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  1. bottom line is garmin should be replacing this defect for FREE to original owners.
  2. $50, they wanted $160 in canada to send to raytech. how did i resolve the problem? i bought a 62s
  3. your GPS can be exact, i mean exact, 0M accuracy and used by the miliary, but if they cache owner took bad co-ordinates when he hid it, it won't mean squat. find GZ, where you want to hide the cache, take an average for a minute or so. walk away, turn your GPS off, do it again. do a couple of test runs over the course of a day or 2 and see what you get. if 3 of the 4 times, you always get the same co-ordinates, then use those. like i said, even if you average your waypoint and are 100% sure you have perfect co-ordinates, it doesn't mean someone one be out 8-9m or more when they go to find it. it all depends on the GPS being used and the satellites etc.
  4. doesn't garmin have a Beta Test team or anything? these things should be worked out well in advance of public release.
  5. I've never been to Vegas so it hasn't happened to me. But mine locks up solid at least once a day, and always on the map screen, but not panning or doing anything at all to the gps. I'll be riding along thinking the display hasn't updated itself in a while, and sure enough, I need to pull a battery out and let it start over. mine sometimes freezes up on the map screen, where the indicator will not get close to the cache i'm after, it'll be from when i exited the car, but the data fields will still change. so i'l get out of the car and it'll show it far way and the data field will show 50m, i'll start walking and the data fields will start counting down and i'll be standing on top of the target, but the map still show me far away. a power off/on and it start navigating properly again.
  6. the legend hcx, is getting kind of old. if you can't afford a new paperless unit, i would spring for the 60cs or 60csx, both paperless, but better units then the legend hcx, if you ask me. in canada, they are both around the $200-220 mark. the legend hcx is prone to the rubber coming off as well.
  7. it saves your battery. if you don't need to look at the display all the time they why waste the battery. it turns back on when you hit any key and i'd assume when it prompts you for the next turn or when you are close to a cache. i won't use it all the time, but it's nice to have. i do wish you could set the timeout mode for it though.
  8. setup, then display i believe. don't have it in my hand right now, but i used it the other day and quite liked it while biking.
  9. the souvenier shows up in your page. click on your name on gc.com (top right), then it's listed in quckview.
  10. - not as solid, 3 units have all squeaked. i'm dealing with it. if it becomes a problem and/or they fix it, i'll exchange it at MEC where i bought it because of their rock solid guarantee. - contantly 3m accuracy. - gets signal very fast, even if i turn it on in the house in the basement. - paperless is absoluetly amazing. no need to print out, no need to carry a 2nd unit (iphone or nuvi etc)
  11. they are close, but obviously a bit different as it's paperless so and has a compass. i would think you would catch on pretty quick. i went from a legend hcx which i could use without looking and a month of using the 62, i can do the same with it.
  12. i wish everyone would do this. very classy of you. it's only courteous to email or respond when someone sends you an email and not with a snotty answer. and if you plan on keeping it like you did, ask if it's ok or let them know what your plan is. i say if you are not planning on moving it within 2wks, post a note or contact the owner. no need to have a bunch of TB's in someones basement when they would be picked up by active cachers. NO HOARDING please
  13. have the caches loaded with a GPX file. to find a cache: hit FIND>GEOCACHES (i put this at the top of my list)>select a cache from the list (it will list whichever are closed to you)>ENTER>GO>OFF ROAD/ON ROAD>ENTER. then it starts navigating. to mark a cache found: MENU>VIEW GEOCACHE>LOG ATTEMP>then pick FOUND/DNF/NEEDS REPAIR etc. it's quit simple. i do NOT have city navigator intalled. just basemaps and topo, but it should NOT make a difference in how it handles the FIND/FOUND functions.
  14. this one i took the kids too, thinking it's a decent sized container and has a cool name, they'll like it. it looked like garbage under a cinder block: GC2BAFB
  15. $439US? i got my 62s for $399CDN. you guys should be cheaper, not more anyone in canada looking for the best price on the 62s, i believe LeBarons is the best, but you can PM with MEC (which i did) or wherever you prefer that takes PM's any yes, maps are free if you look (legally) like the Ibycus maps for canada and i know you guys have free US maps out there too.
  16. ask away. i have the 62s and so do quite a few others.
  17. BINGO if you plan on keeping it for a month before heading to a trip overseas and dropping it off, just make a note on the log "holding for a while before dropping somewhere special" or "have this TB in my house, will move him along in a few weeks" or whatever.
  18. perhaps it's time to remove SNOOGAN'S TB TIPS from the PINNED section of the TB forum then, it set's a precedent. Snoogans' TB longevity strategy #6. Make it a total b1tch to remove the tag and WTF is wrong with that guy "from post 11 in his thead" and those are just from pg1
  19. thanks for info and tips. a month is not too long? really, i would think if you had a bug, you would move it along soon, at least that's my thinking. don't hoard them, don't have 5 in your possession, grab one, move it along, then grab another. no one should hold onto a TB or GEOCOIN for 3 months, unless you suddenly become ill or bed ridden or die (which this person did not). i would periodically check to see what they were up to and they were always on the geo site and they were always caching and finding/logging caches, so why, if you aren't doing anything with it wouldn't you get rid of it? if you grab one, i think you should do your best to follow the owners instructions as to what they want, and if you can't do that (ie take pics, move in certain direction etc), then the next time you go out, dump it and let another cacher have a chance too. they do no-one absolutely any good sitting in a house for 1-3mos or longer. i don't think my expectations are high, i think they are realistic. anyway, hopefully it all works out and it gets moved along as it should.
  20. good points from both, but i did wait a month before contacting the 1st time. i should have waited a bit before sending a 2nd. i can't find my initial email/PM, but it was basically "if possible, can you please move the TB along, it looks like it's been sitting in your inventory for about a month, thanks" i just read some of their forum posts and they are what i expected given their answer in the email. oh well, hope it all works out ok for my sons TB.
  21. Someone has had my 5y old sons TB for 1month now with no movement. i contacted them, polietely and asked if they would move it along as soon as possible. no response, so i send a 2nd message 24hrs later and get a snotty response: "I'm sorry that I've had your TB for longer than you'd prefer. One message about the TB was adequate. Two within 24 hours was unnecessary. I'll move the TB when I find a cache large enough to place it. Do not contact me again." WTF???? really. it looks like they are sitting on at least 5 TB right now in their possession, from what i can see. what is the time frame for these things to be hanging around someones basement, why would you grab them if you aren't going to move them. when i grab one, i only grab it if i know i'm going to move it along shortly or do what the owner wants (take pics, move certain direction etc). should i have just left it along or was i correct in contacting them? really, what am i supposed to tell our 5y old son when he asks "where or what is my TB doing for the last month?" her reply really bothered me.
  22. currently: Garmin GPSmap 62s (love it so far, except for squeak) Garmin Nuvi 255w (cheap and reliable) past: Legend HCx (my 1st geocaching gps, sold) Venture HC (tried it from costco, quickly returned it) TOM TOM One XL (sold)
  23. as good and solid as the 60csx is, i'd go paperless if i were you, so i'd stick with the oregon 200 between those 2 units. compass on the 62 is nice (i'm guessing the 60 is similar). my bros has the 60cx and it's a great unit, but i know he prefer a paperless unit now. load up a ton of caches and you don't have to worry about bringing paper. 90 days with costco too, so you still might have a chance to return it in a month or two if something better comes along. not sure about the touchless GPSr though, i leaned and was able to get a 62s from MEC for $399 and my wife let me buy it, so i jumped on it. pretty sure you'd be happy with either, but again, paperless is very very nice.
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