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  1. I can't believe no one has mentioned Garmin's new outdoor navigation GPS watch, that includes paperless Geocaching


    Garmin Fenix mini site


    50 hour battery on GPS, 6 week as a watch

    paperless caching

    1,000 waypoints

    50 routes

    100 tracks of 10,000 points each

    Custom POIs (hhmmm can I squeeze in 20,000 caches into a watch!?!)

    basic map




    ANT+ for CHIRP, heartrate monitor, Cadence sensor, external temp sensor, and wireless transfer of caches etc, with other Garmin GPS's, including Oregon

    Fitness profiles and functions


    and Bluetooth, to wirelessly connect to Basecamp Mobile on your smartphone! (app not out yet)


    in stores in August

  2. Actually, its not a bug, I've been in contact with Garmin on this. The new version of the POIloader is designed to handle CSV files differently. You will need to update/fix your files for them to work with ALL new version of the POILoader in the future. Each column in the CSV file must now have less than 256 characters. Also, commas are no longer allowed in the description column.


    To cut long columns, I opened it in excel, and used the "text to columns" feature and cut the column at 255 characters. I also used search and replace to replace all commas with semi-colons.


    That being said, I still have 1 CSV file I get errors on. It has over 200,000 lines in it, and Garmin is still looking at it. I'm guessing there is a file length issue.

  3. Don't buy it yet! Try the free maps from here. They are as detailed as Garmin's 24k Maps. The only difference is they do not do autorouting or have Garmin's POIs for hotels, restaurants etc.




    What I did was buy Garmin's City Navigator map for the Whole US, and then use the free Topos. This gives you covereage for almost everywhere!


    These maps also work with Basecamp. not 3-d view though.


    Use these tutorials to help you load them on your gps.





  4. Not all gpx files come from Geocaching.com. not all gpx tiles contain full geocache descriptions. For that mater, not all Geocaches come from Geocaching.com


    I'd Like to try out the site for non-geocaching purposes, but I don't have a link

  5. Just a note for the new Android owners. It is possible to play Wherigo cartridges on Android phones.


    You need to install "Java J2ME Runner" from the Android Market.


    Next, Download and install Openwig from here: http://code.google.com/p/openwig/


    You will need to either get the APK file and install it with a file browser, OR use the Java J2ME Runner to point to the url for the Openwig JAD file.


    APK File: http://raketa.140.cz/openwig/OpenWIG.apk


    JAD file: http://raketa.140.cz/openwig/OpenWIG.jad


    It works great on my HTC Hero from Sprint, and integrates with the built in GPS.

  6. cachemate will work fine on a Droid Eris. Thats basically a repackaged HTC Hero, which a lot of people have.


    If you want, you can download the APK file from smittyware.com and run it in demo mode.


    you will need a file explorer to be able to install it after you download. I recommend ES File Explorer. Just browse to the downloads folder and click on the APK.


    Also, in the settings, under Applications, you will need to check the box that says "Unknown Sources"

  7. can anyone tell me the difference between the different GPX file versions? I know that Groundspeak is now including cache attributes in the 1.01 files that you specify in your profile.


    Are there any other significant differences in the different GPX types? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of one version over the others?



  8. I cache with a hero on sprint. Geobeagle is good, and cachemate Is better. I have 20,000 caches and 8,000 benchmarks with full ngs datasheets loaded. Works like a charm.


    The hero has Android 1.5 loaded. The only way to get topo (in The usa) is with the trimble outdoor navigator for $10. It can cache the topo for offline use, but its slow to do. when the hero gets updated To android 2.1 by march at the latest, the newest version of Google maps has topo. Google maps only works online.


    Don't forget, an official Geocaching app for android will be out by the end of march too.


    Also, you can play Wherigo cartridges using Openwig, a j2me Wherigo player. It works for me.


    And yes, you can cache and use the gps without any cell service. It works fine.


    The hero could replace a Colorado or Oregon, but plan on buying the trimble program for topo or non-geocachi-g gas use. The biggest drawback to the hero is its NOT waterproof or rugged. A drop could kill it, where a garmin will take a beating. For this reason alone, my Oregon will never be replaced completely by my hero, especially when hiking.

  9. Actually if you have a Garmin gps with a barometric altimeter, and you use the auto-calibrate, the situation is more complex.


    Garmin uses the GPS elevation in order to calibrate the barometric altimeter. Using this method,the barometric altimeter attempts to take out changes due to weather. It looks at the gps elevation to determine if a change in air pressure is due to a change in actual elevation or weather. I've seen some reports (but can't find them right now), that suggest that using this method provides better elevation data than either a gps or barometric altimeter can individually.


    My suggestion is to calibrate the altimeter using a known elevation or barometric pressure, and then let the auto-calibrate mode take over.

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