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  1. I think this is an amazing achievement especially since they knew no fellow cachers and barely knew how to operate a GPS when they first started in response to a newspaper article on geocaching. Both of you are an inspiration and an example of sheer tenacity. I am enjoying our collaboration on the events too. May you go on to find many more. Congratulations on you 700. Thanks very much Bruce, we really appreciate your very kind words. Yes, we often have a chuckle when we think of how absolutely clueless we were in the beginning and the trials and tribulations we went through with our GPSs. If you hadn't sorted out my GPS settings, goodness knows where I'd be. Who knew that a simple car GPS could be so enjoyable! But we also have to give credit to our fellow cachers who, whenever we asked for help, were always very happy to assist where possible. Yes we've done our first 700 very quickly and it's been great fun but even more enjoyable has been that we've met some wonderful people and have made some great friends with whom we could share laughs, caching frustrations and a great activity! And to think that it all started with a simple newspaper article!
  2. Congratulations to JPMZA for reaching 150! Well done!
  3. Tx Drix, we're having fun enjoying it one cache at a time!
  4. It's Ophra This was a show to celebrate her 24 year on Tv. So she got the blackeyed peas to be part of the show. I dont watch Ophra, but i though it was amazing to see how they could get all those people to dance exactly the same way!
  5. This is the edited version I think it's quite amazing!!
  6. Here's something funky!! Not Geocaching related, but something worth while seeing http://vimeo.com/6495209
  7. Well done Besem om making 1200 !! We wish you many more happy caches!!
  8. Quick answer to your question Drix.....hell no, that is definitely NOT how we experienced the event and judging by what other cachers were saying on the day, they thoroughly enjoyed the day and all of the caches. The event was an absolute blast, extremely well organised and certainly in keeping with the name of the event....MICROFEST. There wasn't a single cache that was a simple "tossed into a tree and the co-ords taken" kind of cache. And even if the container was a micro....er....going by the name given to the event, that's exactly what everyone expected. The bonus now is that some of the caches will (or have already been) replaced with the donated caches. The effort that you and Bruce went to for every single cache was certainly appreciated by every person that was there on the day. You've set the bar very high with this year's event and we cannot wait for next year's!!!
  9. GREAT!! Funny part was that we found our own container the past weekend that we donated!!
  10. Those micros are not going to be micros for very long. The micros will be replaced with regular size containers. The object of the microfest was who ever entered the microfest had to donate a regular container that would be used to replace the micros after the event. So in the end it would be more regular sized containers
  11. We're getting ready for the 2010 Techno Event 1 Saturday, April 17, 2010 13:00 and 17:00 A few things that would help in preparing for the event: Anyone attending the event that has a laptop please bring it along, the lesson will be done in in real time. For the people that does not have a laptop you will be able to team up with another member to follow and make notes. We will try to publish everything on a website for the people that are not close enough to attend the event. Download version 7.7.0 (10.2mb) This download can be found here http://www.gsak.net The venue will have full Internet access (wireless as well as wired ports) available. (Thank you Bruce!!) The Intenary for the days lessons: 13:00 Gsak presented by Jors (1) Macros (all the macros will be on a central database) (2) Gsak settings 13:45 Tea/coffee break with some light snacks will be provided 14:00 Gsak presented by Jors (3) Setting up Databases (4) Running pocket Queries 14:45 Tea/coffee break with some light snacks will be provided 15:00 Sql lite presented by Anton (DamhuisClan) (1) Using Sql lite ( Part 1 ) 15:45 Tea/coffee break with some light snacks will be provided 16:00 A open forum on questions related to Geocaching 17:00 Finish the Technical part of the event 17:00 till late The partners and everyone that only wants to attend the event will be joining for a braai. Braai fires will be available from 17:00 onwards. Please bring along your own "dop & chop".
  12. Congratulations to Leon St for reaching 400!! Well done! Only 3615 caches to go
  13. MF2010 Bapsfontein International GC25GJF I will make sure I never charter a flight from this airport!!!
  14. Took us some time to spot the ladder!!!! Tx, Drix Cool, the memory stick has been found! A few FTF's are still up for grabs, and I enjoy the logs coming through! The funniest logs are a toss-up between besem, Danie Viljoen, DamhuisClan and Team Ginger... I think the favourite is possibly Juxtaposition (shared by Bruce and I), Hades is an interesting one, Rietvlei View II is most confusing. Country Lane Scramble has been a surprise challenge for most (not sure why when we say do 'this' and people do 'that' to make it more difficult for themselves ), Monks of Capuchino the easiest and Members Only and Overhang competing to be the most elusive. No comments on Frustration - think I have to rename that one to Ginger Frustration... But it seems like the most entertaining one was Out of the Box. At first I thought the logs were joking when the 3 Muscateers (Jors, Wormgeocash and besem - the winners on the day) mentioned a ladder that Jacques brought along. But no, very serious. Until I saw this pic and nearly fell on the floor laughing out loud ....
  15. This event has limited seating (20) for those who want to come and join us between 13:00 and 17:00 to learn more from a technology perspective. Because of the limited seating we have scheduled 3 days (1 per month) for this Techno Event. If you would like to join us, please post your attendance early for the individual events as seating is on a "first come first served" basis. It would be beneficial for you, if you have one, to bring your own laptop / Macbook with 3G connection to be able to experiment there and then with your newfound skills and knowledge. If there are specific topics you would like us to cover and they are feasible, then we will try and accommodate them into the curriculum. Please keep an eye out on the forum for updates and discussions as to what additional topics are going to be covered. The purpose of the event: - How to use GSAK, its Stats, and some spreadsheets; - Sending data to Cell phones as well as Gps devices; - Paperless caching on the Nuvi; - And if there’s time some SQLite queries. Refreshments will be provided during breaks in the afternoon for those attending the technology sessions. However, should you want to come just to meet up with everybody and renew caching friendships, discover some new coins or just enjoy a sundowner, braai fires will be available from 17:00 onwards. Please bring along your own "dop & chop". For attendance and logistical purposes please state if you will attend the BYTE or BITE when logging your attendance
  16. Drix and Bruce, thank you so much for a brilliant event that was organised extremely well!!! You both clearly went to a lot of effort and it showed. Thanks for spending so much time planning and creating these caches, you both must be absolutely exhausted!! We hope you have some time to get some rest!! A highlight was spending such an enjoyable afternoon with friends. Thanks for our wonderful prizes! Pity the rain ended the day but we're looking forward to doing more of the Microfest caches soon.
  17. Let me try that one again... PHOTOBUCKET
  18. Depends where on the web you saved your pic? I use photbucket and it's quite reliable.
  19. Andy We have not had a chance to meet, but hopefully we will get the oppertunity to do so in the near future! Thank you for all the advice when it came to publishing our caches. We have learnt a lot from you and appreciate all the effort you put into the Goecaching community. All the best in your new ventures! CJ & Brigitte Happy Hunters SA
  20. Yup 1 000 000 hillsis correct!
  21. We took this picture while in Durban recently at GC1NDF0
  22. Have a look at GC21119 - that one is in California. Perhaps he keyed in the wrong numbers by hitting the 2 key instead of the 1. On 7 March he was finding his 1st find in the area so perhaps a ligit mistake? I did send the cacher a e-mail,lets see what he has to say!
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