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  1. cos mine is a parody on Charlies Angels with Eddie Izzard as the mock Angel!
  2. We shall have less of the handbags at dawn on my thread ladies - otherwise I shall lock it and thank everyone for their assistance - but it seemd to be going slightly off course and I don't mind the odd bit of sidetrack banter as it eventually goes back to the original topic. Anyhow slighly off the original topic -now everyone knows my other name on E-bay and is sooo bored has probably checked out what tripe I buy the next question is- What wierd gear has others gone looking for on t'bay and actually found?
  3. Or whatever you choose from the endless list of co-ords.
  4. Yep highly original as I thought at the time when Keanu Reeves and co introduced us all to The Matrix (it was the first thing that popped into my head!!) As for izzardno1 just don't go there!!
  5. Well I have regular air con which explains the reason my Garmin worked ok before so Autoglass must have ordered the wrong screen - my model is the one below so luckyish me!!
  6. Unfortunatly you can only display one set of units either OS Grid or hddd mm.mmm
  7. thanks for all your help everyone - I have decided and went for this I won!! for the tidy sum of £14.00+delivery. so I am again a happy bunny.
  8. Well actually the original windscreen was fine but got a stone chip, it was initially repaired but never took (the cracks that were supposed to fade actually refracted the sun back in my face) So I had a good moan and the company did the replacement - the last thing on my mind was "Will my gps unit have trouble recieving satelites?" You just don't do you?
  9. Found the problem - it's a lovely purple tinted windscreen- didn't have one before so what a bonus!!! So the moral of this story is what you save on one hand - you give with the other!! External ant. here we come.
  10. What choice do I have then eh? Other than give autoglass a bill for my antenae - I certainly can't just leave it as I enjoy tripping out as close to a cache as is possible. So a wee bit more dosh to spend - at least the glass did not cost me
  11. possibly -it's no detriment for now, I have just got my feeders out to my Garmin guy down south as his prices are a bit more favourable that Global pos site.
  12. No it shouldn't be a heated windscreen - but it does have a rain sensor - and I can't think that could contribute as the sensor is up near the mirror. And the windscreen does curve but so did the old one. But I wonder if the replacement was a heated one? Hmm I will have a closer look at the glass when my wife gets back from shopping. I did eventually get a lock but the acuracy was a bit haywire and the sats could not keep a lock on my speed either.
  13. I have just had my windscreen replaced (Renault Grand Scenic) but when I set up my GPSMap 60cs the unit is having trouble locking on to or even finding satelites. I know the unit is ok cos as soon as I open the window and point it to the skies it locks on fine, so what is happening? Is there a fine film stoping the unit recieving or is it the weather bieng too hazey for inside my car. At first I though the satelites of the world had shut down!!
  14. I have been using the 60cs for about 7 months now and I am in total agreement with Naefearjustbeer - as I paid an extra £150 for the navigation kit and it gets me as close as pos by car although it can take you thru the odd bridleway/farmyard single track road to get to where you want to be. Plus if you go search thru the forum I think there was a topic on contour lines you could incorporate on your map screen - which I did and it is a godsend when searching for caches in places like Old Man Of Coniston where a few are placed bang on the contours so that makes leg work easier too. I can't fault it in fact for all the bits it has it is probably the best hand held unit in the gps world (to nick a phrase)
  15. Well done to this first timer and at the rate she is going she may catch up to one of the top guys befor the year is out.
  16. What I was getting at was that there has been lots of visitors to this particular cache altho novel in the way it is not a tub, it is has never been frowned upon. It is actually snuggled right inside the base of the wall all you do is move a stone - Myself personaly had no idea this was part of the rules but it does seem that a lot out there let you know about the other caches in/on walls as soon as they get to them but this one may have possibly 'slipped the net' possibly due to the description as you say. My grumble is why so many have done this and never once said "Hmm this is not right stuck in a wall- best get onto the Moderators right away!" they Have probably thought "ooh a rusty kettle -how novel" and put it back. Nuf said.
  17. Well if we are all having a dig at wall caches I went to this one Ted Spencer Memorial Kettle and found it where the hint said it was and that was a dry stone wall plus the said cache was coverd in a bin bag (two taboos in one) and has this been archived/reported yet??? erm.. no I dont think so. But when Yorkiepudding placed her first ever cache she gets it archived when 'grassed' (I hate the term) but this is blatently one cacher chucking theire teddy out when others seem to be not too bothered. So can someone tell me if the law got laid down before the above cache was placed or it it that the finders are not particularly bothered about where this cache was placed and never informed our wonderfull moderators (you two do a wonderfull job by the way). I for one had absolutely no idea this rule was in place until I noticed a few caches being re-hid in my area.
  18. I have heard there is a midge repellent that goes by the name of Bug-geroff but I can't find any stockists
  19. Around here (Barnsley) my pet hate is people that write 'has' when they really mean 'as' could anyone explain the reason behind this or are they writing in 'spoken' english?
  20. Thry this one on the m18 Doncaster North (m18 services) It's a fairly new one round the back of the services on the way down to the M1 Junction 5 just go round the roundabout to get to.
  21. I have a very good friend down the southern bit of England who sells Garmin bits on E-Bay at pretty good rates RTCComms Just go here and mail him for a quote. I have a bike mount for my GPSMAP 60CS and I am pretty comfident when I go on the trail with my unit attched to the mount as well.
  22. well done M1EYO - I don't know how you find the time between SOTA points!!
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