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  1. torrent still active here: LINK search for Ibycus. i grabbed it there about a week ago, no problems.
  2. Me too! They were quick and courteous. but $110+shipping both ways. almost $150 when all is said and done.
  3. GPSMAP 62: Accepts data cards: no really. what $200+ GPS doesn't accept data cards. wowsers, that's really disappointing.
  4. well amex want to me send it away for repair. but i don't believe that the shop will be able to duplicate the problem. it is $110 for repair plus shipping. so i might end up sending it, then them telling me nothing is wrong and amex not reimbursing me for the funds. then i have the same gps and out $120+. now what. i sent a PM to the sweedish guy who had the same problem, we'll see if he get's back to me and if/what he did to get it fixed, if he did.
  5. let me guess, costco.ca $279. basicaly, install TOPO CANADA onto mapsource, then uploat which sections you want onto your GPS memory card, it most likely came with a small one, i would guy a 4GB if i were you.
  6. oregon 200 with Topo canada $280 @ costco.ca
  7. and yet again, just did it. time for this one to head back garmin or walmart if i put up a big enough stink. it's 1y old, but i have original box and receipt, i'll go talk to the sporting goods manager at WM, he was pretty good about any concerns with it last year. i'll see if i can swap it out for same model or a different one. i've escalated the problem to garmin thru the e-service, we'll see if they get back to me in the next 48-72hrs.
  8. nope, not touching the joystick button, i know because, when you his that button, the white banner comes across the top of the screen with your info for where you are moving that arrow. Do you have the most current version of the firmware on it. You may want to try and reinstall that and see if that solves your issue. You may want to call Garmin on Monday if it persists. Sorry I can't be of more assistance. yup, everything is up to date. i'll try re-installing it though. it did it again today. i was on the data screen, it showed 1m away from the cache, then i switch to map view, and it shows it across the street. and i made sure i hadn't moved the arrow or anything.
  9. nope, not touching the joystick button, i know because, when you his that button, the white banner comes across the top of the screen with your info for where you are moving that arrow.
  10. let me explain. on my Legend HCX, i'll be in map view going towards a cache, it shows the cache say 50m away and shows the path i should take (as the crow flies), but as i get closer, if i switch the the DATA screen, it shows me getting closer, but the map view is stuck and still shows it a fair distance away, it actually freezes on the map view. so i'll be standing on top of the cache, but the GPS map shows it as being a fair distance away. (and no, it's not that i'm zoomed in too far, it actually locks up or freezes on the distance and doesn't move at all) anyone else experience this problem with the Garmin Legend HCx or other unit. the only way i have found to fix it, is to power it off, then back on. very frustrating. looks like is the exact same problem described here by someone else: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=3947345
  11. you're going to love it, or at least i do (i've been using since about may). i went out caching with my brother and his newly acquired GPS map60cx and we were both exact as far as coordinates go, exact interface. his screen was nice and big, but after handling it a few times, i think i'm happier with a more compact unit that easily fits in my hand and can be put in my shorts/jeans pocket (even with the garmin case on it). it could have been familiarity with my legend hcx, but i've gotten to quite enjoy the joystick button on it and the layout of the other buttons on the side, makes for a nice sized gps. have fun.
  12. whew. i thought it was my windows 7 upgrade.
  13. wow. i'm sure glad i didn't wait for the out&back to come out and went ahead and picked up my garmin Legend HCx when i was on sale. for everyone who picked one up, hopefully they fix the bugs and the mapping issues.
  14. only one i can think of is the iPhone. but the tomtom application for it is $99 and the golf is another $30 or so, plus the cost of the phone, plus the cost of your data plan, plus the geocach application is not as good as a dedicated GPSr
  15. i've used free LEGAL maps like ibycus with no problem, also paid maps like garmin topo. was this a shady download or from a shady site? if so, that's why.
  16. YES YES YES. cache size & hint would be amazing. i know you can fiddle with it to get this stuff and the logs thru other programs (using multiple waypoints etc), but there must be a way for garmin to do an update so we can add this to the unit without moding it. but it guess if they did that, then we wouldn't upgrade out Legend/Vista HCx's to higher end units. it's such a simple thing, they must be able to do it, but choose not to.
  17. eneloops all the way. slow charge, but in the end it's better for the batteries. great shelf life when not in use. they do sell a 1hr charger for them, i know costco carries it, but i just have a few sets and use the slow charge.
  18. Is it bright enough at full brightness setting? Or is that dimmer as well when compared to what you had before? i think it's overall a bit less bright, but not that big a deal.
  19. Based on this post I backed up my Venture Cx waypoints before updating. After updating, my names were trashed as well. Restoring from backup saved me a lot of grief. Thanks for the warning, allory Do you notice a general decrease in screen brightness compared to earlier versions, like 2.8? My 9 month old Vista HCX with 2.8 is noticeably brighter than my son's brand new Vista HCX using version 3.1 even when set at the same slider level. yes. i kind of noticed it today. i used to be able to put it at 50% in the car, now it's not bright enought
  20. i haven't even tried to do it with Gsak or whatever it is. i figure i don't want to navigate thru 15 screens to read the text 15characters at a time. i use the GREASEMONKEY extension and firefox to print them all out with logs etc, then i can just write the notes and upload them when i get home. i figure the unit is not paperless, why try to force it. i knew it when i bought it and am ok with it for now. ask me again in a year or 2 and i'll probably have sold the legend hcx and bought a paperless unit.
  21. thanks op. worked fine and thanks Allory, the image software also worked great. too bad you can't take a screen shot out in the field then upload it. i know you can just take a pic of the screen with a phone or camera , but taking a screen shot like this would be much nicer.
  22. i use 1 cable for my canon camera, tomtom and garmin handheld. i just leave it attached to my pc and stick whatever device i'm' using in it and it works fine.
  23. turns out i already installed it. i used it the other day for uploading a custom POI (earthcache icon), but have no idea how to take a screen shot of my legend HCx. i'll look it it tomorrow. thanks again.
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