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  1. I have had my TB's left in caches because the cacher said that he had nothing to trade for it or didn't want to take more than they felt they should. Some cache owners even go so far as make a rule that they want a even trade, which often makes the cache a prison.


    As an owner, I would rather someone take my TB and move it along. Keep in mind that the TB's belong to someone else, they are not the property of the cache owner. If you feel like taking them all, I say go for it. Keep them moving !

  2. Since you are using a Garmin eTrex Legend you must have MapSource to load and manage waypoints and mapping. MapSource lets you set/create proximity circles. Create a waypoint, and under Waypoint Properties uncheck the "Unkown" box for Proximity. then enter in the needed distance.


    If you want to change units (metric, statute) go into Edit/Preferences. you need to enter decimals of miles or kilometers but I found you can get it down within feet (meters) of what you need. Save this file and upload it to your Legend if you want. The proximity circle displays on screen.


    Well that is just too cool. I frequently use my GPS to generate maps for court (hunting violations) and need to show a 400 m circle around a waypoint on the map. I didn't know Mapsource would do this. Thanks!

  3. This is a very common problem. The rubber came off my old Vista and my fathers Legend. Both were fixed by cleaning off all the old glue with alcohol, buffing the inside of the old rubber lightly with sandpaper, and glueing with Loctite Xtreme. I tried several glues prior to it but none seemed to want to stick to the rubber. I didn't want to use a glue that I couldn't get off again in case the unit needed to be repaired.

  4. I had a similar problem with Mapsource and discovered that the problem was the trip & waypoint manager. For some reason there was a conflict. I unistalled it, then re-installed Mapsource, and all was well.

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