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  1. Congratulations CapeDoc on his cache Table Mountain Travel Bug Hotel reaching 100 Favourite points and the first in South Africa to do so. I hope it continues to be successful and generate many more.
  2. If you are using Firefox you can use download a script called "Write area". Remember to tick the "The descriptions below are in HTML" box. Then in the usual "long description" box where you would be editing your cache page you just "right click" and hit "edit in write area", a new window will pop up with all the usual more user friendly options will be available - different fonts, insert image, center image. You can also click on and stretch or shrink images as you like. Click the "save" tab and it will convert it into HTML. Remember to tick the "The descriptions below are in HTML" box. The "write area" editor automatically creates the required HTML code, so although teaching you very little will give you the required results. I hope this might help a few people out there. </p>
  3. Sometimes the easiest way of getting from one point to another is not the most direst way. What I want to do is use Google Earth to trace off a route from one point to another and then transfer this route to my Garmin Nuvi 50. I have come across several pages that claim their method works but have not managed to get it right. I can get the route saved and transferred from Google Earth to Garmin Basecamp, and it seems to save it from there to the GPS but cannot seem to find or access the route via the GPS. Has anyone had any success doing this? and if so how? Many Thanks
  4. Current guidelines say : Geocache Contents Geocache containers include a logsheet or logbook. For all physical caches, there must be a logbook, scroll or other type of log for geocachers to record their visit. Where is the "container" in a flat magnet? I have read about overseas cachers getting around the "container" part by simply taping a bag (container) to the back of the flat magnet. This all seems a little silly to me, surely there should be a logbook/sheet etc inside some kind of container? Where does this end - if I dont need a container of some sort then I may just as well take a permanent marker to the bottom of a rock and write a GC number and note telling the cacher to add their name to the rock? or maybe something way more creative like this: There you have a container and a log of sorts, but WHY, WHY, WHY???? Surely we all have some pride in what we do, let us not degrade to this level.
  5. I am bound to repeat a few points that have already been made, but for what it is worth, here is my opinion. Yes, a PT does decrease the "value" of smileys compared with other more "original" caches, Yes, a PT does decrease the amount of time needed to hit certain number targets, Yes, a PT does distort the numbers of caches found between those that have done a significant PT and those that have not. Doing a PT and using those numbers to in any way compare yourself to another player that might have done 650 tougher caches over a longer time is kind of like sending yourself a bunch of flowers for Valentines day, you might fool a few others but you are certainly not going to fool yourself. Some of us love long hikes to caches, other hate them, some love puzzles others not, some dont mind micros, others hate them, we all have the choice to do or not do any caches we want and in turn log them how we want. Geocaching has a great team spirit with fantastic comradery, and the success of geocaching is about the co-operation and input of all those involved it is still fundamentally an individual past time. I am not here to beat anyone at anything (well other than the occasional FTF), any goals or targets I might set are purely personal and I am not here to be better, faster, stronger than anyone else. Dont get me wrong, I have the world of respect for those that have thousands of smileys, hundreds of caches hidden, those that have found caches in plenty of countries, have found a cache a day for the last however many months and those that have completed the various grids, but those are YOUR goals, and although I look up to you all for your achievements they in no way affect me or how I play the game. I dont think there has ever been a local forum topic to bring about such opinionated statements as quickly as this one has and I do understand that I too am adding to this (the subtitle being "Tongue-in-check look at Power Trails") and so partially for the reasons above and partially because these PTs seem to create a lot of underlying negativity and tension amongst cachers I will say NAY
  6. Thanks CapeDoc for taking this issue in hand and leading the way forward. I look forward to see what developments occur, I am sure this can be worked out into a win win situation.
  7. No names mentioned, but to quote: "I have two observations: 1. Why Trevor in his post keeps spellign would sa "woudl". The interesting part is that he does it more than once. Is it a keyboard wiring error. Can it be a brain synapsis aberration. Can it just be late at night? " A perfect example of: Muphry's law From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Not to be confused with Murphy's law. Muphry's law is an adage that states that "if you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written". The name is a deliberate misspelling of Murphy's law.
  8. Geocaching has always struck me as a pastime of personal achievements and challenges. I have been really slow recently, but logging finds without signing the logbook seems to me a little like sending yourself a bunch of flowers for Valentines day. In the short time you might fool a few people, but not for a second will you ever fool yourself. Good luck with the self gratification.
  9. Then there is Trintium - it glows permanently without charging of any kind, not sure that these are legal in USA
  10. I have a Garmin Nuvi 50, have set up GSAK with Pilotsnipes macro to export cache listings to the GPS, I get the cache listings and hints to appear but for some reason cannot seem to get the previous cachers logs to appear. The Nuvi 50 is quite a new model and there does not seem to be an option for it amongst those on the drop down menu on GSAK, not sure if this is part of the problem but doubt it because everything else from the cache page is appearing on the GPS. What am I doing wrong that I cannot see the previous logs? Any help will be hugely appreciated.
  11. A useful app guide to snakes of South Africa ( for nokia) is available HERE This is for Nokia, not sure what else is out there for other phones. The app gives photos of snakes, as well as a brief description, habitat, type of venom as well as the effects of the venom.
  12. You wont be able to sell my mother in law, but you could try renting her out and see what response you get.
  13. This likely has nothing to do with it but in my youth.... I was one of the first guys to do hang gliding in Zim just after it became a sport in the 1970s. My harness was attached to the hang glider (A highway) by a single bolt and nut. We called this the Jesus nut since we said a prayer to it before each flight hoping it would hold! I will give it to you Zambesi, as I said it has become more of generic term. "1. Jesus nut Anything that holds together a critical assembly, such as a main roter on a helicopter. If the nut, bolt ect. in question fails then the equipment will catastrophically fail and everyone in/around it will be on their way to see Jesus." Apparently the term was first used with reference to the nut holding the main rotors onto a helicopter. If it failed during flight the helicopter would detatch from the rotors and the only thing left for the crew to do would be to pray to Jesus. The term is now also used by mountain bikers for the pin holding the rear suspension to the frame, if it fails it will obviously have disastourous results. Another use for the term is found in rock climbing, in which it refers to the first piece of protection placed on a pitch. This piece must be placed to resist an outward pull as well as a downward pull in order to avoid the possibility of a "zipper", in which the outward pull on the rope from the belayer arresting a falling climber pulls protection pieces from the bottom up. In addition, the Jesus Nut prevents the possibility of a factor two fall onto the belay anchor All yours Zambesi, I learned something too, I never knew you had "hang glided"
  14. Thanks.... OK I hope this is not too obscure, but cachers have a broad knowledge base so lets see how it goes. What is a "Jesus nut" ? The term originated with reference to one specific item but has become a little generic over time, depending on your interests you might know about one that is not the original, I will accept that as being correct.
  15. Perhaps a little embarrassing as it might seem to have any knowledge of some of those "artists", I do recall that Kylie, Rick and perhaps Jason were produced by Stock Aitken and Waterman, that would be my only guess...........
  16. AndyT1 - is that 1000 caches I see? what is even more impressive is that it is in less than 500 days since starting caching - averaging 2 caches per day since the start - thats impressive!! well done, keep it going!
  17. Thanks Trevor, although a lot of the guessing was probably mine, the right answer was found by AndyT, it was not a guess but something he had overlooked before, and later returned to. The guesses I was making were out of chance and frustration. Some of us had visited the area and figured out where the background image was located, got the co-ords of that and were working from there. I also found background image by using Google Street Maps, so I was systematically working through co-ords based on that area. I know it seems crazy but I had seemed to run out of ideas.
  18. Some puzzles I am lucky enough to see straight away, others take a little work to figure out, others a lot of hard work to figure out, I still havent seen the puzzle here, I will have to turn this one on its head a few more times and see if something looks a little different than it did the first time. Let me get back to it.
  19. Thanks everyone for the wishes, have been busy with the wrong things and guess I must change my priorities a little.
  20. You have me wondering now.... I have no idea actually if there is one Traffic circle in Newcastle.... To my knowledge there are none.... And I have been on every single street in Newcastle.... mmm I really must think back now... But nope still not right. Im trying to picture the map "book" of Newcastle - is it an A4 page with the map on one side and the index on the other?
  21. I dont know why but two things come to mind from some previous research, the largest brick building and the largest wooden statue, which is of a horse outside the local casino.
  22. It appears that Steenbras River Gorge is going to be closed for at least a year from 1 May 2011 for rehabilitation. Link Anyone wanting to do Crystal Pools GCH3DR might want to make a call before setting out on their adventure.
  23. Sounds great, Sundays are better for me.
  24. .....if the follow on was enforced then maybe one team was bowled out twice within a day, but come to think of it, if that happened on day two then the test would be finished on the second day - dont think that has ever happened before.
  25. Did it have something to do with a royal visit? I dont know why that seems to ring some very distant faint bells
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