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  1. 3 for us please with shipping to the UK. Thanks Gowenhouse.
  2. Gowenhouse


    My name is Kevin and I am married to a coin addict. Since my wife discovered geocoins 2 mths ago we no longer talk. She just sits at the computer waiting for a new issue to appear. The problem increased five fold when the icons began changing. What can I do? My marriage is in pieces (but our profile looks great!!!).
  3. I have a white jeep sat in front of me now sent over from the US. Exciting or what? Will place next week somewhere in Wiltshire (unless someone offers me enough cash to send it to them!!!). We have been collecting 'icons' recently by purchasing geocoins. Is there anyone else out there as sad as we are??
  4. I believe you should only log when you have seen the item. Thats why we have bought so many coins recently. Also I have a white jeep sat in front of me now which has been sent over from cachers in America. This will be set loose in the UK shortly. Logging virtual coins is pointless.
  5. Started April 2004. Found 217 and hidden 65. Actually prefer the hiding to finding which is probably pretty unusual in cachers.
  6. As you drive along you crane your neck to look down every public footpath to see if it looks good enough to hide a tupperware box in!!!
  7. It is with many thanks to F0t0m0m, (thanks K&J) that we started this topic. We have just sent them our TB to travel America so we thought it would be good to return the favour to anyone who wants something to come to the UK. Also we are going to London at the end off the month so email sent to Ladebare68!
  8. No this was not aimed at just the Americans. It would be great to hear from anywhere in the world. Sorry didn't mean to offend anyone.
  9. If anyone would like to send their TB's/geocoins to the UK we would be happy to accept them then deposit them in caches here. Just send me an email if this interests you.
  10. If any of our American friends wish to send us their Tbs or geocoins to track them around England then we would be most happy to place them in caches near us. E-Mail us through website if interested.
  11. Your close relatives (ie you Cookies) and your friends (ie you G&C) plan behind your back to swap Jeeps and Coins etc in an effort to try and improve their profiles and keep up with us!!
  12. If any of our American friends would like to send their geocoins across the 'pond' to us to follow them around England then we would be most happy to plant them in caches near us. E Mail me through the website if interested.
  13. Thanks to everyone who has found our caches over the last 18 months. We have thoroughly enjoyed hiding them and hope you have enjoyed finding them. Does any other cacher out there prefer hiding to finding?
  14. Just paid for our. We were also happy to pay $5 postage to the UK. Looking forward to getting them. Thanks.
  15. My little E-Trex is the best £80 I have ever spent. It travels everywhere with me!!!
  16. 'No more bacon butties' is a good cache to get great bacon butties!!! That one is on the Warminster road from Salisbury.
  17. Also ordered mine. We are so addicted to these geocoins.
  18. Just got my first geocoin and am addicted. Would love to buy one of these for the UK if any spare. Gowenhouse.
  19. What a little beauty. My first geocoin. Its looks great. I am addicted to geocoins now. Thanks, Gowenhouse.
  20. We were today lucky enough to receive our Maryland Coin (check out our profile) (and weep!!). Are there any more in the UK or have we the only one?
  21. We would be interested in one. Would you ship to the UK. Thanks.
  22. Does anyone know if this coin has its own icon?
  23. Stuey- thought maybe you could buy to celebrate your 800th find!!!!
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