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  1. Every now and again, I save my tracks of where I've been, but I don't feel the need to do so all the time. I just turn the tracks on/off on the tracks page. I've always been able to bring the data back into MapSource later and see the tracks perfectly.


    Well, a friend of mine talked me into hitting the save button on the track page, that I've never used before. He said that I can't see the individual tracks on the unit otherwise, and I suppose that's true. I've never really needed to before.


    Well, now when I try to bring them into MapSource from the GPS unit, all the tracks are connected, with big lines crossing every which way all over the place, and I know it's somehow related.


    Is there a way to undo or fix this mess, maybe clean it up or un-connect everything? I can't see my important information in the manner I want.

  2. I am in need of advice on what the best GPS would be for use in the car and for the great event of Geocaching!!!


    It will mostly be for caching but need to be able to use it in the car to get to places.


    I do not want it to be expencive.


    I found a GPS60Scx for 199.99 and would like to know if that will work. I do not want to have to purchase expencive maps so any advice there would be great.






    I use my Garmin CSx for just the thing you are talking about, although the small screen sometimes makes it difficult to see in the car. A nuvi is certainly easier to see while driving but does not do as well on foot while geocaching. It's a trade off.

  3. You need to calibrate it every time you change batteries.

    that's not really true, at least not for all GPS devices. i've calibrated the compass on my oregon 450 once and never had to recalibrate since, and i'm using regular NiMH batteries which are a couple of years old.


    For the Vista it is, and I own both the original and the HCx.


    Page 28



    I had never had this problem with my CSx until last weekend. a recalibration seemed to help for a bit but then it would point the wrong direction a short time later. I finally changed the batteries and the problem went away.

  4. My GPS is NEW US version (last week) firmware 4.10 latest new GARMIN firmware (webupdater have 4.10 )

    I have software version 4.00 on my 60CSx and just ran WebUpdater and 4.10 is still not offered. It said I have latest software version.



    Yes, you are right about that. I have been trying to figure out whats up. My GPS says software version 4.10 and GPS software version 2.10m. One would think that if they were shipping new units with 4.10 that they would offer it as an update with webupdater.

  5. I use a CSx. I may be wrong about this... . I looked at a Dakota and don't think I would trade my CSx for anything less than an Oregon, if then. It appeared to me that the Dakota was somewhat similar to an Oregon with fewer features?? I am sure that someone will step in and let us know about this.

  6. I am now the proud owner of a new CSx. I needed a GPS right away. I may send the old one in for a repair quote, but it is an older one. I got it when they first came out. Fours years ago? I thought about a Oregon but I am all set up for the CSx and it served me well until it crashed.


    I am finding that it is more accurate (or so it says) than the old one. It generally has 2 to 3 m accuracy, where the old one was often 5 to 7 m. Also, it has firmware version 4.1. The newest on the Garmin website is 4.0. what's up with that?

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