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  1. What would happen if Groundspeak lost all the data for all the caches? What if the fire destroyed all the servers? Is the data backed up on other servers?....Would we be able to continue geocaching if a catastrophic event happened at GS?
  2. Its also amazing that you can look for an hour one day....& give up, then go back a few days later & walk right up to the cache.
  3. Jewelweed works great for stinging nettle, also a great cure for poison ivy.....just crush the leaves & rub the juice on the rash. It usually grows near the water, in marshy areas.
  4. The black dogs name is CUJO. He tries to sound mean sometimes but its all a show. He is an inspiration to me. He suddenly became blind about a year and a half ago but he doesn't let that stop him. I figure if he can adjust to that I can put up with the little things
  5. The easiest way to find an older cache is follow the path..........
  6. As a newbie the idea of geocaching appeals to me, but I am not sure I will be able to develop it in to a full blown hobby. You say on the choice of GPs "not recommending those talking touch screen car GPSr's for Geocaching". Could I ask why? I have a car sat nav (Garmin Nuvi 200w) which I have used to find one cache and it worked fine, but on the next I failed to find the cache. The physical clues and description of the area just simply did not agree with what I found at the location and I am sure I was in the right area. For example one clue was to sit on a bench in a specific place and relax. I could not see any bench and could not determine if there had ever been a bench. So, is the car sat nav no use at all for geocaching? We've been using a Garmin Nuvi 255w & it works great. We set it up for paperless catching, it zero's right in on the caches. The only draw back is its not waterproof....I'd recomend it for a starter...then later buy a hand held & leave the Nuvi in the vehicle.
  7. Try this......... Garmin Nuvi Paperless Geocaching
  8. I use Pilotsnipes Macro But there is also the Advanced macro
  9. Just a couple nights ago we were minding our own business, hunting a cache at midnight in a local park, when the deputy pulled in asking what we were doing, because he had a complaint. We explained what we were doing......he left.....we left. We went back & found it the next morning. We had a great time, what does it matter if a cop noses around, if your not doing anything wrong.
  10. If you found it on the 3rd or 4th try....... do you log 1... 2...3 DNF's ?
  11. Here are some links that might help Longitude and Latitude More Longitude and Latitude Technical Description Latitude and Longitude of a Point .......cool Map
  12. I'm sorry you lost your friend. Here are my babies. They love to go with us, esp if I can let them off the leash. team_goobie It looks like we have twins, but Stormy is much younger.
  13. Garmin Nuvi's also work great for paperless geocaching ........
  14. Wasn't this cache just in another thread ?????????????
  15. I thought that what the logs on a cache was for. Some aren't that descriptive, but you can usually deduce from reading a few of them, what caches might be fun.
  16. Flip the container over so water does not catch in the lip & wick up the treads. With the cap on top, it works like an umbrella. People think plastic gallon jugs upside down will stay dryer.....its same thing, water catches in the lid lip, & wicks up & everything is wet, flip them over & they stay dry.
  17. Someone should start a singles date cache, singles could drop off their name in the cache. Other singles could pick them up.........or something like that.
  18. We just did 8sinkholes It has only had seven hikes to it in 4 years & most of them were in the first year.
  19. When I signed up over in the Metal Detecting Forum, they sent me a new metal detector, along with all the instructions on how to use it. I also got a detailed map of the USA of where I could look for gold & silver. Lastly a weeks stay in Hawaii, with directions to what beaches were the best to detect for lost treasure on.
  20. Save em for the dogs, my dog loves golf balls, soft balls.....for her, anything round falls into the ball category. Apples.... are balls that grow on trees in her mind.
  21. If I look & did not find it............I log DNF
  22. $30 for premium membership is easiest, plus it supports the site.
  23. When kids muggle your cache........ The little Mugglets got my cache!
  24. Sounds like it is set to Track Up ....set it to North up...that sets it so north will always be at the top of your screen, rather than the direction you are walking.
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