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  1. Thanks much! I am also interested in seeing your work Geogilly.


    I've not forgotten you Dusty, though I'm having some problems located a good base. I know I've seen one, I just have to find it again. Otherwise I have to build my own, which will take longer.


    So I may work on some of these others folks' avatars in the meantime. :lol:




    That new KandRS logo looks really nice, fox-and-the-hound.


    You guys are doing some awesome work! I will be patiently waiting to see what you come up with. Thanks.

  2. QUOTE

    What about something where the dog is finding the cache while a man stands off to one side scratching his head??


    I think I can do this...it's a really cute idea.




    Basically, I mostly do pixel art. So if you guys don't want that kind of avatar, then please let me know.



    That would be great! If you could make the dog a German Shepherd it would be excellent. Also, I have brown hair and use a 60Csx, if that helps.


    Thanks again.

  3. I have been racking my brain for ideas about what I would like for an avatar since discovering this thread a few days ago. I am currently using a pic of a german shepherds head in profile. I often take the dog caching with me and he finds a lot of them before I do. I use a 60csx. I use the name DustyWalker as I have a tennessee walking horse.


    I thought I would see what you guys might come up with. Does that spark any ideas for any of you?

  4. Has anyone in these forums had problems with the rubber seal (bumper) around their e-trex coming loose? The one on my two year old vista is, and I am exploring ways to fix it. I am considering using contact cement, which would be waterproof and could still be removed if it had to be. Any thoughts? Experiences? Thanks.

  5. I have a electronic compass in my GPS and NEVER use a compass to find a geocache. I used to with my old machine though... The electronic compass is well worth the money, for me at least. However, one should always carry a compass to get himself out of somewhere in a pinch. You can get a good one with a sighting mirror for $35.00 bucks or so, one of the little Silvas.

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