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  1. For the last couple of days, any of the map screens are just white screens. If I turn my VPN off, it loads no issues. Have tried multiple browsers and pc's, with and without the Surfshark VPN on and off, same result. Have cleared browser cache and cookies, no change. Tried whitelisting geocaching.com, no change, so, something new has changed that the VPN is blocking. The rest of the site seems to work fine. Anyone else got the same issues?
  2. Thanks for the replies, no, not a mac. It was set to auto archive when full, and in the past it usually has been archiving when the GPS has been turned on etc. So some days, I might have had 5 or 6 tracks laid down in the archive folder. I have set it to daily now to see if it changes, though, on long big days of driving, it will lose a lot of "history".
  3. Up until new years eve, my 62S has ALWAYS auto archived tracks flawlessly, it has not archived a track since. I have plenty of space, removed all the old archived tracks, no difference. It is still set to auto archive, no idea why it has stopped but it is getting annoying. Anyone else had this issue at all?
  4. Heya all. I have heard horror stories of battery life on Android phones. I have no intention of using it as a GPS, so, that should help the battery life problem a bit, but was going to use cachemate on it as I used to on Palm, a database of caches etc. At this time, not even interested in pulling data in real time. Anyone running a Galaxy S and using it with Cachemate like I intend? What sort of battery life are you getting? Cheers
  5. Got mine today, very nice coin it is too. Mine has come from the future though, it was postmarked year 2008.
  6. A bit out of date on the finds etc, but.... http://geocaching.diveoz.com.au A number of stories of my bigger adventures, photos, articles etc.
  7. I can go one better. I put a new cache out, about 100-150mtrs from a fire trail, up a hill, near the base of a small cliff. The first person who went to find it, injured their back somehow and had to be "rescued". On the afternoon that he did that, the local rescue squad and fire department were having a practice exercise nearby. Approx 30-40 rescue people turned up to get him out on a stretcher. They cut a track 6 feet wide from the road straight to the base of the cliff. Talk about your caching tracks!! I disabled it, and went back there a few weeks later to actually have a look, and it was just horrible. I took a metal headed rake with me and raked as much of the vegetation back over the track that had been cut to help the ground start to recover. Must go back and see how it's going soon.
  8. I have a rather large foot, and thus it is hard for me to get shoes a lot of the time. I wear a pair of Scarpas now. Rather heavy at around 1kg each. The first pair I got, one seemed to be rather uncomfortable to me but I put up with it during the wearing in period. Eventually, could not take it anymore and put them side by side, the LHS was at least 2 sizes smaller than the other, even though it was marked as a euro size 50. I took em back, they no longer had that type anymore, so they upgraded me to a higher quality boot. With these, I wear 2 pairs of socks, a thin smooth inner sock, and a thicker outer sock. I used to wear hitec brand, but nobody seems to stock my size which is a pity, I lived in my old leather pair till the sole was almost smooth. I find the scarpas good, except on anything wet, then they become ice skates and are dangerous and you kind of get paranoid that your gunna do the splits real soon. My feet also sweat a LOT when doing long hikes, so, in a full grain boot, it don't get out. I either have to stop and let the sock dry out and my feet as my soles swell up too, or, take a spare set of socks to change into. Anyone else suffer from the same problem?
  9. Enjoy, the previous 2 editions can also be found... #2 #1 Episode 4 is being cut, episode 5 is in the can, scouting has begun for episode 6. They are only short videos.
  10. I think it's a great idea and would be happy to start any coins off on an Aussie adventure, by all means, feel free to pm or email me if you would like to have your coins moving around Australia. I already do this for a few people. Cheers
  11. G'day WV stands for? Andrew WV = West Virginia perhaps?
  12. BOOYAH!! A dream come true? I sent the wife to one of our caches after she picked up the kids from school and we are now the proud owners of #180. Is this the only one in Australia??? Didn't actually think I would ever get to see one of these, let alone own one. So who ever you are, many thanks!!
  13. Arrgh, links fixed, the user created a new youtube account to post them under. new links should work fine. Sorry about that. These are only short videos, no long downloads!
  14. Another episode in our series showing some of the different aussie caches without giving too much away. Unusual locations is what we like to show off, stuff out of the ordinary... Edition 1 is available as well if you never saw that one, we took the host abseiling to get to a cache which was quite an experience for him. Hope you enjoy them. The 3rd one is in the editing room now, we took the host crawling through knee deep mud and water in an old mine tunnel. I'll post when that one is up and available. Cheers
  15. Perfect combination! Though, now that he is developing on the PPC, it's a pity that his roots Palm version has been neglected. Still plenty that could be done with it yet.
  16. I hate car sticker with a passion, bumper, windows whatever, never allow em, always peel off the little stickers that mechanics put on ya window to tell you when the next service is due etc. Until I found the large geocaching window sticker in a cache, that went on the back window of the 4WD quick smart. Oh dadgum, is that a double standard now?
  17. I was looking at a mates 60cs last weekend and was looking at the stats page, top speed, 202kmph, I said, WTF? He said yeah, some guy pissed me off at the lights so I buried the right foot. He has a subaru wrx
  18. Wonder if he will be coming to Australia anytime soon, should be easy for a secret agent....
  19. My daughter recently placed our scratch free legend in with a pretty cluster of crystal in her caching bag, she did not know any better, and now it has a lot of nice marks on it. I tried the colgate toothpaste last night for a while, normal white paste, and apart from my finger and the gps smelling minty, not much had changed. How long do you normally rub?
  20. WOW, sounds like someone's conscience got the better of them? A good result in the end.
  21. Here is the first video version of Aussie geotalk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0uNi2qr3MY We are filming 2 new episodes back to back this sunday so the first will probably be up by the following weekend.
  22. Not usable I know, but, we make mail boxes BIG here down under!! Where the GPS is, the whole head lifts up, and all 3 kids could have got inside.
  23. We had one here in Sydney a while ago. Made from poly down pipe, sealed and screw lid. Whilst it was waterproof as it had swaps in it. It did not last long, the sealed end got cracked by the large weight in the bottom, plus, it was attached to the anchor chain of a marker buoy, and the chain was starting to wear a grove into the poly pipe, so it would have lost integrity pretty quickly I think anyways. I am thinking of putting one in the same spot, but log only, similar to a divers slate where you only need a pencil to write on the pages of the slate etc. Much easier than the huge swim back to shore with something that weighed a few kg and then back out again.
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