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  1. I could care less if a group of people want to go out in the woods and run around naked in a circle and pray to whetever they feel like. I guess I draw the line at cutting the heads off live chickens and goats, (animal sacrifice) burning live candles in the woods (that's bad enough) but to leave them burning! And we won't even go to the issue of littering.

    Littering? I already covered that. I did the job the Park-Circus Oaf-ishul should have done in the first place, if he wasn't so freaked-out by his own religious beliefs. He was incompetent. Fire hazard? Was lightly misting that morning, most candles were out. Drawing the line? Then be sure to stomp into every church on Sunday where they practice ritual cannibalism during communion. Oh, and don't make any thanksgiving-day nor x-mas dinners either. Those turkeys wouldn't want you making sacrifices of them so you can pray to your god at the table for the animal sacrifice you made of it.


    Some of you need to learn how to use a mirror, desperately.

  2. A pile of decomposing deer guts and spine. 5 feet away from the cache. It was awful.

    I don't have to go geocaching to find that.


    One morning I stepped bare-footed in a pile of rotting lungs, intestines, stomach, liver, bones, hooves, and rotting hide in my hallway on the way to go turn on the lights. The smell woke me up. My dogs thought it would be fun to use the dog-door during the night and bring me a present, I guess. They were so proud. I thanked them for the present and tried to not show my disappointment. Like when you get socks or something.

  3. A "Park Circus 'oaf-ishul' " was doing his job as required an you find something that it was part of his job to report. You "interfere" with the subject and he gets in trouble and almost looses his job. I'm glad to see he was doing his job. Most Gub'ment employees do this. Maybe something was put in his personel file about false reporting that will follow him around as being a problem. Maybe it will some time in the future be enough to terminate him. Maybe something like this could happen to you. How would you feel if it did.

    If my religious beliefs made me so paranoid and psychotic as this "gub'ment" employee as to waste perfectly good tax-payer dollars over something so ridiculously stupid as someone's obvious and harmless spiritual ritual the night before, enough so as to report it and take 3 other tax-payer paid employees away from more important jobs instead of just cleaning it up like he should have done ... you can be d@mn sure I'd want that following me around in my records so I wouldn't be so amazingly stupid and paranoid and waste everyone's time and money like that ever again.


    He got EXACTLY what he deserved. Every insecure ego-tripping brown-shirt that runs around using their religious beliefs to waste all our time and money should get exactly the same if not more. Fired without question.

  4. or does that exist only in your mind?

    Yep, you don't get it. The concept of "ownership" only exists in your own psychotic mind. I respect someone else believing in their tenuous concept of "ownership" only so long as it doesn't infringe on my own rights. When they go beyond that then they no longer own what they psychotically believed that they owned.


    Who really owns that city, that state, that country? Do tell.


    You'll figure it out one day. Or not. Doesn't matter to me one little bit.


    You are a fool.


    Once I realize I'm conversing with a fool I then also realize it is pointless beyond that.


    "Never wrastle with a pig. You only get dirty and the pig has all the fun."

  5. if the land manager knows ...


    ...it is good for the manager ...


    ... when the land manager's plan ...


    land managers looking to ... of land management ...


    ... land management.


    ... the land managers have policy...

    Who is this "land manager" that "manages the land" of which you speak? Nobody manages the land I walk on. We are all "land managers". No one person being in greater authority than another. You just don't get it, do you. I really shouldn't be surprised, having lived in a world of bleating herd-mentality sheep my whole life. This is no different.


    Enjoy your game until they tell you to bend over and kiss your (backside) goodbye.

  6. ... a much better approach than waiting until i get annoyed because you wander into my shot.

    For the vast majority of humanity, not necessarily. :P


    It doesn't start with laws nor rules. It starts in the home with instilling your children with respect for all others and respect for nature. With those two things alone there's no need for any laws nor rules. I, for one, don't abide by playing babysitter for those that haven't done their parenting jobs correctly, so now they have to hang signs all over the world and dumb the world down to the level of their infants. Nobody pays me enough to be their babysitter.

  7. Not being snarky or sarcastic here, but genuine. Keo1, I seriously recommend therapy for your extreme reaction regarding usual and customary exercise of authority.


    - Zurfco

    I recommend more than therapy for someone that doesn't comprehend the following: "Authority isn't something someone else has. It is something that you have freely, foolishly and irresponsibly given away -- all by your little self."

  8. Three coconuts and a dead chicken.

    This wasn't in FL by any chance, was it? ('nuther funny story. Camped in a remote Everglades campground one night. Outside about 150 ft. away some people were holding a Voodoo ceremony. Doesn't phase me a bit. Next morning I spotted the ring of 20+ candles, broken coconuts, coins (not enough for even a cup of coffee), a circle of string, circle of salt. etc. (no dead chickens) I wanted them candles! (chickens for lunch too, but no luck) I went back to my camper to get something to carry all the candles in. In the meantime a Park Circus "oaf-ishul" showed up and found the site. He got all freaked out. Tried to put out the still-burning candles with his foot, carefully, so as not to get hexed or something. He got on his radio. Then left. I went there and thought I'd better get them dadgum candles before Park Circus does something with them. While at it I disappeared all the rest of the stuff to clean up the site. (I don't like litterers, religious or not.) Later he came back with an entourage of superiors. I watched from a distance. There was much shouting about the false report. The poor Park Circus guy was all freaked out because he thought he was witnessing real Voodoo, it all just vanished!! LOL I ran into him about 3 months later. I heard he almost lost his job. What a laugh that was! I love when psychotics are that wrapped up in their religious beliefs and it all falls apart in front of them. :P


    p.s. Later, in the same area, I found my most favorite machete, far off the beaten paths. It only needed a little sanding for rust in spots. Still have it. Never found any human remains near it though. :lol:

  9. Just two recent threads:






    And all the posts in this thread that have "rules" that demand you can't camo your cache, you can't walk off a trail to ensure there is no well-worn path because the "park board" are too f'ingly stupid to realize why that's true, that it must be transparent, with the equally stupid suggestions that you must "register" your cache with some park-circus clown, etc.


    I give it about another 2 years before you are all labeled as terrorists by the paranoid psychotic control-freaks of the world and you'll just sit there going "Awww... was fun while it lasted, but big-brother told me I can't play anymore. Boo hoo."


    I thought I'd do you a favor by reminding you that there's no law where you need to give up your rights to enjoy your pastime. Don't bend over and kiss anyone's (backside) that wants to make laws nor rules.


    If only the fear-monger, paranoid-psychotic, control-freaks would put it in perspective. You have a better chance of being hit by lightning than from a terrorist. And that more people have died from car accidents in the last year than from all terrorist activity in the last century. But no, then how could they use the "terrorist" excuse to change your behavior and make you obey them?




    (potty mouth language removed by moderator)

  10. Old versions are usually available here: http://www.gawisp.com/perry/msource/ Seems to be down today.


    Only the newer versions read TopoCan4....


    You can run both versions at the same time. Simply run the file "mapsource.exe" from the old version (6.13.7). Name it something else like Mapsource6137.exe so that it does not overwrite the new version.

    It's not that simple with earlier versions. Each mapsource.exe file also requires the associated mapsource_lang.dll file that goes with it. What I've done is make sub-folders and copy those two files from the previous version before every upgrade. Then create a shortcut to the exe file in those sub-folders. This may or may not require the associated .jar files and other support files for particular earlier versions. So I just back up whatever is in the main MapSource folder to each sub-folder. I have, in the past, gotten by by just renaming the exe and dll file to their version names, then renaming them back when needed, but that's too tedious. So I went with the sub-folder idea so they can all co-exist using the same maps.


    I like keeping v6.11.5 (the last one to support Win98/ME) in case I have to swap a drive out to on an older laptop (all my drives are dual-booting, 98SE & XP), or v6.50, the last one to support GPS tracking, so I don't have to also run nRoute. Though, if you can get hold of a copy of nRoute v2.76 (it's still on the net if you hunt, but Garmin wiped it from their archives), it's pretty good. Replacing your own sound-files to the voice-prompt directions is easy because they are simple WAV files (44kHz, 16-bit, mono Windows PCM).

  11. I read this whole thread, to see if anyone missed something. I had lived off the land for a few years at a time in the distant past, so I know some stuff. Agreed, you should use whatever you can find. Along with all the typical things people have mentioned, i.e. I keep a magnesium block and flint in my backpacker's fishing kit. I'm a smoker so I'm always carrying a zippo and a few butanes in various places. Hint for zippo users, don't pay for Ronsonol, get a quart of Naphtha from the hardware store next to the paint-thinner and other solvents. Exact same stuff at 1/10th the price. Lighting a zippo is easy if your fingers are numb. Hold zippo in one hand and brush the palm of your free hand quickly on the wheel. (You don't even need an extra hand, you can open and light a zippo with one hand, using the "cool guy" method. Hold zippo, flip open by knocking the lid against your arm or thigh, then run the flint-wheel up your arm or thigh.) You can do this with a zippo, not a BIC type lighter. Bow & drill when there's nothing else. (Bow & drill people should learn how to spin strong grass into twine, it's surprising how strong it is. You can lift yourself up on a branch with hand-spun grass-twine that's only about 1/4" in dia., use that if you have no laces or don't care to cut up clothes for the bow.)


    But here's the one item everyone missed. Since making fire should not only be easy, but energy efficient (to conserve your own energy), I also carry a plastic fresnel lens in any of my backpack map-pockets (from 8"x10" to 4"x6"), and since I usually am with camera, I also put them in my camera bag's flat pockets too. I use two of the smaller ones stacked together to focus a flash unit for long-distance nocturnal wildlife photography. For those of you who might not know what a fresnel lens is, they used to sell them as "whole page magnifiers", stamped out of thin flexible plastic. With concentric tiny rings cut into it (emulating the curvature of a lens that large). I have got mine from surplus suppliers in the past. A good source being sciplus.com (go there and type fresnel in the search box). They're sometimes given away as SWAG, printed with some corporate logo or something. American Science and Surplus sells all sorts of misprints of these. Cheap.


    The nice thing about a large fresnel lens is that it has a short focal length with a large area, meaning it condenses the image of the sun to a very small very hot spot. Something that eyeglass lenses cannot usually do. They are flat and can pack in most any gear you carry, they are cheap, and on a sunny day .... you'll have your fire going faster than you can use a BIC lighter. Granted, it will only help you out when the sun is shining, but it's best to keep all your options open.


    btw: The idea about things not igniting when it's cold, is true. The coldest it ever got in my yard is -44 F (-42 C.), actual air-temp, not wind-chill. I went out that night to test some old-wives' tales (because apparently only old-wives hang out in -44 F. temperatures). It's true, no matter how good a match, you can't light it. If caught in situations like that then you hope you can stay alive until sunrise and take out your fresnel lens. Even if it has cracked in half from the cold, half of it will still start a fire. My oldest one in my backpack map-flap was taped back together long ago (with transparent tape of course).

  12. It always surprises me when some appointed "official" runs around claiming they are going to make rules for everyone else. This is a public park. Do they forget what "public" means? It is the public who should decide any rules for that park, not someone who sits behind a desk all their life dreaming up rules for everyone else. What saddens me is how few people realize that they themselves should be, and are, the rule makers for themselves. I for one refuse to live in a police state. This is America. You spit on the flag every time you let someone make a rule for you, the rule-maker doubly so.


    "Authority isn't something someone else has. It is something that you have freely, foolishly and irresponsibly given away -- all by your little self."


    ANYONE who allows or uses the threat of fear to control you is no better than terrorists. People who make policies from fear are the terrorists themselves. They have done exactly what the terrorists wanted them to do.

  13. Another recent post of mine about the TTSVoiceEditor program, where I suggested that for a practical-joke it might be fun to edit the voice direction prompts in a friend's Nuvi to get them lost, got me wondering ...


    I noticed a few posts of how competitive FTFs can get.


    Got any stories where you're willing to fess-up on how you might have sabotaged the competition? Or conversely, do you know of someone that sabotaged another or yourself? Perhaps you just have a strong suspicion and would like to get it off your chest?


    (it's winter, it's cold ... thought this could lead to some funny stories)




    p.s. Feel free to use the voice editor idea :)

  14. Hello people, don't you see the use of this program??

    You mean like ... recording a voice that says "turn left" for the "turn right" command, etc. and then uploading it to your friend's Nuvi?


    Though, for something like that, you'd want to use the original voices for authenticity. Then you use something like this: http://turboccc.wikispaces.com/TTSVoiceEditor


    Uh oh, I just gave all those FTF'ers an idea of what to do to the competition.

  15. Non-geocaching related. But a funny story nonetheless. I live far in the country, strongly religious community, and in summers use my mountain-bike to traverse the rock and rubble roads to nearby (5-15 miles away) lakes for fishing. I find some fun stuff once in a great while on my travels (new still-packaged tarps that fell out of pickup trucks, a 2 oz. sterling-silver neck-chain once, etc.). But one find takes the cake. There was a brown paper sack a short distance from the dirt road, passed by it a couple days thinking nothing of it. Then noticed something out of the corner of it one day. I went to go check. I found one of those adult bedroom games in the bag. Complete with blindfolds, feathers, massage oils, soft restraints, candles, playing cards for suggested activities, etc., the works, the "DELUXE" version. There was still a receipt in the bag too. The receipt showed that someone had bought it from a store in a town about 50 miles away. The only thing missing from the game was the vibrator. LOL I can only imagine that poor country gal (or farmer?) who must have been so ashamed or embarrassed to have to travel that far, to feign buying the whole game just for the vibrator and then threw the rest of it out of their car window. :rolleyes:


    (Yes, I kept the rest! LOL Never know when it might come in handy. Anyone want to go "geocaching" with me? :D )

  16. The only ideas I can come up with are rather impractical for a cache 2 miles in the woods. It involves a heater and a pump to recirculate water.

    Google for "Zodi". I hear even wally-world carries them for about $80 these days. Traveled through national forests for a few years on photography expeditions and the occasional hot-shower was a real treat. You can put the shower-head back into the bucket to recirculate it long enough to get the whole bucket of water scalding hot if you aren't careful.

  17. Some interesting comments. Some that made me think I need to recheck some things. So far I've gleaned this out of all that's posted:


    1. Should be referenced to a known geodetic marker. -- Done that, the SE Range & Township surveyor mark and my land-grabbing neighbors which started this all, which lead to my head-scratching about accuracy and why I started this thread. My original post about the GPS Accuracy Anecdote being within 2 INCHES of a surveyor's official spot to my GPS's >1/4th mile projected waypoint.


    2. Accuracy vs. Repeatability. Well, the permanent and well-used geodetic survey mark is about 1/4th mile from my house through some dense bramble woods in 2+ feet of snow, it's not been above 0º F. for over a week now (-30º to -20º F. the norm) ... I'll have to test it this spring on that marker, as opposed to my mailbox for reproducibility which is a more realistic task that I'm willing to take on this winter. Using that official benchmark back in the woods, then I can test for both.


    3. Others are reporting reproducible discrepancies. I feel somewhat vindicated with that. Some can have wide scatter patterns, some can have a consistent offset. What is creating that is another issue. User or environment GIGO or GPS unit manufacturing tolerances? Much of the reproduced discrepancies allude to manufacturer's tolerances. Lemons & Gems (I know, everyone else uses "Lemons vs. Cherries". I never cared greatly for cherries so I don't equate them to be the better of the two.)


    4. It's started an interesting discussion that covers some points that I don't think all of us were aware of before, so I don't feel so bad for starting it now. :D


    5. It would be interesting if those who publish reviews on these devices would give GPS units a score for these things, reproducibility and accuracy. But then if the reviewer happened to get a "lemon" for testing ... well, is that any different with any other consumer market and online reviews of any item sold today? Companies have been known to "cherry pick" merchandise to send to reviewers.


    6. If nothing else, it might keep the manufacturers on their toes. Tightening up tolerances in their factories. Making sure their antennas and circuitry components are tuned to an F.R.C.H. (anyone remember what that means in electronics design? :D If you do, don't say it, I hear this is a family-oriented forum) with every batch to ensure the utmost in reception clarity, putting the whip to their programmers to produce the very best algorithms possible, etc. All good points for the consumer. If more people tested the accuracy and reproducibility of their units it might encourage better firmware upgrades from the provider.


    7. So far, I'm going to sit warm in my sub-zero home for now, and think I got the Herbie Love Bug or Christine of all GPS units ever made. One of the lower-cost units now outperforming even the $200,000 ones used by the government. :) (I'm allowed some psychoses due to cabin-fever and living alone in the woods without seeing another human face for months at a time. The voices said so.)


    (p.s. 8. Yes, I could find more challenging caches to find (my disinterest in geocaching for game's sake), but I've never been much of a gamer (I'll occasionally play computer monopoly just to tromp the computer-opponent bunny who pops out of the hat token, but that's about it). I've always invented my own rules in life. I'm never much compelled to follow other's rules or ideas. Jus' who I am is all. Which ... has lead to some interesting discoveries in life, some that nobody else has ever made. "Doesn't play well with others" has its good points. "Discovery consists of seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought." by I. Forget.)


    edit: some minor typos

  18. Anyway, I know a glue which is actually sticks very reasonably to the rubber: Silane based glue. In many countries this is sold by Loctite as "Repair Extreme".

    If that's the same thing as Loctite's "Stick 'n Seal - Waterproof Adhesive", then that's probably what I would try first, when and if this occurs on my GPS unit. This is the ONLY adhesive I have found that is able to strongly adhere to polypropylenes and other plastics that all other adhesives just refuse to stick to. I've used it a few times in the past to embed camera filters in the sides of zip-loc baggies to make harsh-environment covers for photography purposes. No other adhesives would work on that type of plastic.


    My only hesitation is that it would work so well, that it would be difficult to undo the repair without damaging the outer band in the process, should I ever have need to open the unit to clean a contact or re-seat a ribbon cable or something. (I rarely rely on a company to repair something I have bought. A "No user serviceable parts inside" label makes me chuckle every time.) Ever since I read of an internal design flaw in these units, where the internal battery contacts to the main circuit board are just a pressure contact, and can oxidize or lose their springiness over time (the old "just slap it on your hand a few times to get the display back" or "put some foam-rubber in the battery compartment to increase that internal contacts pressure" posts I've read), I'd want to be able to open up the unit again after resealing the outer band to correct this battery-contact problem properly and more permanently. THEN I might fix the outer seal with this Loctite product.


    Simplest material is Gorilla double sided tape or 3M double sided carpet tape. They work very, very well.

    Thanks for the tip on these. Due to what I mentioned above, I'd keep these products in mind. I think these might provide a less "permanent" fix to the problem, allowing future access for repairs with less damage when needing to undo the fix.

  19. All these "armchair-expert" speculations aside (though electrical storm activity interfering in the signal being the only one that's plausible so far, due to its broadband behavior) ... except for lee_rimar who posted a 3rd-party hearsay anecdote, I'm still waiting for some people to address the original important question with a first-hand account or accounts of their own.


    "Has anyone been geocaching with a friend who always uses an identical GPS device and you noticed that yours, or theirs, was always the first to land on the cache or always locks onto more satellites more quickly or stronger?"


    Without that base of data-points of comparing two identical units behaving the same or different, then the often-claimed base accuracy for all GPS devices by all these armchair-experts is just wild speculation on their part. ... Or more plausible, their trying to justify to themselves why they paid so much for a GPS lemon.

  20. Just to be clear on the experiment. Don't get daily readings on a fixed object. Rather return to the same coordinates as displayed on your unit and place a marker. After a few days you'll typically see a scatter pattern with points somewhere between 4 and 7 meters or more.

    I fail to see how that's any better than ticking-off a new waypoint for a stationary object every time. Other than that using electronically recorded waypoints is easier and less time consuming than making a bunch of little stakes to poke in the ground for some bizarre ritual.


    (I'm starting to wonder if most of the people posting advice to this forum can even think clearly. I still think that high post counts are a strong clue to their "armchair-expert" experiences in life. It keeps being proved, time and time again.)

  21. I use a small multi-tool plus one of these! :)



    Dang.. I'd almost forgotten about the Lancrastian Army Knife :P

    I'd never buy one. Even my very first scout's knife had a fork and a spoon on it. I don't see either in that photo. What were they thinking? They probably didn't sell many because of that very reason.


    Something that I think everyone should carry, when they venture into areas that might be far from civilization, is a good long length of 16 lb. test spider-wire fishing line (or equivalent high-tech thin line), wrapped around an old unused credit or ID card. Then embed a good sturdy needle and fishing hook flat within the wraps. I carry that with me at all times today. I have lived off the land a few lengthy times (out of choice), and I assure you, the most difficult things to come by are a needle for repairing things (including yourself if needed) and a fishing hook. With that little multi-pack kit you can survive most anywhere there is water for fishing. Just a tip from one who's been there, did that, and have the stories, experience, and scars to prove it.

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