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  1. What happens if you hook it to the computer using the usb cable? Does it have power then through the external USB port? Does it stay on then?


    I tried the usb as well as the serial port connector. I couldn't get the updater to run with the usb, but did with the serial port connector.


    He means, does it stays on with the usb, if yes, you use old/empty batteries even if they seem new or there's something wrong with the batt. connector.


    When connected with the USB it will not start up/connect. Is this what you mean?

  2. Couldn't tell you a 'for certain', but I've heard of others with a similar type of problem. The problem in those cases was the metal bendy things for the battery were loose, and it wasn't getting a good connection for them. If your batteries fit in snugly, then that shouldn't be the problem.


    Otherwise offhand, I'd just call Garmin. Rumour has it their tech support is very good.


    Thanks. They seem to be making a good connection.

  3. Try taking the memory card out and turning unit on. Defective memory cards have had a way of causing strange problems. This may not be your problem at all, but can't hurt to try it.


    I tied that- no luck. Also, the problem seems to have progressed. I tried another change of batteries, now when I press the on button the screen flickers, then goes blank. It does nothing until I take the batteries out and in again, then I get another flicker, then nothing. Its funny. It worked fine all day, and it wasn't bumped or dropped.

  4. I used my CSx for several hours today while caching without any problems, but when I got home and tried to turn it on the initial spashscreen (with ownership info.) comes on and then it hangs up. It will not turn off either. I removed the batteries to turn it off, tried the same batteries, then another set, and checked the data card to make sure it was tight. Any other ideas?


    Should I do a hard reset? Is there such a thing as a soft reset for a CSx?

  5. My father recently bought a new computer running vista. I installed Mapsource for him. That went OK, BUT when I tried to install Topo Canada V2 and Metroguide V4 it would partially load and then tell me that the install had failed. A box pops up that says "C:|Garmin\CTC-mdr.imp"


    Anyone here have any ideas about what is going wrong??

  6. Mine does this while on the hunt sometimes. Look down and it's poof! Gone!

    Drives me bonkers.

    So far, calibrating the compass or turing off then on helps.

    It is not frequent enough for me to justify returning to Garmin, who if you ask them will act surprised as if they never heard of such a thing.

    They have great CS, but could do a little better admiting when a trend shows up. I have seen several on here mention very simular problems.


    My CSx does the same thing.

  7. I don't carry paper when caching with my CSx, although it is a bit more labor intensive than is described here. I cut and paste the co-ordinates, cache name, hint, etc. from the cache page into Mapsource. The size and hint go in the note section. When all is done I send the info. to my GPS and away I go. This works well for smaller amounts of caches.

  8. The uniball powertank RT - actually rated better than the fisher space pen and a lot cheaper.



    Well.... actually the Fisher did better. Like Consumer Reports, they don't give the highest rating to the best product, but to what they consider to the best "value" for the price. The Powertank is a throw-away pen. People keep their Fisher pens (I've had mine for 15 years), and just buy a replacement cartridge every few years.


    Rather than an underwater test (how often does that happen?), I'd rather see how they handle a Tyvek paper, and greasy/oily paper. I'd try it myself, except that, like I said, I've never actually seen one of these tank pens for sale anywhere.


    They sell them at Staples for about $3.50

  9. Just got mt Garmin Venture HC and we are planning as a family to get started with Geocaching. Are the maps recommended for the Garmin or is it OK to just use with a paper map.


    We will only be doing easy caches as family is young (2, 3 and 6 years old).


    Advice wold be appreciated before I splash out.


    I also have a PDA phone - is there anthing useful for that.


    When I first started out I had a GPS without maps at all (a blank screen with an arrow) and marked the general location of the caches on a paper map when I was planning an outing. (I didn't need the paper map if I was in a place I was familiar with.) When I got close I used my GPS to find them. After that I used a GPS with just the basemap for a bit, that worked fairly well, but there was a lot of map detail missing. Now I have a full set of topo and metroguide maps on my GPS and it makes things much easier.


    Short answer- sure you can get by without the mapsource maps but it is easier and more convenient with them.

  10. I'm pretty new to this (5 finds) but an immediately obvious question comes to mind.


    Is it against the rules to revisit a cache (not your own) just to get a traveler and move it on?


    I have done this several times- it is common for people to visit TB hotels to retrieve or make trades frequently. Have at it. I am sure the owners would like to see their TB's or coins moving.

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