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  1. OK, wind the wayback clock back to 2004, we had only been caching for a few months, and I bit off more than I could chew... (Both stories are quite long)




    After that little adventure, I gave up, but that cache was to become my nemesis until late 2006...




    That is sure as hell the hardest terrain I have done, the longest would have to be this one...




    As I said, the stories are long, but I hope you enjoy them.

  2. An Aussie cacher Spindoc Bob has been doing an Aussie pod cast with audio for a while now, episode 8 just came out a day or so ago.




    A few weeks ago, I suggested he did a video version, and geotalk was born, here is our first piece.




    We are shooting the next 2 on the same day in 2 weeks, so the next episode should be out within a week. Hope you like the first one. We are going to mainly concentrate on the more "extreme" caching activities, like abseiling ones, hard hikes, and other things. We have a long list of material for the next few episodes.



  3. I held the annual christmas event last year.


    I usually make a list of all the tb's and coins, along with what the approx look like to aid me recognising them, plus their tracking number, who is bringing it and who is taking it. This helps me keep track of all trackables and to make sure they all get logged out of the event.


    At this event I think we got up to around 70 or 80 bugs and coins, a couple of the attendees wanted a copy of the master list to discover the lot, had to tell them I did not think that was the right thing to do which I don't think impressed them too much.


    Hell, if I was going to let people do that, I would have done it myself.


    PSSSST, wanna buy a list of trackable numbers? He He

  4. For someone like yourself, a php fusion site or nuke site that is a complete site CMS (Content management System) where you don't have to know anything about html as it does it all for you. I've used PHP Fusion system quite a bit now and I quite like it, it's very powerful for a $0 outlay.


    You just need some hosting that is php based and a mysql database which is pretty easy to get and very cheap these days.

  5. We don't seem to see as many coins as you guys would in the USA, apart from a couple circulating around Sydney, I've pretty much "seen" all the ones I can get to easily. I have a watch on a couple to see if they move closer to me to make them easier to get etc.


    Over christmas break, we picked up 10 new coins we had not seen before, all back out now of course. We love seeing the variety in the coins that are out there, especially the kids, they think they are pretty cool compared to TB's now. Youngest told me, Dad, TB's are so 2006!


    Always watching for new coins to checkout when they come close enough. We also launch coins for people from overseas into Australia though Sydney, which is a pretty good way of seeing new coins at the same time as starting coins on their aussie holidays. If you want coins launched here, contact me, happy to help out with that)


    We've seen some cool coins, one of our favs was the Canadian one in the shape of a maple leaf, that was a cool looking coin.

  6. The new coin map is ok, but, seems to be rather limited to either a distance from your home co-ords or at a max number of coins can be displayed. Was thinking can do something almost as good, but without the limits etc.


    But, with TB tracking codes now no longer just numerical, is there some way of knowing what tracking codes are coin only? If I knew that, it would be easy to then write some code to do a similar map but without the limitations etc. Maybe even better to output a google earth KML file would be best etc.


    Any suggestions on how to tell by the tracking code if it's a coin or a bug now?




    Happy new year for 07

  7. I have our regular christmas BBQ coming up in December and am throwing open an invitation to anyone who would like to release or send their coins or bugs down under for a holiday.




    I take the bug and coin swapping seriously, and keep notes on who took what bug to make sure they log it out properly and it gets moved on.


    So, if you are interested, get in touch.





    Team Webguy

  8. Coin theft seems to have started becoming more and more common here in Australia. Which is a pity because we like to see the different coins. We rectly had an event and one of the attendees had about 10-12 coins of her own which she was slowly launching as she went around, it was my first opportunity it see so many different coins up close.


    Our kids love to see them as well. I have one coin which remains unactivated, and will remain so as it was gifted to me, so it aint leaving my drawer.


    There is supposed to be a coin in one of my newer caches, 3 logs since it went in and nobody has mentioned a coin being in there. Not the easiest of caches to get to either, but I guess, like anything, if they want it bad enough, they will do whatever it takes to get it. I just feel bad it may have gone missing from one of my caches.


    I'm kind of over the whole TB thing, we have had too many go missing from caches so won't bother to buy anymore of those. Always happy to move other TB's along, and love reading about our remaining TB's in the wild.

  9. We started out using a day pack, but, it tended to attract too much attention when doing more urban ones like parks and city ones, so, we now use a medium sized fanny pack. Obviously we can't fit much in, but more than enough swaps go in, a torch, the palm, a compass etc.


    If we know we are going to a big sized cache, we just carry the larger sized swaps.

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