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  1. I use mine to trackback on occasion as well and am impressed with the way it works.
  2. I had a Vista prior to getting my CSx. The Csx acquires satellites much faster, holds the lock even under heavy tree cover, and as a result is more accurate in "problem" areas. YES, it is worth the extra money.
  3. I am thinking of purchasing one of the new Garmin Astro's when they become available. Does anyone know anything about them? It appears that they are similar to the 60 series. Are some of the GPS capabilities left off because of the addition of its tracking abilities? What range would it have? Etc...
  4. Thanks everyone for your help- I downloaded the update from the web site and it worked great. We're good to go now.
  5. I got this rude message when I tried to update mapsource. Anyone know what's up?
  6. The only thing I found that would fix mine is Loctite Extreme. I fixed my Vista with it and it is still holding. It doesn't melt the plastic, etc. and can be removed if need be. Anything else wouldn't stick. Just be careful with it around the buttons.
  7. That was one of the problems I had with my old e-trex Vista. Upside down it would frequently lose the signal. I don't have that problem with my CSx.
  8. I frequently get 3 to 4 m accuracy (9 to 12 ft.) with my CSx.
  9. Here in NB we geocache in the snow all winter. I have never had any problems.
  10. It seems like I found the problem on my own. I restarted my computer and all was well. Must have been a glitch due to the updater downloading a new version. All is well. GPS updated.
  11. I just tried to update mine. It updated the updater first, then after recognizing the unit, the loader messgage came up for a bit, then a message saying that there was an error communicating with the USB device. I shut it off, unplugged, and retried again with the same results. Anyone else have similar problems? Luckily it started up OK in the old software version. Whew!
  12. I have done a fair amount of business with GPS Central and have had great luck with them. Great prices and great service. It usually takes just a few days to get your order. Like the others, I carry a compass if venturing far from the road, but don't use it unless my GPS konks out.
  13. I lost one after about eight monts of use. It worked itself loose over time (I assume) and then fell off, I suspect from taking it on and off of it's neck lanyard and my RAM dashmount. Luckily I had a spare so was soon back in action. Now I check when I think of it.
  14. I have a 60CSx and use the compass 100% of the time. I have no problems with it, in fact, this is my second unit with the electronic compass and I will never own a GPS without it. It seems that those that like it love it, and those that don't will tell you not to buy it. To each his own. I would suggest giving it a try if you are able.
  15. If I looked for it and didn't find it, it is a DNF. when I go back to look for it a second time and don't find it, it is another DNF. When (if) I finally find it, I log a find. I have posted as many as three DNF's for a cache before finding it.
  16. I take mine skiing frequently (last trip yesterday) and carry it on a lanyard around my neck (the Garmin one) That way I can hang it inside or outside of my coat, depending on how cold or snowy it is. (-30 celsius with the wind chilll here yesterday!) No reception problems.
  17. And that will depend on what you have loaded for maps as well.
  18. GPS Central in Calgary is where I buy all of my stuff. Excellent service. I ordered my CSx around 2 o'clock on a Friday aft., it arrived on my desk at 10 o'clock Monday mroning. (In New Brunswick) Great prices too.
  19. I had a problem with the Trip & Waypoint Manager that came with my 60CSx. I already had mapsource installed, then installed it to see what it was. Guess what. Nothing worked after that. I had to uninstall the whole works, then reinstall Mapsource. I plugged in my GPS, and when it asked for the CD, I stuck the Trip & Waypoint Manager in to install ONLY the USB drivers. Everything works great now. Not sure what the problem was.
  20. Thanks for the reply. They will be using it for basic road navigation (i.e. where are we now?) as well as to find their way to certain locations as required. They may also want to save waypoints, etc. My big question is- Is it efficient to use for navigation on foot? It looks to me like you would have to find your way on the map. (i.e. no navigation arrow, etc.) Can you comment on this? I realize that as a PDA it has it's limitations as compared to a GPS, but ... ? Thanks.
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