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  1. Hi, I think you will find what you want is right here :geocache brochure I printed one off for my daughter to take to school and impress her geography teacher and it gave her many many browny points!
  2. thank god for that- I thought my pc was b*****d!
  3. Note found in logbook: "Had trouble fitting "Tiny Tim" Travel Bug inside this cache so could the next cacher please move on quickly"
  4. whty are all the messages being duplicated???
  5. well obviously there has to be a cross-dresser somewhere so need I say more And as Pinochio would say "I am not wearing women's underwear!" (see Shrek 2 for quote)
  6. I totally agree. Before I got the beany mount, I used the so called permanent do-nut sticky mount atachment - tried to let it set not banking on my 4 year old son having an interest in it and yanking it clean off the dash - then I decided to use the semi permanent sticky and permanent sticky together (tied my son up) and waited. It is now set solid on the curvy dash - with the 60cs attached it wobbles a bit but I now have no trust in it and think the beany is far better.
  7. I have a Renault Kangoo 1.4 RXE (car not van) and there is loads of headroom plus it is only group 5 insurance and does about 44 to the gallon. This is only my recomendation, I aint selling it but I am sure you will find a good one for the price you are willing to pay. The only downside is the dash has absolutely no flat bits to stick your gps mount to, I had to use a GARMIN beany mount for my gps.
  8. I once say a T***o carrier bag and an empty L****ade botle for sale on E-Bay so have decided to raid my wheelie bin. Any takers for a chinese takeout aluminium container, complete with reflective cardboard lid to retain the heat? before I put it on buy now for £30.00 and a reserve price for £29.99 (gotta be a bargain!!)
  9. Hmmmm someone else has thrown his teddy out of the pram now. At least we know where the childishness is inherited from.
  10. After reading this tale it strikes me that the kids have no concept of the countryside around them - what with using any implement to make their mark! Just thank god the parents did not say "here kids look after this bright coloured spraycan and these permanent marker pens while we walk ahead". Hence the old chinese proverb which says "Never let a lion look after a chop".
  11. Well I decided to go up Cold Fell and it was not all that cold!!! A wee dusting on the ground but the Lakes in the distance did look mighty impressive so did Ingleborough and Whernside on the way home.
  12. Thanks for that, I have found a cache to go for but as I have no idea how long it will take to do the walks I have planned so have decided to bag one on the way back thru Kirby Lonsdale
  13. I am off to bag a couple of peaks tomorrow and if time I am wanting to do some caches in the area and want some ideas. I will be off to Cold Fell first then Dufton Pike and time permitting Hutton Roof Crags anyone got any ideas?
  14. On the way to work today it looked pretty over towards the Pennine/Peak District belt, So it looks like High Stile and Pillar will be mighty interesting tommorow, I may even have to dust off the old crampons.
  15. Who needs the telly weather reports - All we need is a cacher in the highlands, one in cornwall, and if we fill the bits in between we have cracked it! All voluntarily of course
  16. I have just had to add more straw for my piggies (cavy not oikers!) so that they are toasty warm tonight. Wonder how my cache is doing up on Red Screes?
  17. Well what can i say but 'IT'S SNOWIIIING!!' in Barnsley at least. Will it spoil your weekend? Cos I am off up to Pillar in the lakes and will have to take my shovel!!
  18. yup my brain left me for a few moments there!
  19. how do you upload the image of that found it on the virtual cache?
  20. For the new Vista C go here The guy is a top dog seller I got my 60cs and the nav kit too! If you mail him and ask nicely he may even do you a p/x deal too.
  21. Get a Vista C and have the best of both worlds although be prepared to fork out for the city select mobile kit. The Garmin V is a good bet too as City select comes as standard kit, I personaly part exed my Vista and got the GPSMAP 60cs as this has a dedicated geocache waypoint finder and I bought City Select nav kit afterwards and now I drive as close as I can get to the cache and leg it to the for the rest of the journey I am gonna invest in a Land Rover to combat this problem later tho so if you hear a 4x4 behind you it will probably be me trying to bag a cache in an idle sort of way!!
  22. Unfortunatley this photo was take just as the bandmaster sent his batton flying thru the air and he missjudged the catch! The rest of the pictures can be found on rotten.com.
  23. 1.I could not afford a tea strainer or tea bags so this is the next best thing! 2.The bank is around here somewhere! 3.I am the only remaining Sigue Sigue Sputnic fan left.
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