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  1. Okay, I think I figured the whole mess out. I actually ordered four batteries, and when I plugged a different one into my Oregon, it now removes the battery choice menu AND shows the lightning bolt charging icon. I assume the one battery pack wasn't pushing down the button in the battery case properly. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for everyone's help!
  2. Well, my rationale for asking the question is that the situation is different on two seemingly identical units, but the info provided by kunarion above gives me a lead. My unit is set to Garmin Spanner, while hers is Garmin Serial. I just made the switch on hers, and it now asks for what to do when USB is plugged in. And, in a bonus, it shows a *different* battery charging icon - it shows a standard "battery charging" lightning bolt. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact I'm using the Classic mode and hers is set for Activities.
  3. An additional, related question: on the receiver that is having the battery type display issue (which we'll call unit "A" for clarity), I end up with this situation: When unit A is plugged into my computer, it immediately goes to USB mass storage mode. Unit B (the one that lacks the battery type display issue) always gives me the option of either going into USB mass storage mode or not (choosing "no" is how I got the charging icon in the main battery indicator). Both units have are completely updated (software version 5.30). What the heck?
  4. So, after spending a king's ransom on AA batteries from Costco for the past couple years, I decided to buy four Garmin NiMH battery packs for our two Oregon 700 receivers. They arrived today, and I have two questions: When plugged in to a USB power source, is there any indication on-screen that charging is actually happening? On virtually every device that I own, from game controllers to my cell phone, there is an onscreen indicator that the battery is charging. I could see nothing of the kind on my Oregon, and the information on the Garmin website says nothing about this one way or the other that I've been able to discern. I think I figured this part out - I was plugged into a USB multi-port brick. When I plugged my Oregon into my computer, I got the request asking if I wanted to open USB storage. I tapped "no," and now there's a charging icon where the battery indicator is. On one of our two receivers, when I install the NiMH battery pack, the option under "Settings" for "Battery Type" disappears, as in it is not even a listed option. Upon removing the battery pack and replacing it with with regular alkaline AA batteries, the option returns. This is puzzling, to say the least, because the option is clearly available on my other Oregon 700. Any thoughts?
  5. I gave the name of the third-party app in an identical post I made yesterday, and an administrator took it down for giving its name. Not sure if this will pass muster, but let's say the third party app's name rhymes with "b:neo."
  6. Okay, I think I might have solved it, y'all... I noticed that when I plugged my Oregon into my PC, *two* devices would show up: the Oregon, and a separate device my computer called a USB drive. I am pretty certain that the USB drive is actually the SD card in the unit. There are SQL folders present in *both* locations. I just deleted the folders in both locations, and when I rebooted my Oregon, it showed "no Geocaches." I just refreshed GC Live, and the archived caches are gone! (Disabled ones show up, but I think that's normal, I guess?) Anyway, success! Thank you all for your help.
  7. Deleted the entire SQL folder, cleared the Geocaching Live data...still showing archived caches. I'm able to see that they're archived or disabled through my third-party app. I'm at wit's end with this silly thing.
  8. Also (to continue the rant, please forgive me)...we are blessed to be able to travel fairly frequently (well, pre-pandemic, anyway) because of a daughter who works for a major airline. We bought these units specifically because we've often gone to the airport and picked a city at random to spend the day in, knowing we could just use the Geocaching Live feature to explore a new place. It's entirely possible that DNF's we got in, say, San Diego or Medford, Oregon were actually archived caches. And that's frustrating. I don't mind a legit DNF - I'll gladly bushwhack until the cows come home to find a cache (and even fell straight into a huge patch of stinging nettles once to get a FTF!), but if it's not there, I don't want to waste my time. I know everyone else feels the same way. /rant
  9. "Delete the SQL folder." The entire folder, or just its contents? I can't imagine it making a difference, but still...
  10. I was mistaken when I said I didn't have those subfolders - I was looking at the wrong tree. My mistake. When I did look in those folders (once I found them), I deleted what was in them, the restarted. Same deal: verified archived and/or disabled caches are showing in my list of available nearby caches on my Oregon, and are not being displayed on my third party app on my phone (which is what I would expect on my Oregon).
  11. Still no dice. I tried everything suggested, and even went so far as to do a factory reset of my Oregon. It *still* shows the archived caches. Meanwhile, a third-party app that I'm not allowed to name here, which is also connected to my premium account but runs through my phone, accurately shows the archived caches (or, more correctly, *doesn't* show them). What the heck is the point in spending the extra money on a device with Live Geocaching when I need to install pocket queries like it's 2012? I'm planning on calling Garmin tomorrow, but I suspect it will be hard to reach anyone given the pandemic (which, of course, isn't their fault). I also am amazed at how counterintuitive just about every darned thing is on this device. I mean, I've had smartphones for over a decade, and all of them, regardless of brand, price or operating system, simply *worked.* It's embarrassing to take friends out for our hobby only to fight with the tech, which should, by all rights, be really easy to use, especially 21 years into the game. On that point: can anyone recommend a GPS receiver unit that's actually easy to use? At this point, we're left with using the (redacted) app on our phones to see if a cache is viable, then using the GPS receiver to track it down. It's ridiculous.
  12. Okay, to my knowledge we never have downloaded caches to these devices - I'm pretty sure we've always used GC Live. I went into the folder through my PC, and I don't even have the subfolders GPX and/or GZZ. Any other thoughts?
  13. I'm running into a problem because my Oregon 700 is displaying archived caches in the list of caches that are available on Geocaching Live. After a few odd DNF's, we began to do some research and determined on geocaching.com that those caches were actually archived. At this point, the only way we can play is to load a cache, then go over the logs and see if they've not been found in forever, indicating they've been muggled or whatever, which is of course extremely frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas?
  14. Suddenly my pq are not generating. Anyone else experiencing this? Is the site down? It allows me to preview but then says "never" in the generated column. Help
  15. EDIT: I just saw the caveat on the cyclingabout page about not using SD cards over 32 GB. That was the problem! My husband went out and got a 16 GB card, and it worked fine! The question about renaming the files still remains...he's going to experiment a little. Okay, some questions from my husband: He downloaded the full US map via Bittorrent from OpenMapChest. (He also downloaded Canada and the UK). When he opens the Map menu on the 700, and taps "Configure Maps," *only* the pre-installed maps show up. The downloaded map (generically named "gmapsupp.img) does not show up at all. He put the file in a folder on the SD card called "Garmin" as instructed. How do we access the map? (Additionally, he read that the newer Garmins allow the maps to have different names, so they can be overlaid. We have a 64GB card, so there's plenty of space for all of them. Is there a protocol for renaming the files?)
  16. My trusty Magellan died and I decided to give Garmin a try. I found a good deal on the Oregon 700. It came today and I successfully did the live gc thing and paired it with my WiFi and with my phone. And now I am stuck. The map is pretty basic. All I want is some basic streets (I don't need turn by turn....phone is free) and some basic trail info for parks and such. I feel like I am missing something.....how do I put a better map on it without buying twenty maps at a hundred dollars each? My daughter works for the airlines so we have some flights and want to gc all over US and Canada.....isn't there a basic North American map? Help!!!! Thank you! P.s. If you are kind enough to respond....please speak like you are talking to a preschooler. Seriously been trying to solve this all day. I just don't get it.
  17. Everything is set for our day, but I can't get the pq to work. Is the server down? I have done tons of pq before so I don't think I am doing anything different. It won't even send it to my email....grrrr.
  18. What do you think about having different spots on the cache talk about healthy cats...kinda educational. I want to do a puzzle box type of thing with different boxes that open revealing part of the final lock combo...but some opening up with just info. Examples could be things like cats who visit the vet at least two times a year live on average blank years longer. Fleas and worms are the number one parasite. Cats are social creatures and enjoy things to watch out the window (wave to the residents watching you). Etc. What do you think? Maybe something on the page about if you enjoy cats, come in and say hello to the residents?
  19. Great idea....still haven't heard from my local reviewer, but lots of rain here so no rush.
  20. Got it and sent a message. Thank you!!! So excited.
  21. Ok...so a cat theme is fine. Mentioning a no kill shelter is fine as long as I don't use the logo. Spay/Neuter is probably an agenda. ugh. But I could do things cats need....same three....love, shelter, vet...something like that about generic cats. Could I put that it is ok to come inside and visit the cats? I have done other caches that say come inside and say hello.
  22. It's finally happened. We received permission from a local charity to place a cache on their property. I would like to tie it into the location. It is a no kill cat shelter. Where is the line between education and advertising? I am thinking.... education: Welcome to the no kill shelter. Cats roam free inside and visitors can come inside and give some much needed love to the residents. Advertising: To adopt a cat it cost x amount of money. But what about the gray area? Can I tie in some things to my cache? We were thinking of including the three things that each adopted cat comes with (free spay/neuter, microchip, free vet exam) as three doors to open to get the final combo. Would this fall under information or advertising?
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