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  1. Cheers for that tip The cache will be pretty much self sufficient for the first few finds as it has got plenty of goodies stashed ready for trades and the notepad is pretty thick but I do plenty of fell walking on a regular basis so it will be well maintained.
  2. Hi all, I am going to the lakes this weekend to hide a cache with lots of goodies but just require some tips on where best to place it, top/bottom or mid way (grand old duke of York jokes not required!!) and I dont want to use cairns and I certainly don't walk any old hiker to stumble upon it while taking a break (you know what I mean eugh!) so fire away with your tips then when I am done I will log it cheers Izzardno1
  3. I take my daughter- she carries everything and if we forget anything it's her fault!
  4. nope its no good I can't get knowwhere on this one I am running version 1.1.3 and there aint no rhino nor does it let me put it in manually - the darn thing keeps auto detecting
  5. Thansk for that - I will give it a go tonight
  6. Hi All, I have recently bought my 60cs and had to get a seriel cable for the Anquet mapping software but unfortunatly at present Anquet dont support the 60cs so my question to you all is - is there a way around it to download my routes to the gps or do I have to set the gps to something other than garmin and vise versa? please please help
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