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  1. This addition to the Grounkspeak store is way Tooooooooo COOL, and I don’t even have a dog, but a few of my caching buds would look good in it.. ….. JOE
  2. Went back and reread OzGuff original post to try to see what made me fly off the handle so fast and it was these two statements ( 1 ) What I want to know is how folks feel about the practice of offering an extra smilie for some non-caching activity ( 2 ) I suppose the extra smilie winds up similar to a couch cache find. Looks like you are asking what everyone thinks about the practice of multiple smilie logs and at the same time calling them couch potatoes for doing it, what do you really expect a warm and friendly response. Let folks play the way they want to, it don’t cost anyone any extra does it, but to attract people that play their own way, you will get flamed …………….. JOE
  3. First let me say that I like events and I mean like them a lot, can’t tell you how but will say what I like. Have probably attended more events than anyone and have hosted several, the best attended ones are those where food is involved in one way or another, maybe that is why I can’t lose any weight Hee Hee The most important part of any event is to give enough time for everyone to mingle and meet, to put faces with login names, swap stories on cool caches, and see all the different type of folks that are playing this great game. It always amazes me. Have seen theses things at events but was there mainly for the meet and greet. ( 1 ) from one to eighty one temporarily caches hidden just for one event ( 2 ) door prizes ( 3 ) swapping gifts ( a xmas thing ) ( 4 ) coin swaps, ( I do this one ) ( 5 ) travel bug table ( 6 ) caches runs after an event ( I do sometimes ) ( 7 ) FOOD, especially PIE, ( am a pie guy ) always ( 8 ) Different cache containers on display ( 9 ) Recognizing someone for a special achievement ( 10 ) class room type things like how to use a PDA or lap top while traveling, and working with local parks departments Would like to leave you with one last thing, I have never been to a bad event ……… JOE
  4. The cache owner has control of just about everything with their cache as I think it should be. If they want to offer an extra smiley or two who cares, this is just a game, play it the way you want to and let everyone else play their way. These forums are “NOT” representative of most of the cachers out there and only a very small percentage come in here to even look and what they do see is a bunch of busy bodies trying to tell them how to play the game they are enjoying just fine without the hassles. JOE
  5. Personally I think altosaxplayer is having a lot of fun especially for someone that is not old enough to drive yet. Looks like others are to by finding them. Its always nice to see someone wanting to improve their game JoGPS’s note to local hiders “”JUST HAVE FUN””
  6. Myself and AB4N are on a quest to find one cache that will take us the entire weekend after 13 hours in the air, we start in the morning. Its Thanksgiving and we are very thankful for this sport to open up new horizons that we would have never done. This one is defiantly an adventure Stay tuned JOE
  7. Depends on who you ask, don’t think so it depends on if they have found any of these Best caches in Nashville. JOE
  8. Got my Benchmark Geo-Coin yesterday its Tooooooooo COOL JOE
  9. Am a member of the Team STFU, but I do not cache with them all the time. The members of the team only log the caches online that they have been to on line. They have probably found 1,000 more caches than I have as a team. It comes down to individual integrity, if I was there , I log on line if not I don’t. The cache owner has control over their cache page and logging instruction. If you do not like this practice, put a note on your cache page saying that you must individually sign the log, but on micros it sure saves a lot of room. There are caches now where you must take a picture answer question besides logging the log book, to me that’s not a regular cache and they go on my Ignore list, but that’s another problem JOE
  10. The Buckhead Dragon I will always remember this one in the early days as being, far out mannnnnnnnnn it was like my 80th find or something, it was way Toooooooo COOL JOE
  11. Skovar, The Leprechaun's does not owe you an apology, you owe him one. And because you are a obvious sock puppet you should be banned That that should make you laugh. Joe
  12. Queen of Tennessee Plantations I placed a Five X Five cache a week or so before Geowoodstock11 came to Nashville just to see how many folks would pull Five X Five caches in pockets query’s or just go for the easier caches. It turned out that the only folks that found it were the die hard high number cacher’s , now who would have thought that Heee Heee. But in my own defense the cache page clearly said: “”The Difficulty and Terrain levels are for someone that is four yeas old and anyone older or bigger the ratings go down quite a bit”” I would dare any four year old kid that they would not have found or retrieve the cache with out special equipment JOE
  13. This is a “”GAME”” a very nice one but its still a game I found JZ0826 ( have not logged it yet ) at an event in Chicago a few weeks back and thought it was cool, was introduced to someone that hunted benchmarks and that in itself was outstanding, normally I am the only one there hunting these. Noticed a lot of folks asking what it that ( the pipe cap ) and the game was explained to them, most of the time they had heard of it but yet to find one. My best explanation is to tell them that , yes its cool to find a box in the woods that has been hidden for a year but its way Tooooooo Cool to find something that no one has found in 125 years, now that’s an adventure. When someone starts writing me a check for each benchmark found or missing then its not a game anymore, but until them this is just a “GAME” and will treat it as such. If its fun keep on doing it the way its best for you. There is no pointless activity if its legal and fun “”What is a benchmark? “” a way to have fun on this site and geocache at the same time, if it were not for this game site listing benchmarks where would all the purest go play, is there another site that offers as much as this one for everybody, I don’t think so …. JOE
  14. We also plan on attending the KTAG event, it will be my 115th event attended, there is nothing like it, rubbing elbows , swapping geocaching stories and putting faces with folks you have only seen their login name on cache pages on the web. There will be food but they are asking you to bring a covered dish to share, me I am bringing Pieeeeeeeee. Look forward to meeting you Joe
  15. JoGPS

    Sao Paulo Brazil

    Thanks for the wonderful information , and will contact you off site. Joe
  16. JoGPS

    Sao Paulo Brazil

    Hello form the north, Am thinking of taking a caching trip to Sao Paulo Brazil for a weekend, and looking for a guide / driver in the area hopefully they would be a geocacher. Please let me know, or offer suggestions Joe
  17. I don’t ever recall asking a cache owner to log a cache just for smiley that was not there, and resent that some think that because someone has gone out and found a lot of caches that they are cheaters. This is not always the case. If I go out and do not find a cache that I believe is not there after spending three times the amount of time it would normally take to find it, and the cache owner replies that it was missing, that was no fought of my own, but poor cache maintenance I should log it anyway, but don’t recall doing that either, but can see why some would, they were there and cache was not. Found one of the OzGuff caches a few months back and did not log it as a find even though I did sign the log and the cache was in good shape but was on private property because the owners told me no one have permission to hide one there. But did not even log that because he would start a topic on cache police like he has done in the past about different things like on copy and paste logs and a number of other things about high number cachers that seem to tick him off Back on topic, Play the game the way you want to if the cache owner is in agreement go for , like who cares except the busy bodies. If anyone would like to go look at all of my logs to see if I have done this more power to you. I am just ducky swimming around in the big old pond of life and having a blast playing the game the way I want to not because some else thinks its not proper, this is suppose to be a light and fun sport and it is for me. Joe
  18. “WHO” in their right mind would want a Snoogans coin, oh wait I do four please …….. JOE
  19. Got mine and they are way tooooooo cool Joe
  20. JoGPS

    Wyoming Geocoin

    three of each type please Joe
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