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  1. I got city select 7 free but as I registered version 6 before November I have to pay for my update to be unlocked at about 50 notes it can wait until I am a bit flushed or go on a sponsored walk in aid of me!
  2. But I did not have my theodolite with me and the roachpole was not mine so can I have my points back ???
  3. Clever trousers - ask Deego for the ten points Oh and it lives up to it's name too plus the trig point makes an excellent sota mast holder (or roach pole in our case!)
  4. The first thought was Buddah me when I got there ! ten points to the first person that recognises this landmark too (except Deego as he has one up with the trig website and all that)
  5. on the subject of trigs I found this when I went to visit a trig and it was very enlightening
  6. Avaters are working now - someone had blocked images on firefox - I have now removed my only cache I own in the Lakes as punishment for this crime! I hope someone will follow my example and remove their caches when something rocks thier life - and let this be a lesson to you all!!
  7. A little off topic of Tantrums and tuperware, can anyone tell me why I have lost the avaters to users on firefox but not in explorer?
  8. Hmm another teddy thrown out I see Can't see the logic if someone is getting stick on forums there must have been a spark to start it - as for archiving caches that are just for subscribers when only one or two members have found them is like really spoiling it for inocent bystanders but what the hell I dont live knowhere near any of them so I think that task was wasted.- I say if you get grief well either give it back or just don't join in, but taking tupperware out of the equasion is just pointless- it is almost as vindictive as going out to trash the cache of the grief givers in a reverse order.
  9. I use city select with my 60cs and it is pretty much bang on to taking you to places although it has got a terrible habit of sending you up through back roads and you have to get out the car and open gates/ kick sheep out the way when travelling around the lakes plus Garmin still don't know that the Bingley by-pass exists as yet!! Otherwise it is a fine addition to the 60cs/c although a bit dear (£175 on last check)
  10. I only did Feb to make the number's up and even then it was an eleventh hour decision!!
  11. sorry I am talking about the Karimor Boots before anyone asks!!!!
  12. I still have mine from a year ago - very comfotable indeed as I can verify when I did the national Three Peaks last June and not a single blister to show for it!!! Plus the soles still has plenty tread left - also good for wadding through deep becks while headling up Mickle Fell!!! So get then while in stock I would buy another pair but I aint into stocking up.
  13. I bumped into Last Boy Scout while doing Denby Delights #2 Well to be honest he belted up the road in his 4*4, got out - walked down the road and he asked us if we were looking for something in a sort of 'Get orf moi laaaarnd!' type way while brandishing his Garmin Legend!! Bit of a givaway that but he is the only cacher I have bumped into in 49 so far.
  14. If you read deeper into his logs the guy must be using Memory Map or Anquet - typing in the co-ords, looking for the clues and out the door he goes in hope! Now if this is how he has set the cache up and typed the co-ords in before walking out the door, the circle of destiny is pretty wide on a screen! But lets not go on assuptions - he may have a mate who lent him a unit - but you watch - knowing our luck he will probably be a mountain leader who thinks GPS units are only good for when the fog comes down and logged the cache with pure brain-power and works for O.S. part time!
  15. The real question is how on earth did this cache get approved for a guy without a gps to place it in the first place? And what are them there co-ords for the parking spot? As they too seem a bit scew-wiff to someone who aint used to back to front map datums! Plus the hints are a wee bit grey if not non existent. I think Cave Troll & Joan should have the points just for the wasted journey!!
  16. Just out of interest - whatever happened to Seasider's mission to the Isle of Wight or did nothing come about it? I remember him saying something about offering a lift there to help him out but saw no thread after this - can someone enlighten me or did I dream it????
  17. well when you get back there has been a few new arrivals in Yorkshire for you to mess with - But MikeG has stepped into StevieP's boots for once and has been playing the de-flowering game!
  18. Oh well I was using that as the only excuse I could think of for going up to the boggiest plateu in the walking world as well. And I have just viewed it's location on OS map on Anquet and it aint exactly a quick trot to get to while my mate is talking to others so thanks for letting me know.
  19. I'll adopt On top of T'kinder if you can aproach it from Edale and it is not too far from Kinder Low trig point , as I tag allong with my SOTA mate and can check up on it at least once a year for maintenance visits. let me know.
  20. got some teddy repellent and it works wonders now - basically you lock the topic before everyone gets thier two-penorth in!!
  21. I once started a similar topic regarding strange logs and every-one threw their teddy at me! But I suggest you check out your caches like you were planning on to see if this is a dodgy dude.
  22. Well it seems I am consistent over the last few months barring December which was a bit of a damp squib!! A nice mid range 58 along with another bunch. But what is this I see - Slytherin is at the same level as me !! is the GPS unit poorly or has he run out of uk caches to find or on a break for winter????
  23. Hmm... I did re-install mapsource before system restore and that did not make any difference but when I did system restore to take it back a few hours before mapsource was back to normal.
  24. Oh Yes !! It beats buying a magellan now and makes the 60cs look better than ever!! Another tip is to transfer the mapsource maps and the contour lines is to highlight the contour sections first then the city select or metroguide next not the other way around as you loose the mapsource map and keep the contour one. But thanks for the edit of the registation - that was spot on.
  25. My problem is I dont have Garmin on my program file on c drive it is a seperate folder on c and the only thing on c:Program files\Garmin is trailroutes I also discovered to my horror if you click on the reg fileon contours it screwed up the mapsource program and I had to do a system restore!!!! Bearing in mind I am using City Select only would this be a problem anyhow???
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