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  1. I had hoped sbell would get the message I've been consistently sending. Since he insists on airing this in public, he's gotten this forum whipped into a frenzy. Now that my mailbox is being littered with hate mail, I suppose I need to discuss it here. But first, shame on all the forum readers that suggested sbell "kick his butt", "TP his house", "strike back", "plunder his caches" and other silly things. Kudos to those of you that suspected that there might be two sides to any issue issue. I just wish that more of you realized that not everyone likes to air things quite as publicly as sbell does. Since there are two sides to anything and forum groupies insist on pushing this, here's the other. We have a history of friction, but there was only one thing that lead to his permanent banishment from my caches. His one physical cache in the area a few months ago disappeared. (It was in a highly visible area, so this wasn't a huge shock to many of us.) You immediately posted a note on the page proclaiming I had stolen it. Many people watch that list and saw you call me a thief. You then edited the note to not call me out by name, but then hounded and harrassed the local club demanding they take "action" on this. The officers of the club didn't want to get involved, but you kept kept getting louder and more annoying to the point of frightening them. (They held their ground.) Since that time, you've taken every potshot you can at me as publicly as you can. Since I really don't like being called a thief, I studied my options that would not make my mama turn in her grave. (That precluded the "butt-kicking" and "TP his house" style of many here in the forums.) Since you were obviously not having fun at my caches and since we weren't playing nicely together we should stop playing. We should each take our toys and play with others. I deleted my find from your cache and then deleted your finds from mine. Calling me a thief and then scoring finds based on my work just isn't the way it works.
  2. Its not hard to find these kind of places, I belive that they are needed not just the log saying wheelchair assesable except the last three feet, what are they going to do? I have ten wheelchair assesable Vir caches inside the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere and rotate them every three months and I think they are starting to take off.
  3. I have put out over 90+ caches ( under three login names ) and have found 600+ if you are going to drink from the well then you need to put some back in for the others. but thats less than 25% JOE
  4. I have hidden over 60 caches under three dirrerant login names and found over 400 I make mine short and sweet and expect no more than that on my caches
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