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  1. Thinking about possible event over Winter. How would people feel about meeting up in a Pub with some sort of cache evnt before hand? Any ideas would be most welcome.
  2. Hi, bought a coin last Friday. Do we need to pay extra for postage to the UK? Gowenhouse.
  3. Just bought one. Looking forward to watching its 'travels' starting off in the UK . Many thanks. Gowenhouse
  4. We would be very keen to buy one of these. Just getting in to geocoins-they look good on profiles and i think its great to be able to track there movement. Could you ship to the UK - how much would Postage be? Thanks.
  5. Having never attended a caching event we would love to put faces to names. How would South West cachers feel about a possible event in the future? Coming from Trowbridge in Wiltshire I know of many many cachers who are nearby. Would you be interested in meeting up?
  6. Looking to purchase a Mount10bike Geocoin. Is there a website that sells them?
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