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  1. $30/year or works out to be $2.50 a month, really, you can't skip 1 coffee a month and get a membership.
  2. The 62s should have profiles just like the Oregon series. What I did on my Oregon is setup an on-road geocaching profile and and off-road one. Once I get close, two touches to the screen and I'm navigating straight to the cache. i just hit FIND, then select OFF ROAD. again, just 2 clicks. drive to the cache ON ROAD, then when i'm close ,hit FIND again, then select OFF ROAD and it's now in OFF ROAD mode.
  3. mine updated to 2.6 with no problems, no safe remove, no shutdowns etc.
  4. Not sure all I know is the Dakota runs about 275.00 and the Oregon runs about 360.00 but with her discount I can get it cheeper. Dakote 10 and the Oregon 300 hold our for an oregon 450. much better screen resolution then the 300. it was $249 at REI a few months back, perhaps will be that price again next big US shopping day (black friday??)
  5. which model or dakota and oregon are we talking about?
  6. it's separate. garmin will not sell it to you either. so if you can, keep it on and keep it clean of any residue. make sure your rubber seal hasn't stretched. when mine came off and i tried to get it back on, it had stretched so it didn't align properly.
  7. i opted for the 62s, buttons instead of screen. using gloves in -40 up here in canada, touch screen didn't seem right. also have a 5y old holding it and using it and it gets dropped, so i like to have the case for it. it was cheaper too.
  8. just purchased one from MEC and had to update the software, no biggie. took all of 5min.j as for the case, still squeaks, but i bought a case for it, so don't really notice it and if it developes into a problem, MEC will return it, regardless of how long i've had it, they are good for that.
  9. where'd you get that idea from? price itself doesn't matter, the 550T comes with topo maps, the 550 doesn't. From both you & the OP stating that maps needed to be added. And yes, price does matter. For $500 (the top end of the handheld consumer GPSr range), I shouldn't be left feeling that I have to get more stuff just to make it useful - whether it's free or not. Anything extra should be just that - something extra that enhances, not something I feel compelled to get just to have some detail. it's a known fact that the 62S and 550 and other hi end models do NOT come with maps. they are not advertised with maps and you should have been aware of this before purchasing it. price should NOT matter with regards to maps. if it did, then the people who can only afford a $100 GPS, would be paying $200 to have it include maps, therefore could not afford to geocache. if all GPS's came with maps, then they would all be $100+. that is why they have a 62ST and 550T, they are about $80-100 more and include maps. there is no way to include them with only hi end models, without charing more and specifiying it on the description like the 62st and 550t. delorme on the other hand, from what i understand, DOES include TOPO maps with their PN-## models and they advertise it as such. so you are saying a $400 GPS should come with maps, then who in their right mind would buy a $300 GPS with no maps? it would make the price jump in GPS's from $200 units with NO maps to $400 WITH maps. there would be no $300 GPS units out there. hope that makes sense to others as it did in my mind. my newly acquired Garmin 62s doesn't even come with a printed manual or wrist lanyard or case or batteries or memory card. so let me get this right, for $500, you want a TOP OF THE LINE GPS, with topo maps, batteries, 8GB memory card, leather case and enelopes with a charger, because that is all the stuff i have with my GPS? anyone who opens a 62s or 550 for xmas this year will need to purchase the following to get it up and running to full potential: rechargeable batteries & charger 4GB+ memory card case or screen protector TOPO maps. i don't know of any GPS on the market that will include everything out of the box.
  10. i cache and use the gps in the winter (canada, winnipeg) so touchscreen was ruled out after carefull consideration. plus a 5y old that likes to use it, i have to buy the case for it, and can still use it, unlike the oregon.
  11. i think what people are having trouble with, along with the oregon line, is you can NOT delete individual caches from the GPS out in the field. for instance, sometimes i'll try one a couple times then want to delete it so it doesn't show up on the map, but you can't do this with the 62 or oregon, you have to change it to a waypoint, then delete it (i think you can do it that way), but unlike the 60 series and etrex, you just click DELETE on a cache and "poof" it was gone. i wish they would bring that feature back. you can't accidental delete a cache, it asks you to confirm and if you are dumb enough to say yes or not read the confirmation, then it deserves to be deleted.
  12. successfully PM'd at MEC for $399CDN from lebarons price. thanks Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide for pointing out this price. turns out MEC will PM any canadian sale price and i don't think they factor in shipping charges. here is their reply on the lebaron PM: Thank you for your inquiry regarding our price matching. We will match prices on any product that we carry, provided it is a regular sale price, and is regional competitive to our stores. With our online ordering system, our region is Canada-wide, so we will be able to match LeBaron's price on the Garmin 62s.
  13. I find MEC gps prices a little high, but if you have a LeBaron nearby, this is the cheapest I've seen 62 and 78s so far in Canada. And GPSCity and GPSCentral might match the LeBaron price... http://lebaron.ca/fall%202010%20pages/garmin_nuvi3700.pdf wow, cheapest i've seen it too. i was going to get MEC to price match wholesale sports for $420, but if they'll PM lebaron at $399, that's even better. i'll give it a try. thanks
  14. anyone in canada interested in the 62 or 62s, MEC now carries it and with their rocksolid guarantee, it might be worth checking them out over some 30 day return places. i walked away from this unit once, but with MEC's reputation and the way they stand behind their products, i might take a 2nd look.
  15. Why not just order from REI? They will ship it, and the exchange isn't bad right now. i tried the checkout for that, shipping to canada is $45. with exchange, duty and shiipping, it would be cheaper to buy here.
  16. Thanks, but I live in Australia aaah, i just figured with your name and avatar you were from canada. silly me.
  17. man, why can't we have sales likes this up in canada. MEC (the CDN version of REI) doesn't have sales, against their policy. they lower prices on clearance items, but don't have sales. i'm in the market for a 450 or 550. i've seen a used 550 locally for a good price, but fear about it being USED have not being able to take advantage of the warranty if i need it.
  18. 62s is $420 at radioworld, you can PM gpscity or gpscentral in canada.
  19. i might have to call. everytime i email, i get the same "SEND IT TO RAYTECH", but it's $110+shipping for a rubber seal on my legend hcx. is calling better for this type of stuff? it's out of warrant if that matters and i'm in canada.
  20. budge, GOOGLE, Groundspeak SEARCH. oregon is touchless and harder to read dakota is discontinued 62s is new and has bugs and squeaks and is wicked expensive. i've had the 62s for a couple weeks after returning, i'll be looking for an oregon 440 or 550 in the right pricerange. never had touchless, but i've heard once you start using it, you won't go back. and yes, paperless is the way to go.
  21. So it's always the micro SD version of CN that has this problem, correct? Can anyone confirm whether or not the DVD version of CN works with the 62, or if ANYBODY with the mSD version has gotten it to work? Thanks, Larry i have the dvd version of 2010.###### something and i put only MB on a microsd card thru mapsourse along with some topos, still didn't work.
  22. my city nav wouldn't NOT show up in the 62s when i had it either. i had TOPO USA, BASEMAPS, IBYCUS and CITYNAV and from what i remember, then NAV kept saying it was LOCKED, when i fact it was NOT. the SD card was inserted and it would show TOPO, but the NAV maps would not show as being on the card, even though they transfered ok from mapsource.
  23. sorry, forgot to mention, i'm up in canada. i can see it for $369 and like i said, when they had the $50 off, it was a good deal, but right now the $369CDN is about the reg price.
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