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  1. thanks for clearing that up for me. i guess i'll just wait to install it, probably don't need it.
  2. i haven't loaded BASECAMP yes, i'm still using mapsource, even for Topo Canada V4 because i also use IBYCUS and don't want to have to use 2 separate programs to load maps etc. does anyone know if other maps will even LOAD in BASECAMP? the garmin sites says: "BaseCamp will only recognize MapSource products that contain digital elevation model (DEM) data" this leads me to believe, it will ONLY load DEM maps. can someone confirm. thanks
  3. is there a way to have the unit measure in KM's but then also in FEET. i'm in canada, so we use KM's, which the unit can accommodate by changing it to METRIC, but then it changes the other units to METERS, which is fine, but i would like it to be FEET. so when i'm close to the cache, is it FEET not Meters. i'm guessing the answer is NO, but thought i would ask if there is a workaround. anyone?
  4. thanks, i've only been using it a couple months, but i love my Legend HCx, i was going to get a Lowrance Out&Back, but they kept delaying it and i couldn't wait any longer. just placed our 1st cache with it, and a comment of "Perfect coordinates!" was good enough to confirm my thoughts that it is a good unit.
  5. settle down Rockin Roddy'. i'll read the post next time before commenting on a title. my appolgies
  6. and the first line of his post anyway, i don't know how or why anyone would consider a GPS too accurate. if that's not the point of this thread, then the title should be changed.
  7. how can a GPS be TOO accurate? isn't that the point of them, to get you to the exact coordinates. if you are looking for a challenge, don't worry. caches are placed by people with hiend and lowend gps's, so even if yours is super dooper accurate, the person placing it may have a unit that is out 15' or more and might not have averaged the hide. i wouldn't be stressing too much about my GPS being too accurate.
  8. these things are never coming out are they? just kidding, but i'm glad i went ahead and bought my legend HCX, otherwise the summer would have been over.
  9. i think our dog has eaten at least 2 of my wifes cellphones. i always make sure i put my gps is the same spot after use, so she doesn't eat that.
  10. i'm thinking about placing my own cache and was wondering what if i need to AVERAGE the spot first. if so, on the Legend HCX, you can average a waypoint, but how long do i let it zero in on it. there is a counter, but i have no idea how long i should let it calculate. thanks
  11. try using another cable if you have one for a camera etc. my mini usb cable for our canada digital & tomtom both work with my legend HCx
  12. I didn't even know you COULD get the phone service without the data plan? i'm in canada. but i just go a 16GB iphone (refreshed, but it was brand new), with charger cord/adapter thingy, headphone and 3G phone for $99. i pay $15mth/3yrs for a voice plan only. they BLOCK the data, but i can someone still use WiFi (still trying to figure it out, it's only 2 days old). so basically, i have a phone, ipod, cameraphone, data applications, voice memo record etc but when i try to access YOUTUBE or STOCKS or WEATHER, it says "you are blocked"
  13. i just picked up a iphone 3G, but i have DATA BLOCK, because i'm not subscribed to a DATA PLAN, only voice, so i'm guessing this will NOT work for me. i just don't want to spend $30+/mth for the plan.
  14. i would just install it, with mapsource and try it. it's simple and easy to use, if you don't like it, it's easily removable thru the control panel. intstall both, find some FREE LEGAL MAPS and install those. it's very very easy. the legend hcx comes with BASE MAPS, not good ones, but they are on there. you should be able to just plug in your gps via USB and go to the goecache site and d/l them. i had to install a garmin driver to get it to find my GPS (http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/), but it's just a driver, it's not a complex program, it's not a virus and you NEED it to geocache. i would say just relax, everything people are describing are all legit and won't hurt your cpu. do it sooner rather then later, otherwise the summer will be over. so, in short (i'm no expert, but this is what i see as the minimum to get started) go to geocaching.com and click on the cache you want to d/l, install the garmin driver , restart your browser and start d/ling caches to your legend. i dont' think you need mapsourse or easygps to cache, but why not. it's great for backups and to organize mulitple maps and see everytyhing on a nice big CPU screen instead of a 3" GPS screen.
  15. maybe it's just me, but the OP sounds like he's not too familiar with CPU and new software etc, so i would recommend installing the TRIP & WAYPOINT CD (it should have come with your unit) and just use that. it's easy to operate, user friendly and you can load your maps onto it, unlike EASYGPS.
  16. i just installed EASYGPS and i'm not impressed. it doesn't even have background maps, just a white screen, unless you pay for the software. i'll use the trip&waypoint cd that came with my device. perhaps i'll try it later on when i need something more. for now i'll use the trip&waypoint and use the greasemoneky addon for firefox, that puts all the cache printouts on 1 or 2 pages with hints, cache size, desc etc.
  17. i bought the same unit about a month ago. i installed the trip and waypoint manager as well, should have been a cd that came in your box. mine looks just like this: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=664...951&ra=true i don't know if you need it or not: Plan Your Travels Make trip planning simple for your next outdoor adventure with MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager. This convenient computer software allows you to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your Garmin device and your PC. Use it to plan your next trip or to organize and save your waypoints, routes and tracks for future use. For reference, Trip & Waypoint Manager provides general worldwide maps that include interstates, motorways, political boundaries, principal cities and towns, oceans and other general reference details to place your GPS data in context. Trip & Waypoint Manager is designed for Garmin devices that do not have built-in maps. Click the Products tab to see whether this product is compatible with your Garmin device. This product does not contain detailed maps. You cannot use this product to load maps to your Garmin device.
  18. i've noticed i'm off about 9m on most caches recently. i was also running the newest software on my unit. i've just switched back to 2.60, and we'll see how that goes. when i first got my unit (about a month ago), i remember it being bang on, i was always right on top of the cache, but the last few days i've really noticed it being off anywhere from 6-9m most times. that's quite a bit, considering the accuracy shows 3m. i'll try 2.60 and post my results after my next outting. so i'm now running SOFTWARE 2.60 and GPS SW version 2.80
  19. any other FREE MAPS for canada, besides the IBYCUS maps which are great.
  20. stupid question, but how do you install it? i wouldn't mind adding just the CACHE SIZE and HINT to mine. that's about all need.
  21. i'm not sure, you'd have to check.
  22. Canda topo 4 on DVD is about 5.5GB, the equivalant of about 7-8 cd's.
  23. i'm using a LEGEND HCx as well.
  24. i have topo canada v4. i know you can search for exact addresses from main menu: FIND ADDRESSES PROVINCE CITY ENTER NUMBER (house number) and hit enter then it comes up as a perfect hit or list of the closes hit (if you were to enter a city, and then 444 TEST ST and there wasn't a 444, but there was a 443, it would show that), or do you mean something different? i've only done it a couple times, but it can find business addresses (with phone numbers) and/or peoples houses (no phone number). you really don't need the street maps if you have topo 4, all the streets are in there and searchable.
  25. sorry, didn't read that it was the USB, but for everyone else: it's the same cable as most digital camera. i use the same one for my kids fisherprice FP3 player, our auto TomTom and our canon digital camera. like someone else said, i think it's a standard micro USB cable. you probably have one that will fit, check your other electronics.
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