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  1. Okay for me was both in the same day. 1. Since I got home a little early from work so I headed straight for a cache in old Katy. I've been eyeballing this one for a while now. I looked in google maps and there looked like a trail by a residential neighborhood so I thought it would take 30 minutes tops. It had been raining and I walked towards the entrance but there was no trail. It was all 2-3 foot tall grass the entire way. I didn't have any weapons or water on me but I decided to go for the cache anyways. This was going to be extra difficult since I am a member and this is a Premium cache but the size of the cache was fairly large so I thought I can find it. I went in and the mosquitoes started like a cloud around me. I had mosquito repellent which I had 3/4 left and I wound up using the entire bottle on this cache (still got bitten all over my legs). So I slowly make my way to the cache and I see the map and I am standing right on it. I looked around for 20 minutes or so, picking up random objects and nothing. Its 7pm already in the middle of the woods, still day light out but I decided I needed to leave. After encountering a small snake I realized I was closer to the neighborhood if I went straight north instead of taking the long path back. I am slowly trecking over tall grass and spider webs and when I finally get to within 100 feet from a house. There are these 7-foot tall spiny bushes that seem like they go on for another 50 feet forward. For a moment I thought I could die here after not finding my way out. By now I was 2x as far as the entrance I came in from and its 7:20pm and I could feel a couple of rain drops on top of that. I decided to stay near the edge and find an area where the spiny bushes end. Indeed about 50 feet away I found the only area without this obstacle. I did have to cross a small embankment that was filled with water that went sideways as far as I could see. I tested the waters with a tree limb I broke off and found out it was only a couple of inches deep, and I stirred the water to scare anything that might of been there. I went through it with no problem but getting my socks dripping wet. I had to step a little more tall grass and found my way to the neighborhood. As I was 100 feet from my car it started to rain extremely hard. Phew I made it! But no cache :( 2. That same day it had stopped raining and still daylight out I decided to go to a cemetery cache right near that area. I had no idea where the cache was, I had to go by the clues of pictures people posted. I brought my backpack and careful not to disturb others, there were 2 other cars there. I walked around slowly trying to find a very specific tombstone to get the cache. Unfortunately, there were about 30 with the same design as that one so it was taking longer than normal. The sun creeped down and as I walked I almost ran into a lady that had been there (I could only see clearly about 15 feet in front of me, the humidity fogged my glasses). I decided to walk to the edge of the cemetery to take a break. By now I was the only person there. I decided to get my flashlight out of my backpack. I could not find it. By now it was night time, I didn't know where my car was, and had no flashlight. I saw a road in the distance so I walked through the middle walking by countless tombstones (some had fresh dirt still on them). I thought I saw something in the distance. Then I hear a couple of piano notes playing a scary tune. I am like heck no I walk to the edge again. I am walking on this little trail in the rear of the cemetery and of course hear the sounds of screaming goats, which maybe was possible. I finally decide to just use the flashlight on my phone and I walked through the middle of it, in nearly pitch black out. Finally see my car parked and I get in. The road was too narrow to turn around so I had to drive to the back of the cemetery and make a 3 point turn. Of course from the rain has turned the dirt a bit muddy when I turned around and accelerated my car didn't move..but the second time my car went forward and I had was so glad to just get out of there! No cache again PS this is what the screaming goats sounded like Also this is what the piano sounded like in the middle of the cemetery.
  2. Question for you guys. I know geocaching takes us a lot of places normally we would not go to. What is the most scariest experienced you've had while caching
  3. I'm a regular member but I've gotten 3-4 Premium caches. Harder to find w/o a description and no gps but I still found a few
  4. I got 5 on the same day! Me and a couple of geocachers I met at an event went through a good spot full or caches.
  5. The swag I bring is 50% junk I find while geocaching and 50% stuff that is interesting I find at home. Like I found a bunch of baseballs and I painted them with designs, turned trash into swag
  6. I found 5 creatures just today! A bit more to get the Sphinx. My goal was the Phoenix.
  7. Wow thats awesome, I didn't even notice I was getting souveniers I was just caching didn't know I was earning stuff!
  8. I haven't even gotten 1 haha. I'm planning to go to an event Saturday and I know a place near me that has a good 20 caches very near each other.
  9. Does anyone know do you need to be a Premium member to get the souvenirs and are these souvenirs digital or they are sending out actual coins?
  10. What appeared to be a crack pipe in a Katy cache.
  11. I did one. Didn't know was in a persons yard. I looked outside the perimeter all around then stood on the corner of the house by the fence and still said it was 10 feet closer to the yard. I felt kind of weird doing so, I had my Gopro recording so I just kept recording and see what happened. I was very cautious about going in their yard. At the end, yes the cache was 10 feet from the fence on the inside.
  12. Hello, I try to geocache almost every week. Katy and Houston area.
  13. Gonna be honest. I got a Trackable Coin but didn't realize it was a Trackable, I thought it was swag. Kept it in my backpack for a week until I was about to exchange it at another geocacheswag and read the back of it saying it was a trackable. I logged it after that though.
  14. Yea cause anyone could download the app, know you're in the middle of the forest and pay you a little visit. Or it should be like a snap chat thing where it just shows an icon and every 15 minutes it shows your location on a map to your friends.
  15. Hey I'm doing a small group May 19 at 10am at the Cypress Boardwalk. Its more like an introduction to Geocaching, but we should find at least 4. pin 9945 Barker Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77433-1260, United States I'm trying to introduce people to geocaching.
  16. Yea when I log my visit with my phone it puts another one of my emails not my actual geocaching name or profile. I have to get home and use my PC to log my visits correctly.
  17. It was the same container as found in the Activity pictures with cap and everything. I did not take a picture of the actual thing but it was black at the end so obviously had been used before.
  18. Today I found some questionable things in a cache, log book missing as well. Should I contact someone here or alert the police on it? Let me be more blunt definitely an illegal glass object.
  19. Hello everyone I'm new to the site. So I usually call them treasures but I guess people call them swag so anyways if you find an empty cache big enough for swag and you have way too much, is it okay to put more than 3 things in there? Also does is it okay to put Did Not Find or does that bother the players that put the caches?
  20. Hi there, I'm Gabe, I'm a beginner geocacher I usually go by myself but I thought I'd invite some local cachers from my area to geocache with. Do people use this site to do that? I've tried adding friends but it appears nobody has even logged in to see my request. I'm trying on the Facebook Group as well but still no replies, oh well.
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