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  1. I haven't been stopped yet. One time a police was literally watching me from far away lol. Of course I try to stay away from neighborhoods and playgrounds where people might think its weird. One time I was at the cemetery in the dead of night (I got lost for a bit) and a pickup truck went through the dirt road at full speed and I didn't know if I should hide behind a grave or just stand there. But one time I was stopped by a security guard because it was a busy area. I try to show him what geocaching was and he was having none of it so I obliged and took off. Another time I must have looked sus because I was driving around trying to find the entrance to a parking garage where the cache was but there were pillars closing the entrance and I spotted a security guard on top of the garage watching me. I parked on the business next to the garage and just walked there and the security guard was gone by the time I got there.
  2. I'm having trouble with new cache I just placed. Its a magnetic stuck to the bottom of a bridge. First FTF cacher found it on the ground and put it back. --I went and maintenance 2nd cacher found it and placed it and "made it more hidden" 3rd cacher with 1 find found it no problem after the 3rd cacher I went to the bridge and the cache is nowhere to be seen.. I think there must be a gang of kids or something that like to hang out at the bottom of the bridge. As soon as I placed it and made it "live" the FTF found it on the ground..I don't get it..
  3. I went caching in a far away trail wearing a gas mask. To my surprise this trail in the middle of nowhere was FULL of people, be careful out there. Also all the dogs barked at me lol.
  4. I always bring water, bandages, in the summer sun spray and mosquito repellent. Sometimes if I am going to be caching in the middle of the woods by myself I carry a small rifle. OOH! and I did work on medieval armor and sometimes will wear a light chain mail shirt and metal arm guards. Worked on keeping thorns from cutting into my arms. Which brings me to my story, after walking about a half mile in dense woods my rifle strap got caught in thorn vines and the ring that attaches it to the stock got ripped off. Luckily I was wearing this chain mail piece made of metal rings and I took a ring off my shirt and attached it to the stock of the rifle and fixing my strap. Then without me knowing it the magazine came off the rifle...noticed when I got back to the car...its out there in the woods somewhere.
  5. aw man I missed the viewing. I put it on my calendar at work so I would know beforehand but then I changed jobs lol
  6. Mine is simple, its also my Playstation Network username.
  7. I usually random stuff I find at home, I leave guitar picks, and other small things. Last year though I bought a box of mini pokemon toys (24) It was funny, I'd put the pokemon in the caches depending on the area. Near a church with trees I put a Pachirisu. One had a run off pipe nearby I put a Muk. One was near a Gym I put a Hitmonlee. Left a Sableye in a cemetery cache. I have a bunch of big items that I haven't been able to fit inside a cache. I got a couple of like pokeballs and stuff I want to put in there.
  8. Maybe NGC , Non Geo-Cacher. Look this is a NGC heavy area. Let's wait for the NGC to move on.
  9. I've found Premium caches with a basic membership, just had to look harder!
  10. That's happened to me a couple of times. One time I walked through a muddy construction site during the night to find a cache but then realized I left my pen in the car. I walked all the way back and walked all the way back to the cache. Another time I remembered to put a pen in my shirt pocket but as I was bending down it probably came off. When I found the cache my pen was nowhere to be found ? but luckily there was a pencil in the cache container. Another time I was dropping off a client's vehicle at their work place and just happened to be a cache there. I didn't have any of my stuff, I left my pen in his car too so I had to take pictures to prove I found it. From now on I try to keep 2 pens in my car.
  11. Hmm well I went for the caches, I only went to half the trails length. I didn't encounter anything, just birds. Probably could of just carried bear mace if anything but still had peace of mind if anything crazy should of happened.
  12. Well the first time I did I had it in a bag/case, walked toward the cache area and pretty much waited until I couldn't see any trails or cars before I even took it out. b/c it was a long gun there was no way to hide it I just had it holstered. But I was sure no critters would be an issue and I did find 3 of 4 caches.
  13. This is a question I've had in a while. I usually cache alone about 95% of the time. Sure I protect myself from the elements with boots and bug spray and sun screen. Since I cache alone I don't usually venture out that far in secluded areas. ie forests and stuff. I live in Texas where open carry is legal. I have a long gun and I've been wanting to take it with me while caching in the forests (of course no public or national parks). It should be legal and of course I don't want to alarm other people b/c of Hiking Trails are a mile from the cache zone. What are your opinions on this topic and do you carry any sort of protection on secluded areas?
  14. There is this one cacher who only hid caches in cemeteries. I messaged her one time I got you two confused. I figured your last couple of finds is probably the country you live in lol.
  15. Hey I think I remember ya. I found a couple of your caches last month. Oh wait a minute, wrong country lol you look really familiar though.
  16. We went to a night cache where it had been raining previously and the CO left a garden hose tied to a tree do you can climb the hill without falling and trust me you needed it!
  17. I dressed up as a knight. I made a chain mail thing made out of actual metal and some armor plates at the bottom and I put on a cape and a little helmet with feathers on top. I made most of it for the renaissance festival that comes to Houston. Then I decided why not keep wearing it its not like its not gonna last. I didn't cache on Halloween though cause I worked. But I did put on my costume again and stood "guard" by a tree in front of our house. I scared this lady and her daughter she thought I was a statue decoration. Then I scared these 2 teenage girls they were running in the streets and I yelled, what are you running from?? They had no idea I was there somehow they missed a large guy in a knight costume, they were like OMG what was that?!
  18. After the hidden creatures event, I found 37 in that month which for me is a lot. I got burned out big time didn't cache for a couple of weeks.
  19. You could pre-print caches. and for stealth type into the paper best places to view wildlife or something lol
  20. They say you need a permission to bring a GPS device. Then you need another form giving you permission to use GPS. Even then you are not guaranteed they will let you use it. Plus there is no wifi in Cuba. But probably in the Hotel there might be.
  21. Its like a treasure hunt game---Es como un juego de buscar tesoro. Its to find interesting things in the world---Es para encontrar cosas interesantes en el mundo. The game pieces are hidden in different places---Las cosas del juego estan escondidas en diferente lugares. Its like Pokemon Go----Es como Pokemon Go. When you find it, you sign the paper to get a point---Cuando lo encuentras, firmas un papel y te ganas un punto.
  22. I was thinking of buying some new peanut butter jars (unused). Thanks for the heads up. I'll be working on it.
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