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  1. I was just filling in my personal details and just realised it has taken me just short of 4 years to reach 200 caches!!!!

    while all the newbies around me have romped past me.

    has anyone else still got any records of logtivity I.E kept hold of a TB way too long

    I have started the ball rollling off you all go :blink:

  2. Emmmmm, these FTF do appear to place people in situations that could cause danger to them and others. Looks like one or 2 people exceed the speed limits of the UK!


    One reason i'm never going to be an FTF bagger.


    What I really want to know and I probably speak for the silent ones on this forum is :

    Who appointed Moote as the health and safety representative of the activity of geocaching or did he take it upon himself to trawl the caches placed, FTF activity and probably anything generally stightly ambitious relating to this hobby and find his soapbox and moan????



  3. :P Just to start the ball rolling for September.


    I claim the wooden spoon prize for this month as I got the sum total of:


    Zero caches found


    0 Travel bugs picked up


    No travel bugs moved on ( can't claim them anyhow)


    nyet trig points bagged


    So giving me the grand total of B***er all points and that is this months target to aim for.


    see you all on the November chart. B)

  4. :huh: it's taken me an age to reach my 100th cache as I only get a couple of days a month to grab em so I ended up posting my own thread on not being able to log the darn thing!!(and I did get a few congrats out of it)

    I think congrats are a good thing if not just to show that cachers are patting each other on the back for reaching milestones and showing a very neighbourly attitude.

    I personally like the idea of individual well dones as it add a boost to finder's to get out and bag their next ton or grand in the case of M1EYO etc.

  5. If you want to use the 6ocs to it's full potential, I.E. using is as an in-car sat nav unti you will need City Select version 6 or the new version 7(don't quite know the difference).

    This will give you turn by turn routing to anywhere in the UK and Europe but it does have a habit of leading you up farmer's tracks when driving in the Lake's :anibad: .


    Plus you will need an original version as the software is registered to the unit that it will be linked with. I.E. it only comes with one unlock code, you can use it with another unit but after that you have to purchase another unlock code.

  6. The trick on not getting stuck by a nettle leaf and you want handle one is to actually get your thumb and forefinger in a picer like grip, and with thumb at the base of the leaf and finger at the top, press down onto the said leaf you want inspect and sharply tug it away from the stem.

    I am not saying you wont get stung by the leaves above the one you are tugging at but it does work. :lol:

  7. Hi,

    Since I have now got an external antenna and the accuracy is soooo good can any one tell me what the number of each satelite on my screen relates to the satelites hovering above the earth, as I only thought there was 24 but my 60cs seemed to be trying to lock onto a number 49 sat this afternoon.

    Also how can you tell if the Garmin is benefiting the EGNOS system (I know about the D's for WAAS -that subject is getting old and tiring now :lol: )

  8. :lol::D:lol: Hi all!!

    I have now got my antenna and it works very very well indeed- in fact so well virtually all the sat signal strengths are at full and have a D on plus it even locks onto the US WAAS sats but what really interests me is that it was trying to lock onto sat number 49 so where is that in relation to all the others?

    I know the 30's are the WAAS sats so where is 49 located - some where near Mars?


    My 60cs works OK in the Scenic, as long as it isn't on the dashboard!


    The problem with my Scenic is it is a new Grand Scenic and the dashboard is curved like the earth and I have to use the 60cs beanie in the corner on the dash to view where I am going.

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