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  1. If your looking at hitting the trail with one or the other consider the size of each. In person and in the hand the 76 seems much bulkier then the 60c.
  2. I was using the version that came with the reciever, version 5.... I did the upgrade to v6 online and the street I live on is STILL reversed...or maybe this just updated the software and not the maps...?? How do I know if the maps have been updated??? Did you download an update or did you get a new CD to update from? There is a new City Select out that is version 6. I got the notice from Garmin for it yesterday. It has updated maps and services. Here's a link that has information on what was updated. http://shop.garmin.com/cartography/mapsour...CD=011-00803-05
  3. What version is your City Select? The latest version uses NavTech data which is much much better then anything Garmin use to offer. In fact NavTech is the same company that provides maps to all the multi-thousand dollar navigation systems for the high cars.
  4. Unfortunately the only real reason to buy Topo is for the topography not the roads. If you are a serious hiker then the topo lines and topographical markers and the most important features. If you aren't and you just want trails and roads maybe there is another product that will work better.
  5. food for thought I do not see any advantage to a color screen over a monochrome screen for geocaching. Does the color screen make the GPS more accurate, No. Does the color screen make it it easier to navigate, No Does the color screen make it easier to see the arrow in the compass screen, No Will you find more caches will a color screen, No Does the color screen add to the price, Yes Does it look cool, Yes If you want to spend money on the cool factor it makes sense, but it's not going to work any better than a monochrome screen. There is nothing better then a color screen when wanting to use a Topo map. It makes it so much easier to differentiate between a stream, trail, road, or topo line. So yes it does make it much much easier to navigate.
  6. Could be you have the fixed elevation option on.
  7. Hmm I've been emailing back and forth with a support person on the cartography side he's been both extremely helpful and very informative. I've made suggestions to the hardware side in the past and have received good responses but can't seem to find the feedback link I used at the time.
  8. I know I've seen a link here before to make suggestions on changes to Garmin products though I can't seem to find it now. Does anyone know the link right off? It was different then the normal Garmin hardware support email link.
  9. MacBandit

    Route Set Up

    To chose by which method of transportation you want i.e. (Motorcycle, Bus, Emergency Vehicle, Bicycle, etc. hit menu, menu and then go to setup then go down to and select routing, at the bottom of the routing options screen you should have a button that says follow road options select that and the 3rd option down will allow you to chose your method of transportation.
  10. It's getting power from the battery. The GPSr requires more power than USB can handle. Actually USB could power the 60C but the mini USB connection it has does not carry power. Only the full size USB connectors carry power.
  11. Try a fine auto body finish polish. I've used several brands of such products for years to polish scratches out of plexiglass and water spots off windows and mirrors of cars. Makes sure to get a very fine grade. If they list a scale from 0-10 with 0 being finest use a 3 for polishing a 4 to remove scratches. Also Meguiar's Mirror Glaze is excellent and designed to remove scratches from plastic it also is a two part system with a polish and a cleaner.
  12. With the Garmin 60CS and TopoUSA how can I search for a creek or a road? I know the creek and roads that I want to search specifically for but can't seem to find a way to search for them. I've tried every search function but no result even though it's right under the pointer on on my map with the name being displayed. The data is there why doesn't Garmin let us search for it?
  13. 60CS for everything not just Geocaching. It's the best GPS unit I've ever used hands down.
  14. A treasure chest closed for unfound ones and a open treasure chest for found.
  15. Just so you know when the keyboard comes up instead of clicking over and selecting okay you can just hit the quit button to get rid of the keyboard.
  16. Is this a software update? If so what version? It,s version 4.35 This is what I whant in a future version Have you sent in these requests to Garmin?
  17. When you do a find there should be an icon with the text under it saying find by address.
  18. I replied back and asked if the City Select is necessary with the 76CS. I'll post the response as soon as I get it. If I don't need the City Select then that would save about $100 over the 60CS. Also it appears as though they have the same screen installed in them. Just a matter of the button position (I have the 72 so that's not a big deal), size (again not a big deal), and the (factory installed) tide tables. The map detail is better on the 76CS but it is no where good enough to be the only navigation map you have if you are trying to get around a city.
  19. I wear Polarized sunglasses all the time while driving with my 60CS and it makes absolutely no difference with it unless you turn your head or the unit to one side or the other. Other wise the Polarization is in line with my glasses so there is no effect.
  20. Email these people. http://gpsinformation.us/gps60c/g60review.html
  21. MacBandit

    Tech Support

    I lost the screw in button that the 60c uses for mounting to the belt clip and any other mount you get for it. I emailed customer service and told them that I lost it. They sent me a new button with belt clip for free.
  22. From what I have read MetroGuide 4 and MetroGuide USA will auto-route within the GPS on the 60c but are not directly supported by Garmin.
  23. My Vista does this when I have WAAS turned on.
  24. It should work but I don't think Garmin directly supports it. You would have to get an unlock code for the 60CS and you are only permitted two GPS unlock codes for City Navigator. On a side note I went trekking through the woods with my 60CS the other night. Heavy Oregon forest. I didn't lose signal but once when I dropped the unit down by my side. Most of the time it was maintaining 25-30 foot accuracy. My Vista even with the PC-Mobile re-radiating antenna would not maintain lock in those woods were I was at. I was needless to say very impressed.
  25. Remember GPS works on a basis of amplifying the natural background noise to broadcast it's timing signal. If you are in a large town or populated area with large buildings which probably house thousands of man made transmitters it's totally possible that the man made background noise is overcoming the natural background noise and making it very hard for the GPSR to decipher the signal it is receiving. It could go as far as confusing it and that is most likely why you need to reset it.
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