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  1. Be nice to have a green jeep icon or a red one. Id like to see a yellow and a white one in the same cache to see what the icons look like next to each other.
  2. Coins look great. Well done on getting them done. Will be getting one for us. Great work.
  3. They look great. Can't wait to get mine. Thanks.
  4. I would also like 3 if this is a preorder thread. Thanks, looks great.
  5. We live in Trowbridge, Wilts and we have 335 within 25m radius. 66 of them hidden by us.
  6. Well done Graham and Lorna. Have enjoyed our 'chats' via E Mail over the last year. Hope to meet in person next year (now you have met half of my family!!!)
  7. Wonder what would show on the listing page if a yellow one and a white one were in the same cache. Like more than 1 coin now shows as a pile of coins. Would more than 1 jeep show as a pile up?? Thats a new challenge for someone. Put a yellow and a white one in together.
  8. This cache is definitely in my top 5 ever. Well worth a visit if you can.
  9. Stuey. Help me keep this link going. I love it. P.S. May send you another coin in the New Year.
  10. Well done Paul. Hope to catch you up one day on the hiding!!
  11. Last Delivery and St Etheldredas are musts (and the 20th century pub).
  12. I prefer to send them out. Once we have the icon I'm not bothered about keeping them.
  13. Well done mate. I don't think we will ever find that many. Still beating you on the hiding though. (and the coins)(and the icons).
  14. You know when you are obsessed with geocoins when 1. They are arriving by post faster than you can put them in caches, 2. Your User stats goes into 2 pages when printed, and 3. You cannot get your wife off the computer for fear she may miss a new listing.
  15. As you say it all depends on when we have it. In the summer months Victoria park would be perfect but in the Spring you may need a pub with a function room. Does anyone know of a pub in the Bath area with a function room? We could all split the cost of hiring then.
  16. Victoria Park would be good by Royal Crescent. A few caches around nearby too and plenty of parking. How about a bring your own picnic?
  17. Thankyou Stuey. Just found the blighter with a joint FTF with Valliant Knight. Great meeting up with another cacher and putting a face to a name. The jeep is staying in the area.
  18. And we are GO GO GO !!!!! Actually I am in two minds whether to attempt this today as I had my wifes Xmas dinner bash last night and am a little worse for wear. But, what the hell, lets keep the jeep in Wiltshire and beat those Devon boys.
  19. Congratulations to Doctor Scotland who has found at least 2 of our new icons. P.S. Sat in my car ready but white jeep still not active. What are Eck and Lact up to ??? Putting up decorations? Xmas shopping? Work dinners?
  20. Just seen this one. I know of a lot of interest around the Wilts area. I know of 8 or 9 groups of cachers around the Trowbridge area who would definitely be up for a bash. Actually thinking of arranging one myself next year.
  21. Well done Klaus. Glad you liked our caches. Hope to meet next year at an event.
  22. Car is full of petrol, Garmin at the ready, flask made up etc etc. Tis a bit chilly though. Have to see what the weather is doing tomorrow.
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