). Have upgraded to the legend and am very happy with that. I have not had any other units to compare with, but have geocached and other outdoor activities with others that have had different units and found that the legend is just right for me, with out all the bells and whistles (for what I need it for). It is light and is very user freindly.

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