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  1. The host org that is responsible for fun and nice Saturday weather, belong to the host of the event, its their call on the date and please remember they live in the area year round and have a better feel for things like hot or cold. Joe // JoGPS
  2. Now accepting bid proposals for 2016 and maybe 2017. For the requirements please email GeoWoodstock@gmail.com for a copy Joe // JoGPS
  3. Here ya go, it should answer all of your questions Joe // JoGPS
  4. because its cool ! There is nothing in the world that gives enlighten like this cache journey to Brazil, following guides cutting they up and down the trails with machetes’ to the cache location what can I say but get all the help you can afford it will be worth it. Following behind the machete swinging guides, make you pause and think its just like watching an adventure on National Geography and I’m da star, its Tooooooo COOL We only had a guide and translator when we got to the park, and any maps you can get is cool, not speaking the language, is not a real problem. On the way there and back we eat at a several places and that had pictures on their menu’s . Because beer is about eight dollars their money not ours its very special each place we ate they served if in champagne glasses. The cool thing about a translator is, let them take you to one of the very small villages in the area and walk around there markets and shops, trust me you will have question to ask.and is almost as much fun. Read all the logs or go blind as we did, its still an adventure of a life time Speaking for Rick and myself now no more hints from me no need to spoil YOUR ADVENTURE Joe
  5. Hello Again Every thing is back as it was, not to deep in the jungle , a guide is still recommended , Thanks to everyone who helped out getting it done Joe // JoGPS
  6. Hello Everyone Yes there is a maintenance plan,( always has been ) just lost my local translator that also took care of my permit and guide fees, but every thing is working out and yes I do know the special guidelines towards Ape caches It is being moved again and no need to up date the coordinates until then. This is a cache that takes special planning just to get there, and NO ONE that has really went after it, after myself has never come up empty handed, it has always been findable and hopefully after this last move it will be there for EVER, we are taking our time with the park officials to get this placement right, and yes they know the dollars it brings to the park from folks from other countries., They think its Tooooooooooo COOL. ya'll can stop looking over my shoulder any time now Joe // JoGPS
  7. We try to work with everyone on this cache and sometimes it means deleting there found log, and some times not Joe
  8. The GeoWoodstock is now actively seeking a host for 2014, and 2015. Host for 2013 Xl will be announced at GeoWoodstock X on the Sunny Side of Louisville in Sellersburg, Indiana Get your stuff together and send in a bid proposal this is the only way its for sure it will be in your area JoGPS Chairman of the GeoWoodstock committee
  9. Would like to ask that this thread be closed, Nothing left to say here about the Tunnel Of Light Ape Cache, everything was handled the way it was suppose to happen , I spoke out of turn when suggesting that the Brazil cache container could replace the one at the tunnel. I went back at my exchanges of emails between Groundspaek and my self before going to try to find the archived cache in Brazil , just what my options were , one of those options was the cache could never be moved back to the US ( forgot about that email Hee Hee ) it had to me moved once because the park wanted to be in a different area for safety and it will move at least one more time to get it in a better area of the park which will be done later this year and yes it could comes up missing in Brazil. It should be archived in the same way this one, and all the other ape caches were if it goes away. Remember we all adopted the Ape Caches page listing her on Geocaching.com, “” we never owned the containers “” Well here we are last man standing, now come Brazil, and find the cache it not any different than the cache on the space station or the one several miles down at the natural vents , but it can be found a whole lot cheaper So as Killer Bees once said " SAVE UP " Joe // JoGPS
  10. I agree some what, I have been to HQ several times and have personally touched a ( SPARE ) Ape Cache container with posters for trade just like the one used in WA, and being the owner and care taker of the Ape Cache in Brazil , I believe it should be replaced with the spare. The area has been a destination for many to go to HQ, location of the first cache placed and the Ape cache in WA. Why do you think a GeoWoostock was there for Groundspeak ten anniversary, was to bring more cachers to the area. Now after taking a very deep breath ( not that I want to but will ) If it turns out to be an Ape original box is the key, Then I will gracefully give up my Ape Cacahe in Brazil to either to Jon or Groundspeak if it can be done, its a very big peace of history for our sport. This will bring more pleasure to folks in the sport if there has to be a last one it should be in WA but what do I know we just go lucky Joe // JoGPS
  11. Well drat’s thought this thread was were you came to order the New Membership Bologna , me likes Bologna last year it was Membership Spam, me don't like Spam never mind, and Happy Trails Joe
  12. """Should reviewers be responsible for 'safety'? """ NO Joe
  13. Its that time to submit proposals for "GeoWoodstock Mega Event" the largest caching event in the WORLD for 2012, and 2013, in your area, cut off date is Jan 1st 2011 Winner for 2012 will be notified by the middle of February 2011 For a list of Requirements and proposals please send to GeoWoodstock@gmail.com Serious inquiries only Please GeoWoodstock Committee
  14. Its that time to submit proposals for "GeoWoodstock Mega Event" the largest caching event in the WORLD for 2012, and 2013, in your area, cut off date is Jan 1st 2011 Winner for 2012 will be notified by the middle of February 2011 For a list of Requirements and proposals please send to GeoWoodstock@gmail.com Serious inquiries only Please GeoWoodstock Committee NOTE to Moderators please leave this thread here until Monday and them move it to the Organized Geocaching section , Thank You
  15. The key words to the law is "" play at any game or amusement therein "" the reason that the ones were grandfathered in before the law became known to the volunteers reviewers is simple. They did not know about the law, namely me the ( Max Cacher ) past reviewer If there is a complaint about one of the existing caches in or near any cemetery in TN the cache will be archived by the local reviewer, everyone's even mine and one of mine was archived after there was a complaint just like it should have been Even if permission is now given permission from the owner or the person in charge of the cemetery it does not trump the law as I said before "" play at any game or amusement therein "" you can't get around that in the famous words of Forest Gump " That enough on this Subject " hope that explains the Tennessee Law and caches placement Happy Trails Joe
  16. Did maintenance for my Buddy when I visited it before, and will take care of its needs during GeoWoodstock, this cache rocks Joe
  17. well done, and yes sometimes it is ALL about the numbers Tooooooooooo COOL Joe
  18. Personally don't see any thing wrong with it, only good, its ideas like this that keep the game evolving Just think of all the changes since 2001, a whole hella of a lot of changes, even though I have not agreed with them all the sport is better for them. Would also bet the Lackeys have looked at it also logging one smiley for attending either from the orgional location or a satlite what does it matter. How much does a smiley cost any way ? Happy Trails Joe
  19. I don't think it was a bad news story, it gets to the point that we as geocachers need to ask permission for every time we place one, nothing wrong with that at all Joe
  20. my condolences also, TrkDoc was one of the nice guys Joe
  21. We called sliver PLATUIM when giving presenting them Sorry about that Joe
  22. To the best of my knowledge I was the first recipient of a golden ammo box , in Sept 26, 2002, arranged by Robert Lipe, and friends the ammo box was full to the top with AA batteries The Event, was also a real nasty muil-stage puzzle for me alone and sometimes it is all about the numbers Joe edited to add we gave CCCooperAgency a Gold for her 1,000 Sliver for her 5,000 event
  23. Groundspeak HQ has been catching up - it's about 500 finds behind, but has a higher velocity. And it's closer to the GW grounds. But it's not clear to me how many cachers HQ can accommodate in one weekend... Didn't I read that they were going to close shop during the GW weekend...? You could very well have read it somewhere Groundspeak will be very active during GeoWoodstock, am not going to let the cat out of the bag, mainly because I don't have a cat and ya'll could go find the other APE cache, its not found to often at all, must be the terrain me thinks Joe
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