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  1. I go paperless with my CSx all the time. I cut and paste the cache info. into Mapsource from the cache page, then send it to the GPS. If I get stuck, I use the hint by clicking on "note". When I find a cache, I change the icon to a found cache, and when I get home I look at the recent finds to remind me which ones I have visited if I forget. If I drop off something I make record in the note on my GPS. (ie Trackable #) When I am done logging them I delete them from my GPS.


    Works for me!

  2. If I understand you right you are now using "Course" rather than "Bearing" line. Most units will come with "course line" as the default, but you want to select "Bearing line" in the menu. Course is set from where you started the "GOTO" to the destination, Bearing always points to the destination from your current position.


    That did it! Thanks very much. It was bugging the heck out of me.

  3. Today I ran into something I have never seen before with my CSx. I was driving and wanted to navigate to a waypoint. I chose the "off road" option and the GPS drew the line on the map page from my present location (the black cursor) to my destination waypoint. All good so far.


    I continued to drive while watching the map page. One end of the pink line stayed at the location on the map where it had been when it was first calculated, with the other end on the destination waypoint while the cursor kept going down the road! Previous to this one end of the line followed the cursor while the other end stayed on the waypoint. I scrolled thorough the other screens, finding everything else was working as it should, and when I came back to the map page the line was still in the same place.


    Has anyone else had a similar experience?? Is it a setting? I can't figure it out. :(

  4. I have come to the conclusion that whenever I put a coin or TB into circulation I can plan on never seeing it again, and sometimes not hearing from it for very long... Although I know of several that seem to have unusually long lives for whatever reason.

  5. I repaired mine using Loctite Xtreme glue. It was the only thing I could find that would stick to the rubber rand as it seems to be silicone impregnated. I tried others and they would let go in no time. I did find that it was a bit stretched but the glue filled the gaps once all was in place. Just be careful not to put too much on around the buttons. If need be I am sure that I can get it apart again for repairs.

  6. I have a Forerunner 205 which I purchased a few years ago. I mostly use it for running but I have used it for a few geocaches along the way, and found it worked quite well for that. When I saw the new 405 I was impressed with the looks of it and thought I would like to have one. When I researched it I changed my mind. It does not have pace, distance or time alerts, which I find very useful. I guess it depends on what you want to use it for.

  7. I use my GPS on an almost daily basis for work and have used it to find hundreds of geocaches. I have owned two different units with an electronic compass- a Vista and a CSx. I would not but a GPS without an electronic compass.

  8. I have a 205 which I use primarily for running, although I have used it quite successfully to find a few caches along the way. I have used it in the woods and have had no problem with it losing satellite reception. I also have a CSx which is my primary GPS. The 205 has a much smaller B&W screen which is not nearly as nice to work with as a full sized color GPS, but yes, it is compact and easily carried. The small buttons are a bit stiff on mine and it his harder to navigate around the menus for navigating to caches as it is primarily designed for running/biking, etc.


    It will work with Mapsource. The rechargable battery is internal so when it goes dead you are out of luck, although I have never had it go dead on me. I download my run when I get home and it recharges through the USB, then I unplug it. I would think it would last for a day O.K. but haven't tried it for longer.


    I have no complaints about mine, but wouldn't want to have it for my only GPS. Hope this helps.

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