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    congrats also, but man what took you sooooooooo long hee hee Joe
  2. Could you clarify what you're doing here? and who are you to ask ? Somebody that's curious about this list of geocoin numbers. Sorry, I'm not used to obtuse questions from moderators. If you think I'm violating the forum rules could you just come right out and tell me that? Otherwise, I think I can ask this question. Sduck is perfectly free to not answer. Sorry I did no log out on my moderator account before asking, who are you to ask another poster why they are posting in this thread, he explained in his post, it you want to start another thread about list of coins being passed around that's cool to, and he even stated that they sent him free coins. I said something about micros in my post, just thought it was cool, should I not have posted here either?
  3. The first few of the most found caches in the world are micro’s don’t you just love the irony of that FACT Joe
  4. For myself its all about having a little fun in your spear time, I never have reported one to the NGS site and don’t plan to, it all about the hunt, don’t even log all my finds on the caching side anymore either Have never noticed a elitist attitude between the two Joe
  5. am over sixty, and not in that greatest of shape and have several in tall trees, I feel like if I can climb it so can anyone else ( just get R done ), also I have a few off the sides of cliffs, no not use a rope or any other equipment and rate the terrain a 4 stars on both types Joe
  6. World Largest Travel Bug Hotel by Haley Family (GC1R6A7) This old pump house is the container, inside are tables set up with the travels bugs displayed, along with the large Log Book laying on another table, it is the biggest cache container I have ever seen Joe
  7. Here is one that is close to what yo are asking about done this past weekend Geo MoJo #13 "I" just want to go home and this event camping on da lake after da big one it turned out well, read the logs Joe
  8. Why does my browser say GW VII? The VII forums and VIII forums are both on the Geowoodstock site. Currently, the website has the VII feel to it ;-) The committee members for GeoWoodstock wanted to keep the GeoWoodstock.com live year round, to gather more information about hosting the next years event, it was very easy to tag it onto GW7, the feel and information will change, but the forms are up for GW8 six months early to help better plan and to get feed back from GW7 about what went wrong and what went right to also help plan better In a while your browser will say GW8 Joe
  9. With my four regular size caches at a local Wal-Mart , permission took seven month’s and was worth it You need to start with the local mangers first and let then carry it to the home office, they are the ones that you need to convince that this is a way cool thing to do. Joe
  10. Am sure everything will work out within the guidelines, one is being to be moved I saw in another thread. Looks like one of the caches in the Museum that was there for an artifact was being logged but the cache page was locked as it should have been. It was there for a little history nothing more nothing less The host of Geowoodstock do not like the idea of archived or non-grandfathered moving caches around just so people can get smileys either, but that is something we have no control over Hope Ya'll had a little fun while attending, and look forward to seeing everyone next year Happy Trails Joe
  11. Your first contact would be me at JoGPS@gmail.com about hosting a Geowoodstock in your area Joe
  12. Being on a Thursday night , how many states do you think can make it, but wish you the best Joe
  13. This one has been hidden for almost two years and still dry, checked on it three weeks ago Geo MoJo #7 // da beast within It’s a large Pelican case with vent, inside of a double 50 cal ammo box with hasp installed that was treated with liquid truck liner, it is weighted down really well 100 lbs plus to keep it there. and yes it was hidden with permission, it not in a river channel, can you tell. You got to want to be in there really really bad Joe
  14. First year nope, no way but after the second yep big time, Joe
  15. Will be the first one to admit that I did not even look at the cache page or maps, but we all know only to well that cache placement guidelines can be different from one state to another. It would not bother me at all for someone to tell me ( or my reviewer ) my cache was in a different state or county, if I messed up then I messed up and would want to know about so it could be corrected if possible and the cache could live on Joe Did I just agree with OzGuff ? yet thinks me did
  16. How on earth did you manage to get permission for a cache like that? I am impressed. I try to always ask permission, its usually pretty easy once you find out who to ask, and we all know that some places need it out of common since and thank you Joe
  17. will always remember mtn-man at the first GW, you could say he had a split personally X 75 Joe
  18. I have one in a large storm water run off pipe it is about .4 of a mile in, and yes I needed permission from the Department of Water and Sewerage services for placement ( there policy ) but sanitary sewers are another story , there is a law on the books that no one can enter them.
  19. The website is planned to be released on or around Jan 1st and should have everything on it then and they will not have to add other stuff later, some of it is because of tax reasons associated with the event itself in 2009 The best place to stay will be in the Murfreesboro area, try google Happy Trails Joe
  20. The guideline was changed shortly April 2002, after I placed about 15 caches inside of a zoo at just about every cage distance was in-between 60 to 150 feet from each other ( for the other old timers remember that wording in the guidelines ) there was no set limit up until them, but exceptions were even made back them by volunteer reviewers Shame on me, was just having a little fun, in my defense the zoo was letting out local geocaching MTGC club ( second only to the GA club ( first in the World ) have meetings there FREE its cool to have guideline written after you when you are a cacher, but not very cool after becoming a volunteer, will never give that one up Joe
  21. I asked the same QUESTION at the Mid West Geo Bash of the reviewer panel and the one Lackey ( but she was very cool ) in attendance and the official answer was a BOY inquiring minds demanded to know Joe
  22. This is not to cause a flame war or anything like that ,there has been to many on this subject, but maybe the OP can tell us the reasons for theirs hides 6 micros 1 smalls 2 regular What were their reasons for hiding mostly micros ? Respectably Joe BTW , I like all types of caches especially virtuals
  23. Why? because someone asked, you got a problem with that Speedowl Joe
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