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  1. We go out of our way to get stuff that would make a worthwhile swap. It's just a pity that a number of people just don't swap fair. An example, we placed a monocular in one of our caches worth $15, was not a firt finders prize and it was swapped for something worth less than $2. We are always having to visit the more popular of our caches and restock and take out the junk, so be it, it's part of the game of being a cache owner etc. There are many sources of good stuff to be found, try searching for bulk on ebay, you may be surprised at what you find.
  2. Hi all, our new 4wd's windshield has a rather steep angle, and no matter how / where I mount the legend, it always seems to loose satellite reception, especially if they are positioned above and slightly behind you. I have been looking into re-radiating antennas. Have you used one, any good? Ugly dadgum things. I guess I can put up with it, as long as it fixes the problem. Where do you have the receiving antenna mounted? permenantly or magnetic temporary? Cheers
  3. For ages we used a day pack, but it tends to attract a bit too much attention while urban caching. So, now we have slimmed down to a fanny pack or bum bag whatever ya wanna call it. A few swaps, palm, torch and ready to go. If we know we can do bigger swaps, then we either carry them or break out the day pack again.
  4. Anybody else with a legend get total lockup when deleting all waypoints? If I do that while I am inside and no satellites locked, it will lock the thing up solid. Have to remove batteries to get control back again.
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