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  1. A wide mouth thermos for a quarter at the Good Will store......
  2. When we first put out a cache, and we read about the trade up thing, we figured we would be getting Black Berries, I phones & hundred dollar bills by now.....
  3. A tick usually needs several hours to embed his head into your hide, also you should use a tick removal tool to remove them when they are attached.
  4. Here's a cache with a great DNF log.....GC2EE3
  5. I think you need to shell out another $100 for routable maps from Garmin, for what the 550t cost, you'd think it would come preloaded with them.
  6. Try REALLY hard Thanks for the reply. We were curious as we often tease each other about getting kicked out , not really knowing it was possible.
  7. What would someone have done to get suspended?
  8. I'd think it was some poor kid living on campus trying to get his degree the best way he can.
  9. What about an event cache at your tent?
  10. a good water tight container,that is well placed,will need very little maintance for years, usually.
  11. Our favotite swag to buy is Geocaching Buttons you can shop around for better deals, ebay has lots.
  12. Now you can down load Mapsource & the TOPO's for your area from GPSFileDepot & your Nuvi will display Topographical maps.
  13. For only $129.95 you can become a Platinum member. You will be able to find Platinum member only caches, these caches are the best of the best. Every cache is well a stocked ammo can, with only quality swag, and maintained monthly by lower members in the geocaching club. With your Platinum membership, you will get you Platinum member Badge, this will get you in to all Geocaching events for free!You will receive cache notifications one day ahead of the other members, so you can get that FTF! Along with your Platinum membership you get your Platinum Souvenir, and a Platinum Geocoin for your very own dipping. So don't wait go platinum today!!
  14. Get the Garmin Nuvi 295W from Amazon for $79.00.
  15. Take them on a weekend geocaching trip, with the route & cache list all planned out....
  16. Just sign a rock like this guy did.........GC12KJ3 Well I kind of found it and I signed rock where the cache seemed like it would be.... The owner should check on this one. Unless the large rock that I signed in a nice nest of sticks next to a large piece of concrete that reminds me of a gator in the woods was a decoy then I need to DNF this one. It appears that who ever took the cache put the large rock in the hiding spot to take the place of the cache? Whatever, drove a long way today to get this one so I logged my find on the rock with the date. Maybe we should replace muggled caches with rocks... TNLN signed and dated the ROCK! TFTC and FUN
  17. Nuvi's are a great way to get started, they are cheap, they can route you to the cache, they can find the cache, & they can talk...
  18. Just figured out that you can post links in online logs, this could be usefull in some logs. Has anyone ever used this feature before?
  19. GPSr in one hand, swag in a front pocket, Deep Woods Off a back pocket, ink pen in my shirt pocket, & a caching we go.
  20. Download your local TOPO map from GPSFileDepot, you will also need MapSource,to install them, and that Nuvi will work great for caching!
  21. Maybe Ground Speak will issue a souvenir, for everyone reading all of this thread............
  22. No matter what you change the name to, people that have found it, will still have their ......
  23. A Garmin Nuvi, with the paperless macro, GSAK, & TOPO's from File Depot is the easiest & cheapest way to go......& works really great!!
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