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  1. I've been through the RMA then DOA and repeat before (not Garmin though). That's why I only buy in stores. No need to RMA etc etc. Just return/exchange and done. that's what i'm starting to think. just found out cabelas will be getting the 62s sometime this coming week (they have the 62 and 62st), so perhaps i'll take a trip down there, do the squeak test and be done with it. if they all squeak, then i'll wait, and if i find a good one, i'll grab it. thanks
  2. I just sent my second 62s in for the squeaking problem, this time garmin replaced it with a 62st. WTF? when i told them about the problem, i got a snotty response. (see one of my above posts). i guess because i'm in canada, we have to send it in to raytech for repair instead of directly to garmin.
  3. pretty sure mine is going back again too, it's quite loud and not acceptable for this price of GPSr. cabelas.ca shows it on their site, so i'll stop by the store and see if they have them in stock and have a non-squeaker. if not, i'll wait it out a while.
  4. got my RMA, another squeaker! 21F006*** i specifically asked them to open it and test it before sending, but i guess they didn't. perhaps it's time to walk away from the 62s and grab a rock solid 60cx from walmart or bite the bullet, keep this one and hope the squeak goes away. this one appears to be a bit better, only squeaks on the side opposite the power button. here the video of my new squeaker (sound looks like it's off a bit, it was recorded with my lifecam webcam) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwtW2QuQxlk
  5. That's what I thought, but when I asked about it and the plug covers on my 60CSx, people said it would eat the rubber. Also, someone recommended Vaseline and I do believe that is a NO NO! bottom line is, we should have to do anything to it. GARMIN should be making them rock solid like the 60 series.
  6. i'm just giving you a hard time.... don't have one in hand any more. sent it off to get replaced (RMA), but i won't be opening the new one. fingers crossed, that it doesn't squeak.
  7. you opened up the case on a brand new 62, possibly the first to be opened by a consumer and you didn't take pictures? i sent mine off to get RMA'd today, so hopefully the new one arrives shortly. i asked them to test the new one before sending, so hopefully they do and i get a solid one.
  8. As low as possible? I could probably get away with $250CDN, maybe even $300 for something awesome, but higher than that would be a real stretch. For someone who's done barely 70 caches in 4 years, I don't want to be getting something gadget-laden just because it's the newest thing. well, last month (i know you don't have a time machine), gpscentral.ca (canadian site) had the oregon 450 for $319+tax after the rebate.. but that still over your budget, but might have been worth it for a PAPERLESS unit. walmarts up here in canada, at least winnipeg, still have the 60Cx for $199
  9. What he said. +1. i wouldn't want someone with an eTrex or any Garmin you can buy at a retail store surveying my land.
  10. here is the 2nd reply i got from garmin when i showed them the youtube video: Dear Bruce, As Heath stated below if the unit is not performing or sounding the way you want please return it to the retailer for a exchange. Or you can contact Raytech at the link provided in the previous email. With Best Regards, Steven B Product Support Specialist Outdoor/Fitness Team Garmin International 913-397-8200 800-800-1020 913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Steven B, Associate #6998
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4myv5taUVqk But what means 62ST Squeaker Terminated just like mine. i forwarded it to garminsupport as i'm not accepting their response to my email.
  12. here's the reply i got: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I would be happy to help you with this. I have went to the site that you gave me (THIS THREAD AND THE WIKI), and there isn't many posting there. Plus I have never heard of this issue before so as long as you aren't bear hugging your GPSMap 62, then please return it back to the unit so you can get a fast return. If they are unwilling to return the unit, then please contact your Garmin’s Canadian Repair Company for any Warranty needs. You can contact RayTech at: www.RayTech.ca Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you and have a great day! With Best Regards, Heath H Product Support Specialist Outdoor/Fitness Team Garmin International 913-397-8200 800-800-1020 913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Heath H, Associate #6191
  13. not squeezing hard at all, basically the same force you would use to push the buttons on a phone make mine squeak and creak.l. very very gently squeezing it and/or pushing the power button makes the squeak. i contacted the seller (gpscentral.ca) and they were very quick to respond and are going to issue me any RMA. fingers crossed the next one is solid! other then the squeak, i am very happy with the unit as well as the Customer Service from GPScentral.ca
  14. I contacted GARMIN the other day, but they have yet to get a response. perhaps they are being bombarded with squeaky 62 emails.
  15. 21F005*** aldo Edited to add: squeaking so obnoxious I RMA'ed the little guy as well
  16. Now this issue comes out! Too late - I have one en-route. Hopefully it's not so bad that I have to return it because of this; will let you know. I have an E-trex Vista HCx that squeeks pretty loudly at the power button when I turn it on and off, but never thought anything of it - just plastic rubbing on plastic. Either than that, the performance has been great. If you squeeze your cell phone, you get squeaks too - things are not built like a "brick" anymore - dissapointing. that's what i'm thinking. it's just the way things are made these day.
  17. That is how the 60 series worked...... aahhh. i've only tinkered with the 60.
  18. took me a while to figure that one out too. another one i find odd... when you are in MAP view and hit PAGE, your other MENU ITEMS from PAGE SEQUENCE (for me it's main menu/map/compass) scroll LEFT, but if you are in MAP view, they scroll RIGHT. so the quick menu items or whatever they are called, can be scrolled LEFT with MAP button and RIGHT with QUICK button. i thought the QUIT button would only QUIT functions, but it acts as a PAGE button as well. weird.
  19. Mine squeaks too. +1. never noticed, but mine does too. i don't know if it's the plastic being too thin, or the fact that there is a gap between the outside case and the inner parts. it's not only the power button, if you gently (gently) grab the GPS on each side with a thumb on one and index finger on the other and gently squeeze, it's CREAKS. mine seems to be more prevelant on the left side of the GPS when looking at it and the topside of the GPS as opposed to the underside (there is a dented seam in the rubber). now what? do we all return them or call garmin?
  20. only found a few with my new 62s, but i LOVE the paperless feature. i loaded up 1000 caches all with hints and logs etc and now when i'm out driving, if i want to stop in for a quick find, i can check when it was last found, how big it is, description etc. no more paper, it's very very nice. i wish i had just bought a paperless unit right off the bat, but i'm glad i updated now rather then wait it out another year.
  21. $420 in canada at radioworld.ca. i had GPScentral.ca PM it, so only 1 tax.
  22. which is why i bough it. i debated and debated on the Oregon 450, i loved all the features, except the TOUCH SCREEN. i wanted a pushbutton GPSr. i have a 5y old that caches with me and needless to say, my GPS get's dropped and his fingers aren't always the cleanest (you can guess where they've been). so when the 62s came out, i knew i wanted one. yeah, it was a bit more expensive then the 450 (about $100), but well worth it for me. i can put it in a case and not worry about him sliding his fingers all over the screen or screen protector (like my iPhone) and from what i hear, the case for the Oregon makes the touchscreen a little harder to use. i've only had it out on a few caches, but so far, i love the 62s. now if i had purchased a Colorado and they abandoned me, i'd be ripped as well. let's hope (fingers crossed), they don't abandon the 62s for something else in a year or less
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